One Day Road Trip To Tiruvannamalai from Bangalore

We were able to achieve a new milestone by travelling to Tiruvannamalai from Bangalore in one day. With a distance of 200 kms, Tiruvannamalai is our all time favourite destination for weekend trips, for both our bike trips and car trips. Here are some questions to help you plan a culture trip in one day. 

And this was our first trip to Tiruvannamalai post Covid-19 lockdown. Otherwise we have been to Coorg, Wayanad and Mysore (within Karnataka border) in the recent times.

(Note – The above pic was clicked at Singarapettai Lake, on the way towards Tiruvannamalai from Bangalore via Chengam route).

Our Plan to Go On One Trip to Tiruvannamalai From Bangalore

Our destination was Tiruvannamalai – Arunachaleswara temple, house for Lord Shiva representing element Fire.

Google map link for the temple –

Though we are regular travellers to this temple, yet we never planned for a one day trip to Tiruvannamali from Bangalore. Since we always stay in Tiruvannamalai for a night and never miss to visit Tirukoilur temples (35kms distance ) on the next day, we never thought of going on a one day trip to Tiruvannamalai from Bangalore. 

Since it’s not practically possible to do this on a bike trip, never tried going on one day trip before. Now that we have our new Creta car (named Milo), a comfortable SUV for long road trips, we decided on a one day road trip to Tiruvannamalai. 

Note that covering long distances in one day is nothing new to us. 

We covered  410 kms in one day by bike when we went on an 11 days bike trip in the year 2017. (And a grand total of 2000 kms in 11 days by bike, yeaahhhh ).

In our short trip to Adichuchunagiri hills, We covered a total of 500 kms on an unplanned journey to Hassan.

And one of our most favourite trip of 350 kms in our One Day Bike trip from Bangalore to Lepakshi in Andhra Pradesh.

And in Car trip, we covered 590 kms in one day, when we went on a 5 days trip to Tirunelveli in TamilNadu.

So, we pat ourselves for being regular travelers and setting new milestones for every single trip.

But it is not the same when you plan on a long drive to one of the ancient, famous and all time crowded temples.

It requires proper planning and execution considering the temple open timings and our convenience in travel.

So here is how we planned our one day trip to Tiruvannamalai from Bangalore by car.

How to Plan for One Day trip to Tiruvannamalai From Bangalore

We are travel duos from Bangalore, so all our starting points are from bangalore. As you can see in our website, all the destinations are led from Bangalore.

So, here are the factors to consider when you plan on a culture trip like this.

Temple Open timings

Knowing the exact timings of the temple is important, because your start and end time your journey is weaved around this information. 

Tiruvannamalai temple open timings – 5 am to 12.30 noon and 4 pm to 9.30 pm.

This timing is quite common for almost all Lord Shiva temples and this is not applicable for Lord Vishnu temples. As the rituals and procedures vary entirely for both the temples.

Now, you need to decide on the time we choose to visit the temple. We chose morning 5am to 12.30 noon batch timing.

Here comes another important factor to consider.

Travel Distance to Tiruvannamalai from Bangalore

To make it to morning batch timing to have darshan at Arunachaleshwara temple, we need to consider 2 things.

  1. Total travel time from Bangalore to Tiruvannamalai by Car including pit stops – for 200 kms on one way.  And considering the bad roads in the Krishnagiri – Chengam route, time varies for the driver. If you are choosing an alternative route (that is Via Vellore), your travel time naturally increases for the increase in 100 kms.
  2. Total Waiting time to Darshan Lord Shiva at Main sanctum: the time you take from entering the temple at main entrance (east gopuram) to the time you take to see Lord Shiva at the main sanctum needs to be considered.

Since we always go for paid darshan, we kept an average of 1.30 hrs for the darshan timing.

Now you know what time you need to start in the morning to darshan at the temple.

Same goes for calculating the return journey.

Yet, you cannot calculate the same hours for the return journey, as the traffic is always higher towards the end of the day as many people like you are returning from their travel.

How Successful Was My Plan ?

All went well as per the plan. 

We started by 5 am with all pre packed bags with snacks and water bottles packed a night before. 

We were able to drive to the destination even though we have spent more than 1 hr in our favourite fit stop on the Hosur highways. It is called Krishna Inn in Shoolagiri. It is the bikers meeting point on weekends, and I have written a great deal about the food here.

We reached the temple campus at 11am, and it took us 20 mins to find the right parking spot and enter the temple.

So, total of 1 hr for the entire darshan time in the temple, including the Goddess parvathi darshan.

We came back to parking, went straight to our favourite resort called Sparsa resorts, one of the elites in Tiruvannamalai for lunch.

Stay at Tiruvannamalai, best veg restaurant in Tiruvannamalai
Lunch At Sparsa Resorts

We spent time on good lunch and stretching our legs before we started our return journey by 2.20 pm.

As I mentioned earlier, we were profoundly delayed by the evening traffic on the Bangalore – Salem highways. Since it was anticipated during our trip, we reached on scheduled time, totally tired and sleepy by the time we hit our home by 9pm.

It was a seamless peaceful journey except for the bad roads on the route we chose for this trip to Tiruvannamalai from Bangalore.

Next time we plan to take the Vellore route, fed up travelling on this bumpy NH77 roads forever.

Kudos to Rajesh for making things happen irrespective of how challenging our trip turns out.