Famous Temples in Kumbakonam – A Very Big List with Google Map link

This is the only article which has long list of famous temples in Kumbakonam with google map links from our frequent visits. Probably its the only article in the internet with loads of temple list with google maps. Enjoy your cultural trip to Kumbakonam.

This article is useful for those who are looking to explore the famous and must visit temples in Kumbakonam, navagraha tour in Kumbakonam.

Kumbakonam became one of the favorite long bike trip destinations when we went on a 3 days trip for Masi Maham Festival in the year 2017. Soon in the same year, we planned a 11 days long bike trip from Bangalore to Kumbakonam. Because we loved the temple city’s breathtaking temples and its serene beauty.

So I can proudly say I know well about Kumbakonam like how well I know Bangalore. 

Famous temples in Kumbakonam and other important temples in and around Kumbakonam are covered in this article.

Famous Temples in Kumbakonam and Much More

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims flock this holy town on all auspicious days. 

As I mentioned earlier, we first went to Kumbakonam for the Masi Maham festival in the year 2017. Little did we know that time is that we are going to come back year after year to this beautiful temple town. 

The famous temples in Kumbakonam and many other things people don’t know about.

  • Kumbakonam is famous for “Navagraha temples” – a unique spiritual experience of visiting 9 planet gods in their individual houses.
  • The temple city is famous for “108 Divya Desam” temples – of 108 Historic Vishnu temples, 40 temples are in chola region (trichy -tanjore- kumbakonam belt).
  • Kumbakonam is famous for “275 Devara Padal Petra Stalam” temples – Of 275 historic Lord Shiva Temples, 18 temples are in and around Kumbakonam town.
  • The city is also famous for one of the largest manufacturers of Temple brass and bronze items.
  • The Airavatesvara Temple built by Rajaraja Chola II (1146–73) during 12th century is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the Brihadeeswara Temple at Thanjavur, the Gangaikonda Cholapuram in Kumbakonam that are referred to as the Great Living Chola Temples.
  • Less known famous thing about Kumbakonam is that they are known for their unique handloom weaving of silk sarees. “Thirubhuvanam” is the place to look for power looms and sarees that are available for buying in all shops in the centre town.
  • The Flora and fauna of this town is very rich, thanks to the 3 rivers adorning the city, namely – Cauvery, Araslaru and Kollidam.
  • Needless to say, Kumbakonam is wide known for its coffee. Every sip is a bliss.

(Because I am a coffee lover, I wouldn’t miss a chance to try good coffee).

Other than the above mentioned list of  historic temples, there are hundreds of important temples in and around Kumbakonam. 

You will fall in love with the majesty and beauty of the temple architecture. They are so big that it would even take some time to figure out the entrance to the temples. 

Here is the list of Kumbakonam famous temples and must visit temples in Kumbakonam once in life from our multiple road trip experiences. 

List Of Famous Temples in Kumbakonam – An Intro

I am giving a list of both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu temples in the following order.

(a) famous temples in the center town Kumbakonam. They are within 10km radius and are the most beautiful temples you must visit once in your life. You could skip going to Navagraha temples altogether unless you specifically wanted to go for some horoscope reasons.

(b) famous temples around Kumbakonam. These are nearby famous temples in Kumbakonam from the main town. And some are far from town like Tanjavur and Chidambram).

The following list of temples are my most favorite and must see temples in Kumbakonam. I cannot give you the exact plan of where to start and where to end the temple trip. It is not practically possible actually. I can share my side of the story, hoping it would help you in planning your trip. 

These are the most famous temples in Kumbakonam, let’s see them category wise.

A. List of Must Visit Famous Temples In Kumbakonam town

(i). List of Lord Shiva Temples

 Let’s start with Lord Shiva temple for 2 reasons – they are open for darshan very early compared to Lord Vishnu Temples. 

Click on the individual temples to get the google map link.

  1. Kudamookku – Adi Kumabeswarar Temple – Padal Petra Stalam
  2. Sri Nageswarar temple -Padal Petra Stalam
  3. Sri Someswar temple – Padal Petra Stalam
  4. Kottaiyur Shivan Temple – Padal Petra Stalam 
  5. Kasi Vishwanathar Temple
  6. Abhi Mukheswarar Temple – Facing the Mahamaham tank
  7. Shri Airavatesvara Temple – UNESCO Heritage

(ii). List of Lord Vishnu temples

These are the famous Lord Vishnu temples in the centre town Kumbakonam, all the following temples are connected with Mahamaham Festival.

  1. Chakrapani Temple – Vila Archanai which is usually performed to Lord Shiva is performed here for Lord Vishnu.
  2. Sarangapani temple – Lord Ranganathar residing on a big chariot mandap is the attraction here. And the temple is also breathtakingly huge.
  3. Ramaswamy temple – A Marvellous temple with intrinsic work of paintings depicting the Ramayanam.
  4. Varahaperumal Temple.
  5. Rajagopalaswamy temple.

B. List of Temples around Kumbakonam

(i). List of  Lord Shiva Temples

  1. Thirusakthimuttam Temple,Padal Petra Temple –  Padal Petra Stalam
  2. Gnanambiga Sametha Sri Thenupureeswarar Thirukovil – padal petra stalam
  3.  Pazhayarai Vadathali Temple,Padal Petra Temple -padal petra stalam
  4. Sri Garbarakshambigai Temple Thirukarukavur (for child birth) – padal petra stalam – Very beautiful Goddess Parvathi
  5. Thirunariyur Shiva Temple – padal petra stalam (Also visit nearby Shri Saneeswaran Temple – Sani Stalam)
  6. Thiruvanjiyam Arulmigu Vanchinadha Swamy Thirukovil – Lord Yama Statue
  7. Sri Naganatha Swami Temple (Raghu Stalam) – Padal Petra Temple – Majestic Temple famous for Afternoon pooja on sundays to Planet Raghu.
  8. Thirumanancheri Shiva Temple
  9. Sri Kampahareswar Temple – Tirubhuvanam Majestic Very Beautiful temple.
  10. Sri Mahalingaswamy Temple Thiruvidaimaruthur – Padal Petra Temple
  11. Gangai Konda Cholapuram Thiru Brihadeswarar ThirukkovilUNESCO Heritage
  12. Thirumetrali Shiva Temple – Bramha Nandeeswarar Temple (Broken Lord Shiva temple with big Square Sivalinga)
  13. Pasupatheeswarar Temple –padal petra stalam
  14. Thiru Nallur KalyanaSundareswarar temple – padal petra stalam
  15. Palaivana Nathar Temple,Padal Petra Temple – padal petra stalam
  16. Sri Sivapuranathar Temple -padal petra stalam
  17. Sakkottai Shiva Temple – Sri Amirthakalasanathar Temple (raghu Stalam) -padal petra stalam
  18. Maruthanallur ShivaTemple -padal petra stalam
  19. Sri Swarnapureeswarar Temple -Alagaputhur Shiva Temple – Padal Petra stalam
  20. Tirupandurai Shiva Temple – padal petra stalam
  21. Sri Sornapureeshwarar Temple, Andankoil – padal petra stalam
  22. Thiruvirumpoolai Shiva Temple (Guru Stalam) – Padal Petra stalam
  23. Kovilvenni Shiva Temple – Padal Petra stalam
  24. Arulmigu Sathurangam Vallavan Temple – padal petra stalam
  25. Shri Amirthanayagi Samedha Naganathaswamy Temple (Raghu Kethu Parikara temple) -Padal Petra stalam
  26. Sri Saraparameswarar Temple -padal petra stalam
  27. Thirunaalur Meignanam Sivan Temple -padal petra stalam
  28. Kudavasal Koneswaran Shiva temple – padal petra stalam
  29. Thirukollampudur Shiva Temple -padal petra stalam
  30. Narthanapureeswarar Temple, Thalaiyalangadu (Lord Natarajar)
  31. Manakal Ayyampettai – padal petra stalam
  32. Karaiveera nathar Shiva Temple — padal petra stalam
  33. Shri Suryanar Kovil – Suriyan Stalam
  34. Sri Vijayanathar Temple, Thiruvijayamangai -Padal Petra Temple
  35. Sri Vijayanathar Temple, Thiruvijayamangai,Padal Petra Temple
  36. Innambur Shiva Temple – Padal
  37. Sri Saatchinathar Temple, Thirupurambiyam
  38. Vilvaneshwarar Temple, Thiruvaikavur,Padal Petra Temple
  39. Vada Kurangaduthurai temple  – padal
  40. Thiruvisanallur Shiva Temple -PAdal
  41.  Sri Karkadeswarar Temple -padal
  42. Apath Sahayeswarar Temple (Siva Temple), Aduthurai – padal
  43. Thirukodeeswarar Temple, Tirukodikaval – padal 
  44. Thirukozhambam Shiva Temple,Padal Petra Temple
  45. Sri Shanbakaranyeshwarar Temple,Padal Petra Temple
  46. Thiruneelakkudi Shiva Temple – padal
  47. Shri Natarajar Temple, Konerirajapuram, padal
  48. Thiru Anniyur Shiva Temple, padal
  49. Karuveli Sarguna Natheswarar Temple, (very big temple pond)-  padal
  50. Thiruveezhimizhalai Shiva Temple (big temple) -padal
  51. Thirumarugal Shiva Temple
  52. Uthrapatheeshwaraswamy Temple, Thiruchengattangudi
  53. Nannilam Shiva Temple
  54. Thirukondeswaram Shiva Temple
  55. Thirupanaiyur Shiva Temple
  56. Thirupugalaur Vardhamaneswarar Temple

(ii). List of Lord Vishnu Temples 

These are the list of Divya Desam temples situated nearby from centre town Kumbakonam.

  1. Sri Oppiliappan Temple
  2. Arulmigu Thiruppullamboothangudi Valvill Ramar Temple
  3. Sri Aandu Alakkum Ayyan Perumal Temple
  4. Shri Srinivasa Perumal Temple / Nachiyar kovil
  5. Sri Saranathan Perumal Temple
  6. Sri Sowri Raja Perumal Temple
  7. Gajendra Varadar Temple

Famous Temples around Kumbakonam – Nearby cities

First we saw a list of must visit famous temples in Kumbakonam within 10kms radius(A). Second we saw important temples around Kumbakonam with little travel distances (B) (about 1hr).

Lastly, here is the list of famous temples around Kumbakonam that is – quite far from this city.

I tried my best to give this list up until the Tiruvaiyaru, Mayiladuthurai and Thiruvarur routes.

(C). List of Lord Shiva temples

  1. Gangai Konda Cholapuram Thiru Brihadeswarar Thirukkovil
  2.  Sri Kampahareswar Temple, Tirubhuvanam
  3. Sri Mayuranathar Temple – Mayiladuthurai
  4. Vaithiyanatha swamy temple (Sevvai Stalam) -Vaitheeswarankoil 
  5. Sirkazhi Shiva Temple – Sirkazhi
  6. Sri Abhirami Amirthakadeswarar Temple – Thirukadaiyur 
  7. Sri Dharbaranyeswara Swamy Temple (Saturn Temple) – Tirunallar
  8. Thiruvarur Shiva Temple – Thiruvarur
  9. Sri Aiyarappar Temple – Tiruvaiyaru
  10. Thanjavur Big Temple
  11. Thillai Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram
  12. Ranganthar temple, Trichy
  13. Rockfort temple, Trichy

The above temple lists are the very popular Lord Shiva temples in the major districts around Kumbakonam. We have covered all the temples during our long bike trip in the year 2017 and 2018. 

If you are on a short trip, but want to make the most of your trip, here is the plan.

In that way, you will not only see Kumbakonam, but also cover most of the historically important places just in one trip.

That’s what many travelers do. Because all the above mentioned places are famous only for the temples.

Except for Chidambaram, you could go sightseeing to Pichavaram mangrove forest. 

Since the accommodation and food was satisfactory beyond expectation we stayed in Kumbakonam for many days. Apart from that, we also loved the city very much. From there we traveled to the nearby cities by bike.

Note that there are no waterfalls in Kumbakonam, but it has lots of waterdams, lakes and ponds. One such famous place is Anaikarai Bridge – a very old bridge over the Kollidam river.

Read – Kumbakonam is Famous for Not Just temples.

How We Covered Many Temples in a Day

Even Though we had stayed for more than a week in Kumbakonam, we had crazy plans to cover as many temples we could in a day possible. 

Once we have covered all the temples in Kumbakonam (A), we then traveled to nearby towns like Sirkazhi, Mayavaram, Thanjavur, Thiruvaiyaru, Mannargudi, etc

We covered many temples as we could because of the following 2 reasons

  • We raised early, we were in the temple for the early pooja. Tirelessly, we visited temples until their closing time at 12 noon. Needless to worry about the food, as you will get plenty of good choices along the way. Almost all Lord shiva temples are open for darshan as early as 6am. Eventhough, Lord Vishnu temples are open early but early morning darshan time varies depending on the temple. Sometimes you would have to wait until 8 am. Therefore it is smart to visit the Shiva temples first, then later visit the Lord Vishnu temples.
  • We went by Motorbike, and it’s just the two of us. Both our energy level matched and we loved every single day of non-stop travelling in bike. We had a tank bag where we kept our SLR, mobiles, chargers, power banks and water bottles to keep the trip plan smooth. We never in a day deviated from our plan, thanks to my 10 days of research and planning.

7 Good Bike Ride Partner Qualities (A Free Guide to Select a Right Travel Partner)

The very reason I decided to write about the bike ride partner qualities is that many are actively looking for travel partners (strangers?) in the travel forums. I have been seeing people requesting in travel forums such as “looking for bike ride partners to Manali”, “anyone interested to join us for long bike trip to Leh Ladak” etc.,

I don’t know how many of you had successful bike trips partnering with strangers, I have some suggestions that might be of value to you.

Here are 7 (good) qualities to look in a bike ride partner from our numerous bike trip experiences in India.

Image credit – Reddit

Bike Ride Partner Qualities – The list From Our Numerous Bike trip Experiences

#1. A Partner Who Shares Common Interest – The one most important Bike ride partner qualities

Be it a 200 kms bike ride in a short bike trip or 500 to 600 kms ride in a day in a long bike trip, you and your partner are going to share long hours on the same bike. 

If the other person does not share common interests i.e. for travelling, then say it’s wise to not choose he/she as your bike ride partner. 

Though knowing to ride a bike may not be a mandatory qualification, one must be willing to sit on a bike, pillion ride long distances without complaining about the weather or anything. 

Trust me, this one quality is more important than anything. 

If someone wants to join you just to test the water rather than real interest in bike travelling then its No – No.

#2. Rider Who is Not Willing to Give Up

In our 2nd longest bike trip back in the year 2018, I felt sick as soon as we started the bike. Then as soon as we reached the destination on day – 1, I developed severe fever and chill. Due to that I had to go to the hospital on the same night. 

My hubby proposed that we go back to Bangalore if I don’t feel well the next day. I too felt the same. After coming back from hospital my decision to go back became certain.

But the whole night, the thought of giving up on that long bike trip kept disturbing me. Furthermore, I thought about the days and time I spent on planning for this.

Above all we both took off officially from work for this well planned 12 days vacation.

On the next day morning, I told my hubby that we are good to go. At first he didn’t agree. Soon we were on our way to our next destination. 

Though I was not as active as I was on the 2017 long bike trip, I felt better after 2 days of medication. Also I knew Rajesh would have also never given up if he was to be in my place.

Not giving up was the best decision we have taken in that long bike trip.

Now we have another feather to our cap.

The person who is willing to not give up is one of the best bike ride partner qualities one can expect. 

#3. Someone Who Values Your Trip Plan – Another must have Quality of a bike ride partner

If the partner lost any interest during the middle of the trip, then its going to be an unpleasant experience. Very soon you will find them saying, “I thought you were going to stop at this place…”, “I only joined this trip because I thought………”. 

Or they will find a way to delay the time some or the other way. Because they don’t care. Because they lost interest and wants a way out.

Not only you will be frustrated answering your partner’s constant complaints and soon you will find yourselves dragging a dead weight.

#4. Avoid Someone Who Enjoys Blame Game

If there is one thing for sure happens on the road is, expect the unexpected.

Be it delay in plan, not finding good pit stops, trouble finding gas stations, mobile battery runs out etc., one needs to be prepared to face it like an adult.

If the bike ride partner finds it easy to blame everything on the other person, then you find a way to let go of that partner. Trust me, you are well off alone.

And you cannot let go of the partner in the middle of the trip, that’s why I suggest to know the person for sometime atleast.

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#5. Who is Ready to Sacrifice Small pleasures

Consider yourself  lucky if you could find a bike ride partner ready to do small  sacrifices. Such as eating at irregular intervals, compromising on restaurant choices, take a leak near woods without complaining, sleep in uncomfortable beds, pathetic room services, spend the night without cable or internet connections, etc.,

It’s all part of nomad life and if your partner is not willing to do small sacrifices, then say No to the partner. 

#6. Share the Burden too

When I say “share the burden”, the most obvious thing that comes to your mind is sharing the budget. 

There is more to look for in a bike ride partner qualities. 

For example, when one person is an active rider, then the pillion rider takes responsibility for finding pit stops from google maps, confirming room bookings and route navigations, etc.,

Here are some on – road responsibilities:

  • Checking google maps often to ensure riding on the right route
  • Finding pit stops while on the go
  • Take turn to go washrooms to keep an eye on the luggages
  • Confirm room bookings
  • Look for gas stations on the map
  • Fill water bottles at pit stops

Some off- Road responsibilities:

  • Plan the holiday and budget
  • Detailed itinerary for each day of the long road trip with clear destinations, nearby restaurants, sightseeing places with phone numbers etc.,
  • Getting bike service done 2 days before bike trip
  • Book accomodations at all destinations
  • Pack toiletries
  • Pack first aids
  • Fit clothes in saddle bags
  • Keep all the expensive stuffs and ready to use essentials, bike ride accessories on the tank bag
  • Keep all the mobile phones’, power bank’s and SLR camera‘s batteries charged night before the trip
  • Keep the water bottles filled
  • Again cross check everything on the day of starting the trip
  • Check the house safes’ and doors are secured (if you are couples like us).

#7. Who doesn’t go crazy on shopping 

Planning for a long bike trip requires careful selection of minimal travel clothes and essentials which fit all in your saddle bags (and tank banks).

Avoid travelling with the partner who doesn’t understand the concept of minimalist packing. Certainly it would save you a lot of frustration.

Buying new stuff in travel destinations means not only putting a dent on your travel budget but also an extra luggage to carry around. 

Travel Partner – Go or No Go?

Even if your partner is riding on his/her own bike, the above are some qualities you need to look for in a partner for seamless experience.

We were always on the same bike because we are compatible duo travelers.  And we always have a proactive approach to every single ride.

We grew compatible and easy going couple over many may one day – and two day – bike trips.

Above all we were quick to ask sorry and correct our mistakes. 

Probably its best to travel in groups led by an experienced bike ride organizer if you couldn’t find a perfect partner.

Which of my bike ride partner qualities do you agree with most?.

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Bangalore to T Narasipura: Crazy Bike Ride to the Less Known Destinations in Karnataka

We went on one day bike trip from Bangalore to T Narasipura (Tirumakudal Narasipura) in the year 2016. This is one of our crazy bike travel of total 335 kms just in one day, from our home in Bangalore.

How many of you have heard of place called T Narasipura in Karnataka?. 

Except for the people from T Narasipura and the surrounding area. And a few who had been there or crossed that place. Right?.

Since it is not a very famous bike trip destination, so I don’t blame you if you have not heard of that place at all.

This is how we went on a one day bike trip from Bangalore to T Narasipura via Srirangapatna and Somanathapura.

It was an unforgettable day driving among the scenic roads.

Bangalore To T Narasipura – Route Map

We are a travel duo – married couple, and this is one of the stories of our bike trips to the places in Karnataka.

We have decided to travel from Bangalore to T Narasipura during the end of year 2016. After we gained confidence from our couple of crazy bike trips to Lepakshi (2 states in one day) and Hassan (adventurous night ride of 500 kms in 2 days).

We started our bike on 10th December 2016, from our home in Bangalore to T Narasipura via Srirangapatna and Somanathapura.

The distance from Bangalore to T Narasipura is 143 kms (varies depends on the place you start).

We traveled a total of 335 Kms in this T Narasipura bike trip starting from Bangalore. 

Guess which other place we covered 335 kms just in One day Bike Trip?. Click Here to know.

This is the Route Map of Our Bike Trip from Bangalore to T Narasipura. 

First we reached Srirangapatna by taking Bangalore to Mysore highways. Did darshan in Lord Sri Ranganathar temple.

Then rode to Somanathapura to visit a very famous Hoysala architecture.

Finally T Narasipura Village. 11 kms ride from Somanathapura.

Visited Yoga Narasimha swamy temple and an ancient cave temple across the shore.

All the 4 stops are explained in detail below.

Stop 1 : Bangalore to Srirangapatna

We started our bike at home around 8am, headed to Srirangapatna in the Bangalore – Mysore highways. We stopped at Malgudi vattika restaurant in Bidadi for breakfast. Spent time clicking pics and relaxing a bit before we continued our journey in the hot sun.

We reached the Srirangapatna Lord Ranganathar temple around 12.30 pm. We spent an hour for darshan.  

The lord Ranganathar here is called Adi Ranga, located at the start of Kaveri river is of greater significance in Hindu religion. 

The other two significant temples on the kaveri bed are Madya ranga at Shivanasamudra and Anthya Ranga at Trichy.

(Read our Bike trip to Shivanasamudra falls and Madya ranga temple).

The adi ranga – Lord Ranganathar temple is always crowded, especially on saturdays. Usually temple closing time is 1 noon, but on Saturday and auspicious days the temple remains open until 2 pm. 

Stop 2: Srirangapatna to Somanathapura

Next stop is yet another famous, tourist destination in Somanathapura is Chennakesava temple. Chenna – Kesava, translates to Beautiful Lord Vishnu is the main deity of this ancient temple which is under the archaeological department. 

The “Hoysalas” who ruled between 11th and 14th centuries have built this unique – never can be seen anywhere in the world kind of architecture only in Karnataka. 

I was surprised to see the resemblance of Hoysala architecture in Ambarnath temple in Mumbai.

They have built large and small temples in Karnataka, dedicating to either Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva. Of many of the famous Hoysala architecture in Karnataka, we have been to the ones in Belur, Nuggehalli, Halebid and Somanathapura.

All of them are beautiful temples and must be seen in Karnataka.

The Somanthapura temple or Chennakesava temple is one of my all time favourites, and I never miss a chance to atleast to have a peek at this temple whenever  we go on a road trip from Bangalore to Mysore, or to Srirangapatna. 

Stop 3 : Somanathapura to T Narasipura

Here comes our final destination, T Narasipura. Am sure the readers may not have heard about this less known weekend destination, a less explored place near Mysore.

T Narasipura is a small town adorned with Kaveri river, surrounded by agri fields and gives a serene view for the bike ride. Kumb mela is celebrated grand festival here.

If you are unsure of where to go, I would suggest going on a one day trip from Bangalore to T Narasipura. Or go via T Narasipura, drive in scenic roads to Talakadu or Somanathapura or Mysore.

There isn’t any picnic spot to spend time here, but it’s a meaningful destination if you would like to ride among trees and fields.

It is a good place if you are looking for a one day road trip from Bangalore to Mysore.

From here, you could go to Talakadu – yet another famous tourist destination next to Somanathapura and Srirangapatna. Furthermore, Talakadu is famous for its Kaveri river and the ancient Lord Shiva temples that have been buried under the sand. Read here.

Stop 4: The Destination

On our Bangalore to T Narasipura bike trip, of all the famous temples, I had planned on visiting only 2 temples.

First, we visited the most noteworthy temple. Called Yoga Narasimha swamy temple on the river bank. A must visit place in T narasipura, situated on the Kaveri river bank.

Second, an ancient cave temple.

After spending quality time and a well deserved break in Yoga Narasimha swamy temple, we went across the river to visit the cave temple.

Incontrast to the first temple, this cave temple was nothing but sad atmosphere. But we could not stop ourselves amazing at the plenty of small and big Shiva lingas all around this cave. 

It was a pretty big place once you enter inside. The priest or the guy who maintains the place (also lives in the cave) was not friendly, we waited until the actual priest arrived to see the main sanctum. 

He was not friendly either. Guess they are not used to outsiders visiting this god forsaken place.

My hubby appeared quite irritated that I dragged him to this unfriendly, dark cave where there was nobody except us. Thanks to 2 local ladies who arrived just before we left the temple. 

Finally, we started our bike very late in the evening, as usual we rode our bike in the dark to return home. 

It has become our thing – riding a bike in the dark, and we were pretty confident in riding a bike after these couple of experiences. Read about it here and here.

So far we saw how to reach T Narasipura from Bangalore. Now lets see the list of places to visit near T Narasipura.

Places to Visit Near T Narasipura

In our bike trip, T Narasipura village and the 2 temples were the final destination. 

Here is the list of places to visit near T Narasipura from our multiple bike trip experiences.

  1. Somanathapura temple
  2. Srirangapatna temple 
  3. Melkote temple
  4. Talakadu river and temples
  5. Shivanasamudra falls
  6. Kollegal falls
  7. Nanjangud temple
  8. Male Mahadeshwara hills

All of the above places are famous tourist places near T Narasipura.

Alternate route Via Kanakapura Road

Though many prefer to take the Mysore highways route, you could also reach T Narasipura from Bangalore via Kanakapura – malavalli route. Now Kankapura road is much developed and sophisticated with lot of good choices for pit stop. And the distance is same as the Mysore highways route.

While you are at it, you could visit Talakadu and Shivanasamudra falls before reaching T Narasipura. Later visit Somanathapura and other places near T Narasipura.

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From Bangalore to Kanchipuram Road trip or Train trip?

We are frequent travelers from Bangalore to Kanchipuram since 2017. 

And we have experience of travelling by both car and train to this Famous Temple city in Tamil Nadu,

I am sharing our travel story here and giving you the best route with distances for you to choose.

Also suggestions on places to see in and around Kanchipuram

Since it is a temple city, I have also given a list of famous temples in Kanchipuram to visit.

ImageCredit – Indianrailinfo

Distance From Bangalore To Kanchipuram

Distance from Bangalore to Kanchipuram via Vellore is 280 kms (which is the only best route by car).

We traveled regularly to this famous temple city Kanchipuram (also called Kancheepuram). Just how we well know Tiruvannamalai and Kumbakonam, same way we know Kanchipuram city in and out.

The name “Kanchipuram silk sarees”, for the silk sarees weaved in this temple city made it popular worldwide.

Many people travel exclusively for Temple trip and many for just shopping silk sarees in Kanchipuram.

Whichever are the reasons you are planning a trip to Kanchipuram, I have a best route for you.

And travel guide for both car and train.

Best Route – From Bangalore to Kanchipuram By Car

In July 2019, we went on a road trip from Bangalore to Kanchipuram, via Vellore.

Trust me if we had known this route earlier, we would have saved lots of pain going by train.

Bangalore to Chennai Highways is the route we took to reach our destination.

Bangalore to Kanchipuram Best route by Car

Home (Bangalore) – Hosur – Krishnagiri – Ambur – Vellore – Kanchipuram.

And this is the fastest route to reach your destination by road. Also it has many advantages, here is the list.

Advantages of Taking Chennai Highways

From our recent road trip from Bangalore to Kanchipuram, here are the major advantages of taking the Chennai highways.

Fastest and Best Roads – From Bangalore to Kanchipuram NH 48

Well paved route and seamless National Highways (Chennai / Mumbai Highway) connecting non stop from Bangalore to Kanchipuram with 280Kms.

If you compare the other alternate routes’ distance from Bangalore to Kanchipuram via Kolar and Chittoor, this route is the longest. Yet the fastest route with well planned bridges, tunnels and fastest toll booths with Fast tag facilities.

Best Restaurants Choices

Many good restaurants with toilet facilities just like in Bangalore – Salem Highways.

You could reach your destination in 6hrs driving non – stop from Bangalore, provided you have started early to avoid the traffic.

But if you ask me, you could stop at these following places for refreshment.

Here is the list of best restaurant from Bangalore to Kanchiputam

Hotel Krishna Inn – Shoolagiri (Before Krishnagiri)

For the best South Indian breakfast. I have talked more about this place. This place is famous for awesome food and a pit stop for hundreds of bike riders. You could see hundreds of them at the same time between 6.30 am to 9 am.

We never miss stopping here for breakfast at Krishna and coffee from nearby CCD or McD.

Here I am sharing some of our favourite south Indian dishes we try regularly here.

This is the google map location – https://goo.gl/maps/PHZGkqpGUA7g6AVa6.

From bangalore to kanchipuram road trip
Ghee Dosa from Krishna Inn, Bangalore – Salem Highways restaurant
restaurants in Bangalore highways
Pongal and vada from Krishna Inn, Bangalore – Salem Highways restaurant

I would not suggest any restaurants in Hosur, the most crowded place no good for any kinds of restaurants. 

Otherwise there are many other options in Bangalore – Chennai Highways.

From Bangalore to Kanchipuram – the List of other Famous Restaurants

restaurant in Bangalore to Chennai Highways
SaiSangeeth restaurant in Bangalore to Chennai Highways

Many good choices to Stay in Vellore

From our couple of trips to Kanchipuram by train and car, I suggest staying in Vellore for 2 main reasons – Food and Accomodation. In Kanchipuram, We had stayed once in GRT hotels and once in Pine tree hotels, those two were the only good choices in this crowded temple city. And for food, there were only Shree Saravana Bhavan hotels with a couple of branches in the city, a monopoly player with a very poor ambiance and service. Therefore we didn’t prefer that restaurant.

So, stay in Vellore where you will be spoilt for choices for boarding and lodging. And couples of famous sightseeing places that makes your stay even more memorable. Next best place would be Chennai, if you are en-route Chennai.

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Bangalore to Kanchipuram By Train

Distance from Bangalore to Kanchipuram by train is the same as road trip distance. Certainly there are no direct interstate trains to Kanchipuram Railway Junction.

You need to get off at Arakkonam Junction, which is the nearest Kanchipuram Railway station. Furthermore, you need to take a local train or bus to Kanchipuram town.

Though you have plenty of choices for local trains and local buses, all are unnaturally crowded at those early hours.

If you are planning to travel by train, I suggest travelling by A/c compartment. Otherwise, the whole journey will be an upsetting experience. This is why.

When we went to Kanchipuram from Bangalore by train, we had the worst experience of life.

In the General Sleeper we have booked, the entire compartment was outnumbered by the illegal passengers. 

It was a total nightmare dealing with illegal passengers throughout the journey. Not a teeny tiny guilt of disturbing the sleeping passengers with their loud voice. Adding more spice, they occupy the little space left at the end of the berths giving no room for passengers to stretch their legs.

Above all, some using their small babies as a innocent image to pick pockets from the sleeping passengers.

Also, the big goons of locals adamantly blocking the way to the toilets and exit doors etc.,

Hence, We stayed alert every single minute safeguarding wallets and baggage. And ended grumpy whole next day.

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How to Reach from Arakkonam to Kanchipuram

The train reached Arakkonam station around 5am, we exited with a pounding headache and sleepy eyes.

We then hired a local auto to the nearest bus station. From there we took the local town bus to Kanchipuram.

Otherwise one could take local metro train from Arakkonam to reach Kanchipuram.

We traveled for about 1.15 hrs by bus to finally reach our Hotel room.

That was the very last trip from Bangalore to Kanchipuram by Train. 

List of Must See Kanchipuram Temples

These are the list of must see temples in Kanchipuram.

  1. Kanchi Kamakshi Temple: The temple dedicated to Goddess Parvathi, one of the Sakthi Peedam temples in Tamil Nadu. It is important to first darshan Kamakshi Amman before any other temples in this holy city. Google map link – https://goo.gl/maps/vEr2RKARgG9Zj7C3A
  2. Ekambareswarar Temple:  Lord Shiva is said to have manifested himself in the form of Prithvi Lingam. This lingam represents one of the five elements “earth”. Since mother Kamakshi is the common Ambica for all the temples in Kanchipuram, hence Shiva temples in Kanchipuram does not have any goddess shrine. I mean most of the temples in and around Kanchipuram. Google map link – https://goo.gl/maps/Am3yv7WPpvPsmr9u8 .
  3. Varadharaja Perumal Temple: The temple along with Ekambareswarar Temple and Kamakshi Amman Temple in Kanchipuram is popularly known as Mumurtivasam (Credit – Wikipedia). Being one of the 108 Divya Desams, a most popular temples for vaishnavites. This “Vishnu Kanchi” is a must visit in kanchipuram temples.

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Places to Visit near Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram city is one of the best weekend getaways from Bangalore for temple visit or silk saree shopping.

Yet you cannot spend more than 2 days as Kanchipuram visiting places are limited.

If you have more time in your Bangalore to Kanchipuram road trip, you could rather go nearby places. The nearest, famous tourist places like Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram.

Or you could plan a round trip to Chennai. You could start from Bangalore to Kanchipuram, then Chennai before returning back home. 

Likewise, you could also make a round trip to vellore, stay in Vellore to look around the places.

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Hope our experience would help you plan the trip schedule from Bangalore to Kanchipuram. Plan on the places to stay and explore the holy silk city.

My Daily Things to Do During Covid-19 Lockdown

I am a traveler and a travel blogger. I have been traveling regularly with my husband Rajesh since our marriage in Sep’ 2015. And I, personally, have been travelling for more than a decade now. Welcome, this my blogging platform. Sometimes, I do pen down my non-travel life experiences here, because that is what keeps my life balanced. There is one such experience, where I had to stay home for 4 months without any travel or any kinda outing. Apart from occasionally going out for a walk and shopping, I lived a totally alien life. 

Well, not just me, the whole world stayed indoor during the #Covid-19Pandemic.

So keep reading to know my #Covid19LockdownStory.

List of my daily things to do during Covid-19 lockdown

Initially I struggled with the workload, since there was no maiden help during complete lockdown. Naturally, I soon found a way to simplify the tasks and make it fun instead of boring. 

So, here is the list of things to do daily that kept us engaged and productive.

1. The Most important things to do Daily – Food

Rajesh took responsibility for sourcing groceries along with all other staples. He took the pain of standing in the queue when the resources were on complete demand.

I took the responsibility of meal planning and preparation.

It used to be hectic as days went by without any maiden help. It was becoming a full time job and I started finding myself suffocating with other things to do in the daily list.

important thins to do during covid lockdown
Shopping during Covid19 Lockdown

For sure I missed all the eating out in the favorite restaurants nearby. Especially the friday night chinese soup and momos.

Thankfully, Rajesh was very understanding and supporting all those days. 

He used to show up and engage in a conversation in Kitchen until my task gets complete. At times he helped me with some tasks too. Soon he showed interest in cooking and even mastered a non-veg dish in just a couple of attempts. I could not be more proud of him. Here is why. 

The community I grew up in, was led by matriarchs and they taught all their kids all kinds of chores irrespective of the genders. 

So, you might be surprised to see girls riding motorbikes and boys cooking elaborate meals for the family. Until now, my mom’s side grandma was my inspiration. Because she was quite successful in life as a farmer and a homemaker, despite being widow from a very young age.

things to do to be productive during pandemic lockdown
One of the daily things to do – Cook meals

My father asked me to learn cooking not for running a family or becoming a good homemaker. He insisted on learning cooking just as a survival skill, just like how he insisted on learning swimming, karate, riding bikes and computer classes. 

Except that he gave more importance to the education part. Thanks to him, I learnt all survival skills including car driving before the age 18. And more than grateful that I have never been a burden to anybody in my life. Well, that’s the point of calling oneself as “independent” isn’t it?. 

Well, now I’m a big fan of my hubby’s pepper chicken fry with ground spices from his own hands. 

Pepper fry chicken

2. Home making – Rinse and Repeat

Here comes the laborious job of home making. From making bed in the morning to the time I go to bed at night, there were always many things to do. Somehow these tasks never seemed to be a burden when I was regular to office. 

Not to mention the extra task of sanitizing the entire house. 

Thanks to my habit of bulk-buying the toileteries, I had enough supply to last this year.

How to buy things in bulk from Amazon
Home supply – bulk buy from Amazon

Read – How to buy things from Amazon.in

Amidst all these chaos, there was an emotional breakdown from one of the houses on my apartment floor. He was faced with a dispute from all the neighbors as he bought a guest backdoor. Soon, there were more rules and regulations in place. People were then asked to enter the timings at the main entrance security gate and the purpose of the outing. 

Though it had nothing to do with us, the conflict in the apartment kinda put us too in a stress mode. 

On a positive note, my next door neighbor became a close friend and soon we started sharing food. She became a fan of my South Indian dishes and we became fan of her barbecues. 

3. Blogging

Hardly there was any energy left to do my professional work and blogging. My website was put under construction not too long before the lockdown. Since I wanted to give a makeover to the basic wordpress theme I had, I put my website on maintenance mode for sometime. Yet again, thanks to hubby who did all sorts of help to run my website. Infact, my blog doesn’t exist without his support.

I tried my best to keep at the regular office schedule and timelines. 

I was very particular about keeping myself cool and not to stress myself on the timelines. 

Because I believe that any good habits need to be in moderation to keep the sanity.

4. Beautify the Home Garden

Just like our home and website, the garden underwent some makeover too. I rearranged the pots, cleaned the balcony space and added some nutrition to the soil. When it comes to gardens, Rajesh always stays far away. But he was the one to be super excited when there were summer blossoms all over our garden.

There never was a day went without admiring the flowers during our morning cuppa coffee. 

My garden lillies in full blossom
Summer blossoms – My garden pics

5. Health is Wealth

Soon after our beautiful time together enjoying our morning cup of coffee or tea, comes workout time. Again Rajesh stays far away during this time. He would join sometime in the evening only if had kept nagging him. 

Usually I enjoyed my morning workouts with my limited collection of weights. I created a workout chart of my own and ritually stuck to the schedule and the chart. Though I did not follow any diet in particular, I simply ate less on the days I did not workout. 

The result?

Felt stronger and toned after 3 months of consistent workouts. I would be joining gym soon after these craziness settles down.

6. Saving the Cute little Bird

Guess who came to make my covid-19 lockdown colourful?.

A tiny, cute red whiskered bulbul bird.

As I mentioned before we have this beautiful garden space of about 200 sq. feet with bushy plants and trees.

We have these cute little frequent visitors who lay eggs on our balcony steel gate. Since we don’t usually open this gate, these adult birds take turns in growing their family on this sturdy gate.

It is not unusual for us to see the nests in our balcony all the time.

On one such day, we were anxiously waiting for these hatchlings to fly away to join their extended family across our balcony. But soon we found those two had fallen on to the ground after a siblings’ fight for space. We kinda anticipated this as their parents built a messy nest and hatchlings were literally hanging on a thread all these days.

One of the siblings was hurt falling hard on its right wing and was in severe shock. 

Cutting the long story short, we rescued the baby bird hiding in our garden bushes on that night and brought it inside home

Here is the detailed story.

We nourished the baby strong after we took ‘Raybaby’ for consultation. Raybaby stayed with us for 2 weeks until it was reunited with its parents. 

Rescued an injured Baby bird – Red Whiskered bulbul bird

It was the most beautiful and wonderful part in my life.

Myself and Raybaby grew attached to each other. Ray would come hopping on to me wherever I am, only to snuggle under my neck for food and a nap. I treasure those times we went hunting the grasshoppers around the jogging tracks in our apartment. 

With a heavy heart I had to let it go with its parents after two failed attempts, to its well deserving wild life.

7. Stop Panic – Practice Mind and Wellness

I started implementing a mind wellness regimen and tried hard to stick to it till date.

As soon as waking up and just before morning coffee I spent no more than 10 mins writing in my journal. I don’t write about anything in particular, but I answer only a couple of questions repeatedly for a week. Then I would go on to answer another set of questions for the next week.

I got inspired from this book when I was looking for a guide to strengthen my brain muscles :).

Writing down the responses in my journal helped me a great deal to focus in my life with clarity.

Now it has become part of my morning routine and it is one of the most important things to do in my daily list.

These were my daily things to do during Covid-19 lockdown, all the while keeping ourselves safe and sane.

Update – The car (Creta 2020) we booked before Covid lockdown got delivered in June 2020. And here is where we went on a long drive from Bangalore.

Jayanagar 4th Block Bangalore (List of Shops)

Jayanagar 4th Block is a vibrant shopping area with street shops to all the big brands (including Ritu Kumar in High Street Mall complex).

When you are out shopping you might want to go eat snacks or meals. So I have compiled a list of famous snack shops and restaurants in Jayanagar 4th block.

Not just food, I have also listed famous shops for all kinds of your shopping needs.

Jayanagar 4th Block BDA Complex – Buy Street chappals to Trendy Fashions

Here is the list to buy Trendy and Cheap Salwar tops, Night wears, Scarfs, Handbags, Chappals, and anything and everything in Jayanagar 4th Block.

Earlier it was just the BDA complex of the Karnataka government, renting out shops to micro – businesses. A place where you can buy clothes, carpets, shoes and much more for very reasonable prices. 

Now, it is a hub for both street shopping and branded shopping.

You could find all famous brands for Readymade Clothing, Fabrics, Jewels shopping, Travel accessories, Mobile phone brands and accessories, Furniture, Carpets, restaurants and cafes etc., (which are listed in the later section).

There is a market adjacent to BDA complex, where you can buy daily vegetables, fruits and flowers for wholesale price.

The main reason I often go to Jayanagar 4th block Bangalore from my home is for a good choice of tailor shops, to get my salwars done. And to buy a party wear clothes.

Located opposite the Jayanagar bus depot, Jayanagar 4th Block Bangalore is a house for hundreds of small shops inside the building and street shops around this place

Both the entrances to this BDA are tightly packed with shops.

Google map location to Jayanagar 4th Block – https://goo.gl/maps/UJU1tgzzB1UgzKUT9

Inside the BDA Complex Jayanagar – List of shops

  • Kurtis – of all fashion, ready to wear, prices starting from 150 rupees to 350 rupees
  • ladies chappals starting 150/-  rupees, 
  • baby shoes starting from age 3 months, 
  • Scarf and dupattas
  • Nighties, t- shirts and bermudas
  • Socks for all ages
  • Bag bazaar at the centre of BDA opens at 3pm – Handbags, school bags starting 350/-, and purses starting 100/-
  • Fancy stores for cosmetics and accessories
  • Curtains, pillow and bed spreads

Outside Jayanagar BDA Complex – list of street vendors

  • Soft toys, handkerchiefs, towels, lunch bags
  • Cosmetics and saree pouches
  • More and more of shoes, salwar and nighties shops
  • Flower and vegetables market
  • Alteration tailors – can do any kind of alteration or stitching for just 20 to 30 rupees
  • Shoe stitching /bag stitching – you can see them many on the road sides, get your business done with them for 50 rupees or less
  • Flowers and fruits
  • Pani Puri stalls /street foods


There is a new BDA complex opposite to Jayanagar 4th block bus depot building with many new shops with ample parking space.

Best Street Food Joints in Jayanagar Shopping area

Here are some of the famous street food joints in Jayanagar 4th block Bangalore, where we frequently visit and don’t hurt the tummy and pockets.

coffee shop in jayanagar 4th block
Hatti Kaapi shop in jayanagar

  1. Hatti Kaapi – Our all time favorite shop selling samosas and Mysuru coffee in earthen cups.
  2. Cool Food Joints – In prime location, frequented by hundreds of people daily famous for sandwiches, samosas, chaat items, ice creams and much more.
  3. Hari Super Sandwich – Another famous sandwich shop for varieties of homemade style sandwiches, chaat items, groundnut salad, masala coke etc., Next to this shop is a burger joint, a place for pocket friendly burgers, pastas, etc.,
  4. The Lassi Park – Located just opposite to the sandwich shop is this lassi heaven selling varieties of best lassies, fruit salads, milkshakes, cold coffees, faloodas etc.,
  5. Mishra Pedha – Opposite to BDA complex, the only shop for sweet lovers and Chaat lovers. Head here to taste some of the best dhaward sweets, fresh pedhas, jilabies, pani puri etc.,

Restaurants in Jayanagar 4th Block

Here is the list of budget friendly, all time crowded Jayanagar 4th block restaurants for both veg and non-vegetarians.

  1. Meghana foods – Famously called Meghana biryani, must try boneless chicken biryani
  2. Empire Restaurant – Famous for kebabs in evening, also try Shawarma roll
  3. Upahara Darshini – For any southindian meal, budget friendly
  4. Nagarjuna Restaurant – Andra style food, must try mutton biryani and non-veg meals
  5. Brahmins Tiffin and coffee and Maiyas– Both are budget friendly Vegetarian restaurants with many branches in Karnataka. Try all kinds of snack in evening, simple breakfast choices with their famous coffee.

Branded Shops and More

I have a huge list under this category. I don’t think I can list all the brands names in here, so sticking to the most important and famous ones. Feel free to use google maps for further information.

Jewellers – Prince, Bhima, GRT, Aabushan etc.,

Ajfan Dates and Nuts – For best quality dates, nuts, cokes, drinks, chocolates imported from Dubai and the US.

Wedding Shopping – Zaina, Varamahalakshmi Silks, Kalamandir, Manyavar, Neeru’s, Ritu Kumar, Soch, Koskii, Blackberry’s, etc.,

Clothes Shopping – Max, Pantaloons, Global desi Women, Levi’s, Van Heusen, jockey etc.,

Wellness Spa – Body Raaga, Acquieen Thai Spa, Nature’s salon, 

Furniture Shopping – Godrej Interio, Studio Pepperfry etc.,

Shoes – Skechers, Reliance Trends, Khadim’s etc.,

Suitcases and Backpacks – American Touristar, Samsonite, VIP, etc.,

Sweet shops – Amma Pastries, Misra Pedha, Kanti Sweets etc.,

Mobile Phone Shopping – Samsung, Oppo etc

Hospitals, Colleges, Electronics shopping, restaurants, coffee and pizza shops etc., etc., anything and everything you are looking for shopping you could find in Jayanagar 4th Block Bangalore.

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Good Habits How Much Is Enough? (Is it Worth Beating Yourself Up)

Good Habits How Much Is Enough?.

People are always talking about the good habits in daily life. Be it eating healthy, waking up early, drinking plenty of water, this and that.

Though practically it takes a long time to develop any good habit, and consistently stick to it – the big question here is how much of good habits are enough.

I have picked 5 good habits which most of us are crazy about to discuss here.

Lets see how much of those good habits are enough. And lets see is it worth stressing over those habits or not.

Good Habits How Much Is Enough

For as long as I remember, I was always seeking good advice from books and people around me (now social media too) which would help my personal development to next level.

Anywhere I see an article which headline says “The only productivity tip you need to know” or something like “10 Good habits you should have mastered before age 30” I am totally hooked on to it.

These are some of the good habits I have been overdoing these years and now that I do them only in moderation.

1. Get Enough Sleep – Good or Bad habit?

While poor sleeping does harm to heart and brain function over the period, oversleeping can also increase the risk of death from heart problems by 34%, according to a health magazine. 

Well, unintentionally I was sleeping for more than the required amount of 7 to 8hrs in a day for many reasons.

Now I wake up as soon as the alarm goes off, immediately grab a cup of warm water and open the garden gate for fresh air. While I do this I am also sipping a cup of hot water watching my garden and distant trees and birds as I begin the day. 

While my maid and cook are busy working, I pack snacks, fruits, fill water bottles, pack my office bags and lay out clothes for the day. Also while I am doing all these things, I am warming up my body for yoga / home workouts.

I workout for about an hr on the workout days and on the non-workout days I walk usual distance of 2kms in the evenings.

I track my fitness and quality of sleep with my Amazfit watch gifted by my hubby in 2019, the best gift for my well-being ever. With this smartwatch I can track my sleep, my fitness activity, receive calls, emails and app notifications. 

I am now aware of the total time I sleep, and very conscious not to overdo it.

So, quality of sleep is important than ritually sticking to 8hrs of sleep. To get the quality of sleep you desire, it is important to move your body more, get little of workout of done and also, keep a watch on mental health.

2. Exercise

I can never get more of the exercise, but for the past couple of months I am more than happy with my commitment to fitness.

I have been consistently walking daily in the park or in the gym nearby after my office hrs. And guess what, I have walked 49 kms total in the Jan 2020 alone. 

And I strive hard to get 3x weekly power yoga classes in the early morning, but I don’t push too hard like I used to do before. I listen to my body and give it a rest whenever required.

Though losing fat is important, being fit is more important for me now.

Earlier, missing the workout schedule had caused me a lot of stress throughout the day.

No more stress on a strict workout regimen. Instead I move my body more, take more steps, drink lot of water and sleep enough. Happy with this progress so far.

3. Healthy Eating and Diet

The one thing I am proud of my achievements in the past couple of years is that I have acquired a great deal of knowledge about food, health and illnesses.

Naturally, as an extremist, I have taken every aspect of healthy living seriously and tried implementing everything altogether in my life. I calculated Macros and Micros in food that I eat. I weighed and cooked only the exact amount of calories needed to supplement my body and strive hard not to deviate from the schedule. 

When I realized my obsessive healthy eating is putting stress on my regular life, I decided to be flexible and smart.

Rather than restricting myself only to home cooked meals, I started watching the portion size. Furthermore, I stopped being obsessive about cooking the healthy meals 3x a day, every single day. Cooking just one healthy balanced meal in day is all I do. I pack the same meal for my lunch box or carry forward to dinner with a twist.

I even hired a cook to prepare my meals on weekdays with minimum 2 veggies and a salad. On the weekends I cook our favorite meals to my heart’s content. 

(Infact, I don’t even stress if the cook is on leave or stopped coming altogether for any reasons. Instead of stressing, I am good to eat out and flexi my time for cooking).

Now I don’t fret over calories but focus only on portion control. I no longer tired to go yoga or office. I have all the energy I needed for going to fitness and office.

After overcoming stress and fatigue, my mind has become free to focus more on other important things. 

Like writing in my blog, reading my bucket list of books, gardening, and photography.

So don’t obsess over macros and micros. Don’t be picky on every single meal you eat.

Be more aware of what you eat and take things lights. This attitude is more important for healthy mental state which in-turn help you live a more positive life.

4. Read Books

If you like reading books, know that you don’t have to read every single book recommended by the people you admire.

For example, I personally like Bill Gates a lot. Well who doesn’t?

But I can not think of reading all the books recommended by him (I follow him on Youtube).

Also I don’t stress myself on sticking to the book if I don’t enjoy it or find it hard to grab the content.

I close the book and move on to the next one.

Here are some of self – development books to keep handy all the time. These are handpicked books worthy of your time.

5. Treat People Well

I take pride in how I treat people and how I pamper my guests. Yes I agree that treating people well, respecting them are all good characteristics of a host.

But I gotta tell you that there were times people tested my patience and gave me enough headache.

I have always been more understanding and more forgiving, but being tolerant to such people has put a stress on me over the period. 

Soon, I started saying No to people who don’t respect me and my house. 

Not just that, I am no longer friends with a person who dont reply to my calls and texts.

Purposefully I stay away from people who are constantly needy and always find a way to get things from me (us).

I no more see the face of people who are being arrogant with one or more of the following–

  • When they are consistently arrogant and making rude statements all the time. Later he/she thinks they can make up everything by giving (forcing) gifts into our hands.
  • How they call themselves a hero when they are nothing but a dead weight and burden to their parents and any extended family. Above all, carrying an attitude to make sure to piss off others.
  • Stepping into personal boundaries.
  • Making voluntary suggestions, sometimes forcing the decision on others. And if their voice not heard, they go on to make ‘influential groups’, just because their ego was hurt.
  • Never thankful for the time and money we spent for them during their stay here.
  • When they can’t shut their mouth about how they are born with a silver spoon inside a gutter. (But never had a penny to pay for the college fee, what a shame).
  • Expecting ‘royal’ treatment, because they are ‘special’.
  • And they are always ‘right’ and never make any mistakes.
  • When they have constant urge to ‘copy’ and ‘one-up’ others at the same time.

I experienced all the above situations, not just in my home but in other social gatherings as well.

Is this happening in your life too?. Then I am sure you can relate to my experiences.

You might think to give back to the people then and there. But you know the after effect?.

They take immense pleasure to bad mouth about you, which in turn would cause you lot of stress.

But we have our lives to take care, isn’t it?.

So, it is better to avoid them, instead of dipping yourself in a gutter. Because it is never ending cycle of egoistic behavior.

Sometimes you have to give back when they over stepped on you. But you can’t always go around the world teaching lessons, isn’t it?.

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I am Happier Now

Before I decided to do the above mentioned habits in moderation, I gave myself really a long time to think and decide on it. It was not easy changing those habits overnight. It was hard at first to learn to put myself first in relationships and unlearn the things that led me to stress. 

Also, along the way, I had learnt to handle the criticism well. 

Looks like I have been spending a lot of time worrying and stressing on the many things so far. 

Now I do everything in moderation which helped me a great deal in anxiety.

What are the other good habits you think that we have to take it easy and do it moderation?.

List of Best Mild Shampoo for Daily Use (From a Regular Bike Traveler)

Before I share nuggets of information on the best mild shampoo for daily use, here is a little intro about me.

I am a motorbike traveler living in India. For more than 15 yrs, I have been travelling to many far away places, including travelling to and living in London (for pursuing MBA).

I am sharing what shampoos worked best for me over the years with some really useful guidelines. From the list of mild shampoo for daily use that I recommended here, feel free to pick any brand which suits your hair type and your budget. All of them are used and tested over time and works best for Indian hair types.

Because you would be buying these shampoos regularly for the rest of your lives, you need to know your hair type and hair care regime as well. All that information you can find here. And this recommendation suits both Women and Men.

I traveled a lot since my college days. And nothing has changed after marriage. We even travel more, wearing travel gears and helmets for protection of course.

The best part of travelling? 

We both love travelling by bike (and Car these days). Travelling is always fun and adventurous.

And the worst part? 

The constant demand to care for the hair and the skin. 

Plus, everyday riding bike in metro city like Bangalore with heavy load of pollution in the air causes hair damage and skin tanning. 

Though helmets are for our safety and protection, wearing them on constant basis brings many hair problems like  – hair loss, weakening or thinning of hair, dandruff issues, sweating and itching, etc.,.

So, I have recommendations for both daily gentle hair care using protein rich shampoos, and hair care for dandruff issues.

The following are the list of best mild shampoo for daily use, which has worked well for my Indian Hair, gave relief to hair problems due to either weather or dandruff. And leaving my hair smooth and non-frizzy. 

The List of Best Mild Shampoo For Daily Use

Before I go on to explain the purpose of mild shampoo and their application on different types of hair, I am giving the list of mild shampoo for daily use (also available stores and online). Also suitable for both Men and Women.

Though all of them are best mild shampoo for daily use, Himalaya shampoos (#1 and #2) are stronger compared to the rest.

Best mild shampoo in India for everyday use from Himalaya brand
My List of everyday use shampoos from Himalayas Brand

Biotique shampoo at #5 is an option to buy if you have color treated hair.

Sebamed Shampoo (everyday shampoo and anti- dandruff shampoo), since they are little over 500 rupees, I use them only once in a week.

Also, it is recommended not to use Sebamed Anti-dandruff shampoo more than twice in a week.

Here is the detailed instructions on how to use these mild shampoos daily for the best results.

Instructions on Using Mild Shampoos Daily

I use all the  shampoos alternatively depends on my hair needs – whether it needs a quick shampoo wash or anti-dandruff hair wash.

Here are some instructions that would help you understand using them alternatively.

  • Sebamed regular, Tresemme and Biotique are equally too mild to use on extremely sweaty and oily hair. They are best suited for regular maintanence and quick gentle cleansing. What if your hair is soiled or sweaty? 
  • In that case, for a strong good cleanse, you would need Himalayas shampoo. But Himalayas shampoo leaves the hair dry if applied daily. So it is mandatory to pair it with a conditioner. If you are not a fan of using conditioner, you can only use once every 2 days or 3x weekly.
  • On the other hand, from my experience Sebamed anti- dandruff shampoo – PH balanced shampoo can work well on a clean hair. So give a quick hair wash using any of mild shampoos listed and then apply this anti-dandruff shampoo for best results. And it should not be used more than twice in a week.

Now how do you know which shampoo suits you best? 

Know about the Hair Types and Which Shampoo suits the best

In general, humans have 4 types of hair – Straight, Wavy, Curly and Extremely curly hair. 

Well, whether you have curly hair or straight hair, there are three kinds of hair you need to know in laymen words before picking the mild shampoos for daily use.

They are Oily hair, Dry hair and a Combination hair

Oily hair tend to be sweaty and greasy even if you are washing it daily. In this case, you will need both mild and normal shampoos to use them alternatively. Only when it is too oily and itchy, use a normal shampoo for a complete clean look paired with a conditioner. Otherwise, give it a gentle wash with any of the mild shampoos. 

Oily Hair = Daily Mild Shampoo or Weekly 3x Normal Shampoo with Conditioner.

Dry hair on the other hand, if not taken care of regularly, will become rough, itchy and irritating to live with. In that case you would need a mild shampoo for daily wash. You can decide to use conditioner depends on the intensity of the dryness you have. Otherwise it is not recommended to use conditioner everyday.

Dry Hair = Daily Mild Shampoo With Weekly 3x Conditioner.

You have combination hair when you have oily scalp with dry hair. Even in this case, proper hair care is must by washing it regularly with mild shampoo and conditioner.

Combination Hair = Weekly 3x Normal Shampoo with Conditioner.

Best Mild Shampoo With pH balance for Dandruff issues

  • Whichever the type of hair you have, if you have dandruff issues – then you would need a specific shampoo to address the issue. 
  • Well, I use Sebamed Ph 5.5 anti-dandruff shampoo, prescribed by a doctor, which is Ph balanced, perfect for any kind of hair.  
  • It is best for oily prone – oily hair and combination hair. 
  • It can also be used on dry hair when combined with a conditioner.
  • I use it twice a week – by first washing hair with Tresemme or Himalayas shampoo, then Sebamed, followed by tresemme’ conditioner.
List of Mild Shampoo in India for dandruff hair images
Sebamed pH 5.5 – My only recommendation for Anti- Dandruff Shampoo

Gentle Daily Hair Care Regime

  • Wash your hair daily with Mild Shampoo, pick any one from the above mentioned list, pair it with conditioner min 3x weekly.
  • Apply hair mask home made using egg whites, curd and aloevera juice with coconut oil and lime juice. On hair mask days, it not necessary to apply conditioner.
  • Why apply Conditioner for a smooth and shiny hair?. Conditioners are helpful after hair wash in keeping the hair from drying and tangling. It leaves a natural shiny look on the hair. Do not ever apply conditioner on scalp even if you have dry hair. Apply only on the hair, wash thoroughly. If necessary (in case of dry scalp or dandruff scalp) apply hair serum after every hair wash.
List of mild shampoo available online in India
Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner for Daily Use – For all hair types

When to Apply Hair Serum and How it helps in Nourishment

Since you are interested in knowing the best mild shampoos for every day use, I thought it would be appropriate to throw some light on the associated hair product – Hair Serum.

  •  I use hair serum from Biotique, called Bio ebony hair vitalizing serum to prevent hair fall. See in picture below. It is the only hair serum I have been using for more than 10 years, and I absolutely love the fresh feel and aroma on my hair. It is best used soon after hair wash, when the scalp is fresh and clean.
  • After hair wash, dry the hair and scalp using soft towel. Use mild heat in blow dryer, but not all the time to avoid damaging hair follicles. This is the one brand I would highly recommend for hair dryer since I have been using for more than 10 yrs, and never had to replace it till date. 
  • Now to the dry scalp, apply evenly to the serum using a cotton swab. Let’s not overdo it, just as much as necessary to nourish the scalp.
  • Applying hair oil or serum or cream, nourishes the hair follicles, helps in hair growth, keeps the hair strong and healthy.
  • It is common practice in South India to apply pure coconut oil on the scalp and hair soon after hair wash. Since applying oil makes the hair looks messy and greasy, it is best to use hair serum whenever you are stepping out of home. On your holidays and any off days, you could use oil. 
  • Since serum and cream does not provide all the nourishment required for the hair as much as the pure coconut oil do. So make sure to include coconut in your hair care routine.
  • Since I do not use any hair creams or gels, I do not have any recommendations for those here.
  • Also As mentioned above in the previous section, do not apply conditioner to the scalp directly. The only thing you would be applying directly to your hair is shampoo or serum or hair oil or hair pack.
List of Best Mild Shampoo for Daily Use
List of Best Mild Shampoo for Daily Use Recommended From a Regular Traveler

When To Apply Coconut Oil and Which Shampoo is best For Hair Oil Bath

  • The best practice to apply coconut oil is soon after the hair wash, when the hair follicles are open after shampooing the hair. Sealing the hair follicles with coconut oil provides all the nourishment for the hair and protects from hair falling and hair thinning. 
  • Second alternative best method to apply oil to scalp and hair is 10 mins before hair wash. Apply oil evenly to hair, massage well, and wash it thoroughly under mild warm water.
  • Third best method is to apply hair oil is – add it into the hair pack. It serves the purpose along with the other goodness of the hair pack. Its multitasking you see. Add required amount of pure coconut oil into the hair pack, mix well, allow it to sit for 10 mins before applying to the hair. Now, apply the hair pack liberally to the scalp and hair, tie the hair with a warm towel. It is best to leave it on for 30 mins before you wash the hair.
  • Worst case, if you do not have time for any of the above three methods, you could apply oil before sleep, leave it overnight, unless you have any health conditions like Sinus.
  • Our ancestors ritually followed oil bath to cool down our body system by applying nourishing oil (mostly sesame oil) to both hair and the body. This how you can take an oil bath. And they used shikakai powder or commonly called “herbal powder” exclusively for the oil bath. This is also the best dry hair care regime one could follow.
  • Now which shampoo is best for modern times? To wash off hair oil, you would need Himalayas shampoo from the list I have recommended in this article, might as well shampoo twice to give a complete hair wash. Tresemme and Biotique does not work well on the extremely oily hair. Also using conditioner is not necessary on oil bath days.

Sum Up

Are you confused that there are too many shampoo recommendations here?. You think it is not possible to judge the hair whether it is oily, dry or messy on a regular basis? And is it quite confusing when to use conditioner and when to use hair serum?.

I understand that it takes some time to get to the understanding of all these things.

So I have just one recommendation each for budget shampoo and medium range shampoo. I recommend them both equally, since its the best mild shampoo for daily use.

For budget, You can blindly buyTresemme Smooth and Shine ProCollection shampoo”. 

For medium range, buySebamed Everyday Shampoo

Both Men and Women can use these shampoos on a daily basis.

Since I used all the shampoos mentioned here on a regular basis, I bulk buy them for 6 months from Amazon.in during sales so I get huge discounts on the products I buy.

This is how to buy things from Amazon (step by step method) during discounts and sales seasons. Hope you got an idea of which are the best mild shampoo for daily use. Have fun.

24 Temples in 3 Days: Kumbakonam Masi Magam Festival (2017)

During Kumbakonam Masi Magam festival we have visited 24 temples in 3 days by bike, thanks to my friend who rented out the bike to us. We reached Kumbakonam from Bangalore by train, stayed in Poppy’s SET Hotel for 3 days, roamed all around Kumbakonam mercilessly in motorbike for 3 days. 

Kumbakonam Masi Magam Festival 2017

Here are the list of temples we did darshan in Kumbakonam Masi Magam festival 2017.

I am straight away giving the list of all the temples names under each day we spent in Kumbakonam. Not going into details of the temples, or too many pics nor its history.

Here goes the list of temples we visited in Kumbakonam Masi Magam in the year 2017 – one of the memorable trip in our travel history.

Day 1 : 11 Mar 2017 A Day Before Kumbakonam Masi Magam Festival

  • Abhi Mukteswarar temple
  • Viyala Someswarar temple
  • Tirupandurai Shivanandeeswarar (lord Murugan spl) temple
  • Thirunalur meginanam Sivan temple
  • Thiruccherai saranathan perumal temple, Divya desam
  • Thiruccherai Saraparameswarar temple
  • Nachiyar Kovil (kalyana kolam perumal/srinivasa perumal)
  • Ramanathaswamy/Saneeswaran Temple

Day2 : 12 Mar 2017

  • Ramar Temple, Kumbakonam
  • Thiruvisainallur Yoganandheeswarar/Sivayoginathar Temple (Risabha Rasi)
  • Sakkottai Amirthakalasanathar Temple
  • Marudhanallur (Karukudi) Sarguna Lingeswarar (Karukudinathar) temple
  • Then Pon Parappi, Swarnapureeswarar temple
  • Nageswaram Temple, Kumbakonam
  • Thirunageswaram Temple (Raghu temple)
  • Oppiliyappar Temple, DivyaDesam
  • Thirupampuram Seshapureeswarar/ Pambureswarar(Raghu Kethu temple)

Day 3 : 13 Mar 2017

  •  Saranathaperumal Temple, Divadesam, Kumbakonam
  • Thiruvalanchuzi ThiruValanchuzhi Nathar Temple (and Swetha Vinayagar Temple –Vellai Pillaiyar)
  • Darasuram- UNESCO
  • Swamimalai Murugan Temple
  • Innambur Ezhuthari Nathar Temple
  • Kottaiyur Kodeeswarar Temple

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About Masi Magam and its Importance

The Masimaham is an annual event that occurs in Kumbakonam in the Tamil month of Masi (February–March) in the star of Magam.

Vast crowds of Hindu devotees gather at Kumbakonam to have a dip in the tank a.k.a Mahamaham tank.

All the rivers of India are believed to meet at the tank on this day and a purificatory bath at this tank on this day is considered equal to the combined dips in all the holy rivers of India.

Festival deities from all the temples in Kumbakonam arrive at the tank and at noon, all the deities bathe along with the devotees – it is called “Theerthavari“.

The purificatory bath is believed to remove sins and after the dip, pilgrims offer charitable gifts in the hope of being rewarded in the current life and subsequent lives.

The temple cars of major temples in Kumbakonam come around the city on the festival night. During the Mahamaham of 1992, the number of devotees were estimated to be one million. (Source – Wikipedia).

Our Story -Travelduo From Bangalore

We were able to darshan 24 temples continuously for 3 days because we planned everything beforehand, and our energy level matched to roam the temples back to back, non stop in bike.

Otherwise would have not been possible travelling by car and with the group or with more family members. It was the most memorable trip where we did crazy riding to temples in Kumbakonam Masi Magam Festival in the year 2017.

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In the 3 days of roaming, we fell in Love with this beautiful temple town Kumbakonam, so in the same year and the next year we went road trip of 11 days to Kumbakonam. Just for the love of most majestic and historically important temples in Kumbakonam.

I am a Traveler and A Black Coffee Lover – How to Make Black Coffee at Home

I have 2 recipes to share on how to make black coffee, one is with instant coffee (under 1 minute) and another from a ground coffee powder (which takes 10 mins).  Both the recipes are my favorite and are easy to make at home or hostels.

All my life I had regular milk coffee, yet I didn’t know that the coffee tasted best when no milk added in it. Also it serves as a best pre-workout drink anytime in a day with less than 10 calories in the black coffee.

When I was living in London for my Management studies I learned about this magical potion which everyone loved to drink many cups a day. Contrast to the fact that British love their tea, I found that they had equal love for coffee.

They have it in the morning with cookies, afternoon after lunch and during the meetups. If you are taking public transport in the morning, it is a common sight to see people carrying Starbucks or McDonald’s coffee, sipping along the way to their destinations. 

It sounded funny to spend 150 to 250 rupees on just a coffee. Soon I found myself buying one to the classrooms, I blamed the weather. I have tried all kinds like espressos, cappuccinos, Italiano – one of the main reasons I have gained that extra weight and thanks to the burgers as well. 

And best of all my office has the Cafe Coffee day coffee machine, where I have access to unlimited black coffee all day.

Work or Travel or being at home, this is how to make black coffee to stay awake and be active.

How to Make Black Coffee from Instant Coffee Powder

First let’s see how to make black coffee from Instant coffee powder.

This will take exactly 1 minute to make be it on stove top or microwave oven.

You can get “bru” or “nescafe” instant coffee powder sachets in local shops or online. If you are regularly preparing black coffee, then buy an economy packs and transfer into an airtight container. Economic packs are less price than the bottled ones. Also, 2 rupee sachets are cost effective for beginners or hostelers.

Method A – Making “Instant” Black Coffee On Gas stove or Induction Stove top or Electric coil

For the much awaited Black coffee recipe, let’s start with the easy one. 

How to make Black coffee at Home or at hostel using an instant coffee powder?

This method takes exactly 1 min for preparation.

  • Take one cup of water to make 1 cup of coffee in a saucepan.
  • While water is boiling, take a coffee mug, add 1 teaspoon of your favorite instant coffee powder (Nescafe or Bru or anything). 
  • Add 1 tablespoon of your favorite sugar (palm sugar or white processed sugar). 
  • Now add the hot water into the ingredients in the coffee mug.
  • Mix well – Enjoy your drink with cookies or croissants. :-). Croissants are my favorite.
Instant black coffee at home

Coffee Making Tips While Using Induction Stovetop

  • For induction stove top, you need to have induction compatible saucepan like this one. I have a saucepan which is both gas and induction stove compatible. Makes life much easier.
  • You can boil extra water if you would like, so if the coffee is too strong, you could add a little more water to your coffee to bring it to your taste. What if the coffee is too light? Then to make it strong add little coffee powder, since it is instant coffee powder it will dissolve immediately, so no worries. After couple of trial and error, you will get hang of it.
  • The best part of this instant coffee powder is – You can very well make an instant degree coffee or cappuccino with milk. It comes handy if you want to serve “milk coffee” to your family or guests. (To make milk coffee – Add equal amount of milk and water to get one cup of milk coffee.)
  • Ok, no time to buy milk but want an instant milk coffee? Buy this Nescafe Gold Cappuccino packet, 1 sachet makes 1 cup of  milk coffee, no need to add sugar, just add hot water into it, mix well and drink.

(I have given all amazon link of the products for your reference, you could buy from anywhere that suits your convenience).

Method B – How to Make Black Coffee Using Microwave oven

Nowadays there is an oven in every households, hostels and offices.

Learn this method to prepare black coffee anywhere instantly using a Microwave oven.

Especially when you don’t like the taste of machine cappuccinos or dip teas in the offices, you could carry either Nescafe or Bru sachets to office to make your own coffee instantly.

This is also an easy method to make instant black coffee, takes less than 1 min.

  • Take 1 cup of water in a coffee mug to make 1 cup of black coffee. 
  • Use a good quality coffee mug to use in the microwave oven (always make sure that is microwave oven use before buying  from online).
  • Place the coffee mug in the Oven. Set the timer for 1 min.
  • Now to the piping hot water, add 1 teaspoon or 1 small sachet of instant coffee powder and sugar as required.
  • Mix well and enjoy your coffee.

Coffee Making Tips While Using Microwave Oven

  • If you are planning to buy a microwave oven for home or hostel use, better to buy a very basic solo microwave oven. We might get carried away seeing the attractive discounts online, but advanced and fancy ones are just a waste of money. Same principle for buying induction stove, buy a good brand with simple features.
  • Just for boiling water, reheating food items, making noodles, making popcorn – this cost – effective microwave oven is the best. Unless you have a plan to make a Barbeque or desserts, even in that case you could go for OTG oven which serves the purpose well instead of the costly 3-in-1 convection microwave ovens. 

Method C – How to Make Black Coffee Using a Water Kettle

How to make instant black coffee at home

Trust me, if there is anything in the world that would make my easier and simpler all time is this – simple water kettle.

The cheap and best water kettle I found in Amazon some 5 yrs ago, it served well for more than 3 yrs and again bought the same one a second time in 2018.

With this super fast water kettle, you could make super fast hot water for making coffee, tea and cuppa noodles. It gives you hot water in less than a minute when you are down with fever. You could also boil milk instantly.

Literally a lifesaver when you are travelling. It fits perfectly in your travel bag. We carried this to our 11 days long bike trip to Kumbakonam in our bike saddle bag

Okay, now how to prepare black coffee using this water kettle?

  • Take 1 cup of water to make 1 cup of black coffee.
  • Pour it in water kettle, switch on to let the water boil.
  • It is ready in under 30 sec.
  • Wait couple of seconds before you pour the hot water into the coffee mug with instant coffee powder and sugar. 
  • Mix well, enjoy your mornings. 

You could make black coffee instantly in less than 30 sec using a water kettle, trust me, I have done it a million times.

How to Make Black Coffee from the Ground Coffee Powder?

Previously we saw how to make “instant” black coffee at home or in hostels, under just 1 minute.

Here comes the 2nd black coffee recipe from the ground coffee powder. This recipe cannot be prepared in office as it is time consuming. (But as such what you are getting in office is ground coffee only – see recipe below).

But, this method takes 10 to 12 mins to prepare and gives strong aroma and tastes more like cafe coffee day black coffee.

Method A – How to make black coffee from Ground coffee Powder on a Gas top or Induction Cooktop?

  • Take a saucepan, for 1 cup coffee add 2 cups of water. Since it is going to boil for 10 mins, you would need double the amount of water. 
  • Now place the saucepan on induction stove top or gas top, allow it to boil.
  • Once the water starts boiling, add 1 teaspoon of your ground coffee powder to the boiling water. I use the brand Bayars, available in major stores in Bangalore. Next to Bayar’s I love these other brands too – Narasus, Kothas, CCD etc., 
  • Now let it boil for 10 mins.
  • Switch off the flame.
  • Take a coffee mug, add 1 tablespoon of your favourite sugar.
  • Now pour the boiled coffee into the cup using a steel strainer. Mix well. 

(This is a good quality steel mesh you can buy for long life and stylish too).

Now enjoy your black coffee which tastes more like Starbucks or Cafe Coffee day coffee.

how to make black coffee from ground coffee powder
Ground Coffee powder brands in the super market – at the top Bayars and Narasus, bottom is Cothas coffe

Method B – How to make black coffee from Ground coffee Powder using Traditional filter

This is how to make traditional filter coffee – Black coffee using a filter.

  • Take 3 teaspoons of ground coffee powder into the filter (serves for 2)
  • Pour hot water and close the lid
  • Wait for 10 mins until all the essence drops through the tiny holes in the filter
  • Now dilute the ‘decoction’ with required amount of hot water to bring it your taste. Tasty black coffee is ready. 🙂
  • This method is hands free, and tastier than Method A. For this you need a traditional coffee filter like this one below.

Note – Now you will also get Cafe coffee day brand ground coffee powders in the stores, and the preparation method and time is the same as the above. I use to buy CCD coffee powder to make black coffee at home. Bayars brand was recommended by my hubby 2yrs ago, since then it is our favourite ground coffee powder.

Best black coffee with brown sugar prepared at home
My Black Coffee (from ground coffee powder) click with brown sugar (natti sugar) in my Home garden

How to Make Black Coffee from the Office Coffee machine?

As I mentioned, I have CCD coffee machine in my office where I make my own strong black coffee. Since there is no direct “black coffee” option in the machine, sharing my recipe here.

If you too have CCD coffee machine in the office, then this black coffee recipe comes handy.

  • Take one shot of Cappuccino in the coffee mug and add one shot of hot water, mix well, add sugar if required. 

How I Like my Black Coffee and Best Snacks with it

I love black coffee anytime in a day but mandatory first thing in the morning, then soon after the first meal around 11 am.  I prefer to drink without sugar to get the strong taste of coffee to awaken me from sleep. So I don’t bother buying any sugar free supplements like stevia.

During weekdays, coffee is the only luxury we can afford to have together, due to our different work schedules. 

How to make black coffee at home
My Weekend Mornings with Black Coffee and Cinnamon Roll

During weekends, our first coffee is more of welcoming drink for the happy weekend. I start the weekend morning by making coffee, while hubby gets the coffee tray, arranges the butter to go with the croissants on the tray.

For mid morning coffee – I make popcorn at home from ready -to -make popcorn sachets or make some onion pakoras.

It is quite rare we stay in during weekends as we are ardent bike riders (check our road trip categories) until the pandemic lockdown. We then bought #AllNewCreta2020 car for our travels post Covid-19 Lockdown.

This is what we did every single mornings during covid -19 lockdown.

Did you know we also rescued a tiny bird fell down in our garden during lockdown and reunited it with its parents later?

Have a Good happy Coffee Mornings friends !!!.