One Day Trip From Bangalore by Train to Tiruttani Nearby Temples

Tiruttani temple is one of the famous tourist temples in Tamil Nadu.  You will find a detailed info on sightseeing tiruttani nearby temples here from our recent one day trip from Bangalore to Tiruttani.

Instead of usual bike trips, for a change, we have decided to go on a one day trip from Bangalore by train to Tiruttani.

Image credit – Justdial.

How to Explore Tiruttani Nearby temples

For those who do not know us, we are ardent Bike riders. Feel free to explore all our bike ride trips within Karnataka and other states (yep :)) in the categories section.

We decided to go on a one day trip from Bangalore by Train after a successful trip by train trip to Tiruvallur (near Chennai).

After considering our peaceful train journey to Tiruvallur, I looked for a similar experience on this trip as well.


A famous place known for one of the Six abodes of Lord Murugan, otherwise also famously called Thiruthani Murugan Temple. A famous tourist place, well connected by road and railways and even hotels for the long distance travelers.

So, we decided on Tiruttani.

Today, 4th of February 2017, we boarded an early morning train from Bangalore central KSR railway station to Arakkonam junction, to see Tiruttani and nearby temples. 

From Arakkonam Junction we hired an auto to reach Tiruttani Murugan temple located 15 kms north.

Expecting a long que on this auspicious day – Karthigai Star, the birth star of Lord Murugan, we didn’t waste any time before reaching the temple.

After a long que and a wonderful darshan Arulmigu Subramanya Swamy at Tiruttani temple, we returned back to Arakkonam for lunch. 

I didn’t bother to look for Tiruttani temple darshan timings as I knew it would be open till night since it was an auspicious day. 

Except on auspicious days, the temple remains closed for lunch and after 9pm.

Meantime, the auto driver made a deal with us that he will show around Tiruttani and Arakkonam for 2000 rupees till late evening. 

We liked the deal, and decided to explore the Tiruttani nearby temples as there were no other interesting choices planned for rest of the afternoon.

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Roaming Around Tiruttani nearby Temples in One Day

Following a happy darshan after waiting in long que, we have decided to explore other nearby temples in tiruttani. 

Here is the list of Tiruttani nearby temples. You can click on the temple names to get google map location. 

All are famous, padal petra sthalams of Lord Shiva temples.

  1. Tiruvalangadu, Sri Vadaranyeswarar temple
  2. Takkolam, Sri Chalanatheeswarar temple
  3. Elambaiyam Kottur (Via Perambakkam), Sri Theivanatheeswarar Temple
  4. Thiruvirkolam (Coovam Sivan), Sri Tripuranthaka Swami temple

There are many famous tiruttani surrounding temples.

While we were in Thiruvalangadu, we missed visiting the yet another famous, padal petra shiva sthalam, called Sri Tazuvikuzandheswarar Temple situated just 3kms away.  

Thanks to the auto driver from the local area, he took us to the above temples situated in different directions (the last two temples are situated a little closer).

He dropped us back at Arakkonam around 9 pm. 

After having dinner in a nearby restaurant, we then boarded the 10.20 pm Kaveri Express train to return to Bangalore. 

Hope this will help all those seeking a trip to Tiruttani nearby temples.

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Planning one day road trip from Bangalore?

Here are some interesting destinations from Our travel History –

Melukote (beautiful view on the hill),

Talakkad (temples and beach),

Shivanasamudra waterfalls – For twin waterfalls

Belur – Halebidu (Popular destination in Karnataka for Hoysala Architectures),

Nandhi Hills (beautiful spot for trekking and watch sunset),

Lepakshi (for hanging pillars and majestic sculpture on a single rock),

Hampi (for World UNESCO heritage site) and

Mysore (for monuments and palaces).

Hoysala Architecture: How we visited 4 Different Temples Just in One Day

I am sure less introduction needed for the Hoysala Architecture Hindu temples in Karnataka.

These are unique architecture temples found only in Karnataka, majorly in Hassan district. All of them built by the Hoysala Empire, ruled between 10th and 14th centuries.

This is our story of “Hoysala Trip“, how we have visited 4 of such famous temples just in one day.

We went to this trip on 2nd October 2016 by train.

Hoysala Architecture – Overview and My Personal Observation

The “Hoysalas” who ruled between 11th and 14th centuries have built this unique – never can be seen anywhere in the world kind of architecture only in Karnataka. 

They have built small to large temples in Karnataka, dedicating to either Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva.

The Hoysala architecture style is described as Karnata Dravida which is distinguished from the traditional Dravida, and is considered an independent architectural tradition with many unique features (Source Wikipedia). 

Hoysala architecture is popular for its attention to detail in their craftsmanship. Unlike the other Hindu temples, the outer walls surrounding the main sanctum are beautifully carved with the gods and goddess statues (called reliefs). 

They also depict the life and culture of people who lived in the 12th century, and also tell stories about Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavata purana. 

The other unique feature of these temples are the zig zag patterns (star shaped look) of the entire complex. Including the platform on which the temple is built with 4 to 7 layers of star pattern, leading up the same zig – zag pattern until vimana (roof) of the temple.

While the temple is star shaped, the pillars supporting the temple are all disc shaped.

Sometimes, the combination of star and disc shaped are observed.

Depending on the size of the temple, the pillars (and the disc) sizes vary. For example, the disc in the Somanathapura, Belur and Halebid are larger than the other Hoysala temples in Arasikere, Javagal and Nuggehalli.

Personal observation

Although the Itagi Mahadeshwara temple is not under the category of Hoysala architecture in Karnataka, we have observed the touch of their art in their disc pillars. You can see pics here- link article.

Once what would have been a place for daily prayers and religious celebrations, is now standing still with the notable damages. All the Hoysala temples stand proud amidst all the damages on the statues and vimana; and also being enormously patient to the callous nature of the daily visiting tourists.

The List of Hoysala temples we have visited in One day

On 2nd October 2016, we started our one day trip from Bangalore to Belur.

Now, to visit 4 different Hoysala architecture temples, we started boarding the train from Bangalore central railway station to Arasikere. 

First, get down at Arsikere Junction to Visit Ishwara temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Second, after about 50 mins of bus journey to the Javagal Lord Lakshmi Narasimha temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

These two are less popular temples among the Hoysala Architecture (link) situated close to the very popular UNESCO archaeological site of Halebidu and Belur.

Third, boarded the bus from Javagal to Halebidu, and finally, from Halebidu to Belur.

We returned home from Belur to Bangalore on the same day by train around midnight.

Here is the name of the temples we have visited

  1. Arasikere – Beautiful Hoysala Architecture For Lord Shiva
  2. Javagal – Beautiful Hoysala Architecture For Lord Vishnu
  3. Halebidu – Hoysaleswara temple (UNESCO site) For Lord Shiva
  4. Belur – ChennaKesava temple (UNESCO site) For Lord Vishnu
Places to visit in belur trip
Arasikere temple inside view
Places to visit in Bangalore to Belur trip
Javagal Lord Vishnu temple entrance
hoysala architecture in karnataka
Halebidu temple
famous temple images in karnataka
Belur temple

How We Planned this Hoysala Trip

This trip was well planned by me – the travel planner, about a week before we started the journey. 

Even though we were just “new-bees” just started testing the waters of travelling to the new places, I can proudly say that I did good job.

(Except for this one trip where we miscalculated the timing when we went on a one day bike trip to Hassan from Bangalore. We ended up riding motorbike in the dark night, read here to know more about our first ever adventurous night trip).

My hubby, Rajesh – the best companion, the best bike rider, sensible and sweetest person to travel with.

Mostly he never said no to any trips planned by me – and that is how we ended up making a long bike trip of 11 days in South India consecutively for two years in 2017 and 2018.

Like in other trips to TamilNadu temples, this time we didn’t have to consider the temple open and closing timings before we laid out an itinerary. Since all of these are tourist places, they are open from 9 am to 6pm (depends on the popularity of the temple).

Halebidu and Belur temples are under UNESCO, open even during afternoon timings until 5 pm everyday for tourists. 

So, we first decided to visit the less famous, small Hoysala architecture in Arasikere and Javagal in the mornings, and the two UNESCO temples later in the noon.

I considered several factors for planning this trip

  • I used google maps to calculate the distances between each stop, 
  • the time needed to travel by public transport, 
  • the minimum time needed to spend in each stop and 
  • the time needed for relaxation.

We just carried one backpack with water bottles, snacks, and toiletries enough for one day trip from Bangalore.

Though we didn’t plan this trip exclusively for the “Hoysala architecture” but it turned out to be one exclusive trip.


Hoysala Architecture, which was built by the Hoysala empire, is found only in the state Karnataka, India. When it comes to visiting famous tourist destinations, many people prefer going to Halebidu, Belur.  

Mostly they are popular among tourists for its marvellous architecture, and they are closely located, so both the temples are easily covered in one trip. Next to these two temples, many prefer going to Hampi – yet another cultural Heritage of Karnataka. 

For those who don’t know, there are plenty of tourist places in Karnataka which are not made popular among tourists. 

My personal request to the audience is to see all the other Hoysala temples in Karnataka, they too, are no less in Architecture and Beauty. 

Personal observation

I was surprised to see the resemblance of Hoysala architecture when we visited Trimbakeshwar temple in Mumbai. Major resemblance was the star shaped platform on which the temple is built and similar statue carvings on the outer wall –  a wall with a zigzag pattern – everything resembling the Hoysala architecture. Click here to see pics.

Shivanasamudra Falls From Bangalore: Gaganachukki Waterfalls, Nearby places

Shivanasamudra falls from BangaloreThis was one of a memorable One day Bike trip from Bangalore in the Year 2016.

This is a travel guide to famous Shivanasamudra falls nearby places by road.

Shivanasamudra Falls: Location and Distance From Bangalore

Bangalore to Shivanasamudra falls distance is 126 kms. There will be short variation in the distances from your starting point location. 

You could take Mysore highways, take a diversion from Malavalli to reach Shivanasamudra falls. Or take Kanakapura – Malavalli road to reach the destination. 

Since we were riding bike in the open sun, we preferred going by Kanakapura – Malavalli road to ride under tree shades. 

If you are travelling from Mysore, Shivanasamudra to Mysore distance is 75kms, the best shortest route being via Somanathapura. 

Clarity on Two Falls and its Location

The Kaveri river falls into twin waterfalls in a small town called Shivanasamudra in Karnataka, near Mandya district, hence the name Shivanasamudra waterfalls or falls.

The actual name of this waterfall in Gaganachukki waterfalls. The common misconception of this twin falls is that the left one is Ganagachukki falls and the right one is Barachukki falls. 

The fact is, Barachukki falls, which has been naturally split a few kilometers south- west of the Barachukki falls. 

So now that it is clear that the name of Shivanasamudra waterfalls is Gananachukki waterfalls, lets see how to reach by road.

Travel Guide to Reach Gaganachukki Waterfalls by Road

We started on 24th December 2016 morning to Shivanasamudra falls on our motorbike, taking the Kanakapura Malavalli road

Alert to the fellow travelers – there were no good restaurants in the Kanakapura road until Shivanasamudra falls. 

Now that the Kanakapura route is gaining popularity, you could see few restaurants here and there. Feel free to check for their restaurant ratings before you decide to dine-in.

But in the year 2016, not that long ago, we could not find a single eatery except for a small shop selling poori sabji, near Mandya. Definitely I would not suggest, so not giving google map link fellas :).

It was definitely not a good start for a beautiful morning ride, yet without any complaints we had that breakfast. Soon we headed towards the destination.

By the time we reached the Shivanasamudram, it was almost noon, and we did not want to play in the falls as we had plans to darshan Ranganathaswamy temple before it closes. 

We spent 5 mins excursions on the river view, eating home bought snacks and hurriedly clicked some pics before we left for the temple.

Sri RanganathaSwamy temple – On the River bank

It is one of the popular Lord Vishnu temples, known as Madya ranga or Mohana ranga, associated with Ranganathar in Srirangapatna and Trichy.

This bike trip was an attempt to visit these 3 Ranga temples in the three consecutive Ekadasi days.

That was the reason we hurried from the Shivanasamudra falls to darshan Lord Ranganathar.

The temple was moderately crowded and we were able to have a peaceful darshan and spend some time before we left to Bangalore.

There is also another ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, called Someswara temple. We decided to visit this temple on our next visit to Sivanasamudram.

Lord Vishnu temple image in Shivanasaudra waterfalls trip
Madhya Ranga In Shivanasamudra. Credit Wikipedia.

Shivanasamudra Nearby Places – Where to Go from Here

Apart from the couple of temples and this twin river, there is nothing much to spend time near Shivanasamudram.

If you want to extend your trip, I have a few suggestions for you to explore Shivanasamudra falls nearby places.

  1. Talakadu – famous for Kaveri river (beach) and sand soaked 5 temples
  2. Hogenakkal Waterfalls
  3. Somanathapura – For Hoysala architecture
  4. Melkote – Cave temple on the hill
  5. Mysore – For Palace, Museum, Zoo, Botanical garden.

While coming back from Shivanasamudra falls, we took Mysore highways Via Malavalli, to find a good restaurant as we were starving from Morning.

Now there are good choices in Malavalli – Kanakapura road, no need to worry about anything. 

You could absolutely enjoy your trip to Shivanasamudra falls from Bangalore, via both Kanakapura and Mysore Highways. 

Hampi Trip from Bangalore (A Complete Travel Guide with Itinerary)

After our numerous bike trips to nearby places in Bangalore, We have decided to take Hampi trip from Bangalore by train and explore maximum sightseeing places in one day.

Not just sightseeing in Hampi, but also some nearby places in Hampi which are less popular like Kukanoor and Itagi.

Did you know Mahadeva temple in Itagi is protected as a national mounument under Archealogical survey of India?. “Art historian Henry Cousens called this monument the “finest in Kannada country after Halebidu””. (Source : Wikipedia)

Here is the complete guide for one day trip from Bangalore to Hampi, Hampi places to visit and the trip costs for couples.

Hampi Trip From Bangalore By Train – Distance, Weather and Sightseeing

I have always wanted to go Hampi –a World Heritage site, it has been in my top priority list since we both started our weekend trips.

We live in Bangalore, we were just starting out bike trips to nearby places in Bangalore.

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The Distance from Bangalore to Hampi by road is 345 kms.

Since we were just beginners in bike trips, its quite not possible to cover such long distance by bike.

So, we have decided to go Hampi trip From Bangalore by train and spend one full day sightseeing.

Since the Hampi weather is too good in September (infact all over Karnataka), travelling and sightseeing would not be any problem.

To surprise hubby, I did all the research and planning. That is when I came across unique places in Kukanoor & Itagi and added those places to the Hampi trip itenarary.

Since it was a one day trip, there was no hotel booking required. We just packed some snacks and water bottle in our backpack for this trip.

If you are planning on road trip to Hampi from Bangalore, you could very well explore all the places mentioned below.

Since we went by train, we hired autos for short distances and traveled by buses for long distances.

Here is the complete guide on places to visit in Hampi and the good places to eat etc.,

Hampi Express to Kukanoor and Itagi

On 24th Sep 2016, We boarded Hampi express at 10 pm at KSR railway station, reached Koppal stations next day at 8.35am.

(Since we decided to explore Kukanoor and Itagi, we got down at Koppal railway station, otherwise Hosapet would be the nearest station for Hampi.)

There was a Karnataka bus pick up at station entrance otherwise also KSRTC bus depot is 3 min by walk.

At 8.50am we boarded KSRTC bus to Kukanoor, travelled for about 40 min. There were no direct buses to Itagi, from Koppal one has to re-route from Kukanoor.

After refreshing up, we had planned to visit Kukanoor Mahamaya Temple and Navalinga temples before visiting ITAGI Mahadeva Temple.

I wouldn’t suggest eating at Kukanoor, not even for coffee.

Local people guided us to the Mahamaya temple, 15min by walk from the bus station.

1.a. Mahamaya Temple, Kukanoor

Outside view of the temple doesn’t give an image of being a famous temple mentioned in Mahabaratha. But to understand its great historical value, One has to enter the low roof entrance directly to the main deity, Shatrabala. There are 3 deities in the garbhagudi.

Two female deities:-Laxmi & Parvathi/MahaMaya, and One male Deity-Harihara. Harihara means Half-Shiva and Half-Vishnu. All the 3 idols are south facing, which is a rare thing, as most idols in temples face the north. South-facing deities are considered to be more powerful (source -Wikipedia).

The reference to this temple in Mahabharata suggests it was built before 8-9th century BC. There are rumors that there is a hidden underground temple below the current existing temple. The underground temple is dedicated to the Indian Goddess Kali. 

b. Navagraha Temple, Kukanoor

The ancient Navagraha temple is present at the back of the Mahamaya temple. It is so painful to see the carelessness in the maintenance of such epic architecture.

This temple architecture cannot be described in words, one has to see and feel it.

Anywhere you see is Lord Sivalinga guarded by individual Nandhi.

I have never seen such alignment of 9 Sivalingas under one roof.

I’m glad we have visited this place on our hampi trip from Bangalore. Not sure when again we will get chances to visit here again.

2. Mahadeva Temple, ITAGI

We left from Kukanoor to Itagi by auto, we bargained for INR 100/- fare for 15 min travel to the temple and drop back to a bus stop.

Mahadeva temple was such a feast to sight. One cannot stop marveling at the decorative sculptures, art in pillars and roofs, also on the mandapa of this temple.

The temple was open for visitors, but the main sanctum was closed with a view.

The main deity, Lord Siva, can be seen and worshipped behind the closed bars.

Since it has been recently taken under Archaeological Survey of India, lots of repair work was going on around the temple.

There was a full-time security guard who guided us around the temple (also took our pics).

We spent some time there, exploring the temple and chatting with temple committee members who were in charge of that ongoing renovation.

Itagi Mahadeva temple under Archealogical survey of India. Hampi nearby sightseeing places, in our Hami trip from Bangalore
Main mandap, Mahadeva Temple, ITAGI

On the way back, the Autowala dropped us in the main road 2km away from Mahadeva temple, where we boarded a bus to Koppala.

We didn’t go back all the way to Kukanoor bus station to catch the same bus to koppala. After 40 min long journey, we reached Koppala at 1.10pm.

Had satisfying lunch at Krishna Sagar veg restaurant, then boarded bus to Hosapet, 40 min journey towards the Hampi, Karnataka.

Itagi to Hampi: Sightseeing in Hampi

3.a. Virupaksha Temple

From Hosapet bus depot, we boarded a bus to Hampi, a UNESCO world heritage site, which was the last stop, paid 26/-fare for 15 min journey.

All the greenery on both the sides showed that it is a flourishing town in Thungabadra river. We ignored all the tourist guide swarming us, went to the great monumental Virupaksha temple, a breathtaking Lord Siva temple built on a vast area.

Totally we spent about 40 mins before we picked a travel guide (autowala) to see other sightseeing places in Hampi. We negotiated for INR 400/- for dropping us at few places by auto – Narashima Temple and Badavalinga temple, Queen’s palace, Elephants castle, and finally Vittala Temple.

Hampi sightseeing places - Virupaksha temple
Hampi Images: Virupaksha Temple Gopuram view from the temple Pond

b. Vittala Temple

Hampi sightseeing places - Virupaksha temple
Hampi imgaes : Entrance view of Vittala Temple
Hampi sightseeing places - Vittala temple
Hampi images: Vishnu Mandap at Vittala Temple
Hampi sightseeing places - Vittala temple
Hampi Images: Lord Vishnu Chariot, Vittala Temple

Same tourist guide dropped us at a nearby bus stop from Vittala temple, where we took a share auto to Hosapet bus depot which saved us time. Hosapet is big township compared to Koppala.

Had dinner at Udupi restaurant just opposite to the bus depot, then went by walk to board the return train at 9 pm to Bangalore.

This How To Reach Hampi Directly From Bangalore – 1 day Travel Itinerary in Hampi

Well we wanted to see places as much as we could in the trip planned, so we have covered Kukanoor and Itagi Mahamaya Temple in our last trip.

One can skip travelling to Kukanoor and Itagi, instead, go directly to Hampi (get down at Hosapet railway station) so that you can spend more time in Hampi itself.

If we would plan a Hampi trip from Bangalore again (by train or road), this is how our 1 day travel itinerary in Hampi would be-

  • Board Hampi express (Train No. 16592) from Bangalore City junction at 9.50 pm or Bangalore cantonment at 10.10 pm or  Yelhanka Junction at 10.35 pm
  • Get down at Hosapet next morning aroung 7 am, take local bus / cab to Hosapet main bus stand
  • Have breakfast at Udupi restaurant in the Hosaper bus stand
  • Take a bus / cab to look around Hampi before you go to much visited tourist place Vittala Temple
  • Look around all the Hampi tourist places
  • Come back, board the return train from Hosapet to Bangalore by 9pm.
  • Next day you are in Bangalore.

Explore our categories for all our one day trips and two day trips from Bangalore.

How Our love for Bike Rides started in 2016?

This is how we started to love bike ride from the year 2016.

Never did we thought that we would become passionate bike riders since then.

Chilling at Rasta Cafe

Bike rides – Starting of our Wonderful Journey

It all started when me and my husband Rajesh went for a casual ride to a cafe, enjoyed hanging out there for sometime..

We were married in September 2015 in our native Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

Since ours was an arranged marriage, As much as we enjoyed the weekend hot dates in awesome restaurants in Bangalore, we were equally bored of the rest of time watching TV and cooking that special weekend meals at home..

We then started to go out on almost all the weekends, at least for a cup of coffee to a nearby coffee shop or to spend a day at resorts in Kanakapura road.

Initial days, we went on bike rides to spend time in Go-karting and snacking in cafe’s in Kanakapura road and Mysore road.

Soon we started to search for weekend getaways in and around Bangalore. I then research on the places two days ahead of journey and also have Plan B just in case we changed our mind.

So this is how we started our bike rides purely for bonding and recreation.

Our First One-day Trip Bike Ride from Bangalore to Srirangapatna, on 26th Aug 2016.

We started our very first bike trip from Bangalore, our home, to Srirangapatna (near Mysore) and nearby places.

Here is the pic of Kaveri River, taken on the way to Srirangapatna, our very first Bike ride destination.

Bike rides images, One day trip from Bangalore
Kaveri River near Ranganathar Temple, Mysore

While we were there, we went to the famous Ranganathar Temple and Nimishamba Temple.

Less we knew at that time, life would present us beautiful moments to cherish forever..

to be continued… (Love for Bike rides).

3 Temples in Tiruvallur All Time Crowded (One day Trip)

This is our one day trip from Bangalore by train to visit 3 famous temples in Tiruvallur.

Tiruvallur is a small district in TamilNadu. Surrounded by Chennai, Kanchipuram, Nellore of Andra is famous for many temples in the city. There are 3 temples in Tiruvallur you must visit if you are planning for a one day trip here.

Apart from the 3 temples in the list, we have also visited another temple near Tiruvallur called Pallikondeswarar Temple in Surutapalli.

The reason why we chose to visit this place is that we did not want to miss it in our life time. Because it is believed to be the first temple where Pradosa Pooja was performed for the very first time about 1000 yrs ago. That’s why this place is also called “Pradosha Kshetram”.

Here is the travel plan of how we reached Tiruvallur and how we covered these temples by local transport.

Temples In Tiruvallur – Famous and All Time Crowded

On 26th November 2016, on an auspicious day of Sani Maha Pradosam, we went to visit famous temples in Tiruvallur.

It was a well planned one day trip from Bangalore by train. We did not book any accomodations nor did go sightseeing any other places apart from the destination.

I have given list of places you could couple with Tiruvallur at the end of this article.

List of Temples with Google Map Link

Here is the list of all the famous temples in Tiruvallur. 

  1. Vaidhya VeeraRaghava Perumal Temple – One of the famous Vishnu Temples, with the presiding deity Veeraraghava Perumal is in a reclining position. It is also one of the 108 Divya Desams. Devotees offer salt and pepper here and pray for curing any ill health. The sacred tank here is Hrittapanasini, believed to be holier than the river Ganga. 
  2. Sri JalaNarayana Temple – The specialty of this temple is that both the Lord Shiva and Vishnu are the presiding deities. Lord vishnu inside the water tank in the reclining position is the special attraction of this temple. Click here for Google map directions –
  3. Not far from here is yet another famous temple named Vishwaroopa Panchamuga Anjaneyar temple. A majestic 40 feet monolithic idol of Lord Hanuman with 5 faces. It is one of the very famous temples in Tiruvallur and crowded on all saturdays and other special occasions.  Here is the link –
  4. Surutapalli Pallikondeswarar, Suruttapalli, Andhra Pradesh – Located 26 kms from Tiruvallur, situated in Chittoor district of State Andra. It is yet another famous, historically important temple is Pallikondeswarar temple. Though it is quite far from our destination, this is a must see temple. The uniqueness of this temple is that the Lord Shiva in a reclining position just like Lord Ranaganathar (Lord Vishnu). Since it is a rare sight to see Lord Shiva in this avatar, it is one of my most favorite temples so far.  Here is the location link –

How to Reach Tiruvallur From Bangalore

If you are travelling by road, you would need just half day to cover all the famous temples in Tiruvallur.

So you either make it just a one day trip or couple other places to make it a 2 days long road trip.

For travellers from Chennai, Kanchipuram, Vellore and Tirupati, Tiruvallur is a neighbouring town. Travelling from Chennai to Tiruvallur is smooth with little travel distances, well connected by local trains, buses and road.

You can easily travel, visit all the temples in Tiruvallur and return home on the same day. 

Other than places mentioned above, a trip to Tiruvallur needs to be planned and arranged for accomodation. 

When we travelled from Bangalore to Tiruvallur, we took a train from Bangalore KSR station, reached straight to Tiruvallur.

Thankfully we had Train – 12610 MGR Chennai central SF express from Bangalore to Chennai. We left KSR Bangalore by 8 AM,  arrived at Tiruvallur the same day by 1.30 noon.

After a relaxed lunch in the local eatery, we took a bus straight to Surutapalli Temple. After about an hour of travel, we reached the temple, stood in the darshan que for about an hr and returned back to Tiruvallur.

Since it was late evening, we hired an auto to reach the rest of the temples before they close for the day.

Temples near Tiruvallur – Other famous places near by

If you are planning a road trip from Bangalore, then you could choose to stay at Vellore or Kanchipuram, which are the closest cities to Tiruvallur, as you have no good options in your destination. 

Since you could cover all the temples in Tiruvallur in just half a day, you could very well plan the rest of the trip to spend sightseeing temples near Tiruvallur in places like Kanchipuram or Vellore or even Chennai or Puducherry.

If you ask one good suggestion on the temples near Tiruvallur – I would suggest “Tiruttani” a very famous Arupadai Murugan Temple, located at a distance of 43kms from Tiruvallur.


Tiruttani nearby temples – How We Went One Day Trip From Bangalore by Train.

In Vellore you could visit couple famous places like Lord Shiva temple called Jalakandeswarar temple, Tiruvalam Lord Shiva temple (Padal Petra stalam), Padavedu Amman temple, the two very famous Vallimalai Lord Muruga temple and Ratnagiri Balamurugan temple.

In Kanchipuram, house for famous Sakthi Peedam Kanchi Kamakshi temple other than many famous temples.

And you could also stretch your travel plan two more days to visit Chennai, Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry.

Now you know how to reach Tiruvallur from Bangalore. Also you have the list of places to visit in and around temples in Tiruvallur.

Hope this article helped you with travel plan.

From Bangalore to Hassan Road Trip: Very thrilling Night Bike Trip of 500kms

This is our thrilling story of riding motorbike at night among the avenue trees in our 500 kms bike trip, from Bangalore to Hassan road trip.

Two new riders on a bike.

In the pitch dark.

With just a backpack meant for a day trip.

No rooms booked.

Only tall never ending trees and extremely irritating bugs by our side.

This is our story of thrilling road trip to Hassan in pitch dark, covering 500 KMs under 36 hrs.

From Bangalore to Hassan Road trip – 500 KM thrilling bike ride 

Who would have thought we would be riding among the never ending tall trees in pitch dark in our Bangalore to Hassan road trip.

Believe or not it was totally an unplanned journey and we were totally new to that long bike ride too.

In 2016, we were just starting to go out to the nearby places in Bangalore and testing the water.

We were not actually ready to go on long bike rides. We wanted to take it slow after our day bike trip experience from Bangalore to Lepakshi temple. It was quite a successful bike trip – properly planned and executed.

Now we had screwed it.

We didn’t plan well.

So, we didn’t have an itinerary laid for this unexpected delay.

Nor any rooms booked.

Above all, no mobile network to book any rooms.

What should have been a one day trip from Bangalore to Adichuchanagiri hills has turned into a 2 days of thriller ride.  

A thrilling bike ride at night to Hassan, because we had no other option.

After a long leisure darshan at Kalabhairava temple, sitting on the top of Adichuchanagiri hills late in the evening – we had only two options in front of us.

Go back home riding 135 kms to Bangalore or ride 90 kms to Hassan which is relatively less distance so we can be safe soon?.

As a new bee just started travelling by bike to places, 135 kms seemed like a himalayan distance to cross. 

(Hardly 3 months later we had covered 335 kms just in one day’s bike trip to Melkote. Read here).

Adichuchanagiri hills – The intial destination of our Night trip from Bangalore to hassan road trip

Initially days I had a hard time coping with the cool attitude of Rajesh. He was super cool in everything he did and that includes not bothering about sticking to the time schedule. 

In many ways I appreciated his coolness but at times he tested my patience and gave me really hard time. Especially on the days when we had to run a marathon to reach the airport and railway stations. Couple of times we had a history of missing them too.

Soon when we really started loving our bike rides, he couldn’t wait to wake up and get ready before me. 

Now, sitting on top of the Adichuchanagiri hills, blaming our “coolness” for not planning the trip well. Meanwhile, we were nervously trying to connect to the network to get a hang of the google map.

inside view of bairava temple in Adichuchanagiri hills
Inside view of bairava temple in Adichuchanagiri hills

By calculating the distances to home and to Hassan from adichunchanagiri hills, and with zero energy to drive , we decided upon the best shortest distance to hit the bed ASAP.

That best decision was to ride to Hassan in the pitch dark.

So we made a hotel reservation at La Flora Pavanputra Resort before we descended down the hill.

We both experienced a chill in our spine when the parking area was completely deserted. The very place was buzzing with lots of two wheeler and four wheeler is now empty.

The small shops selling toys near the temple entrance are now completely covered and locked under blue sheets.

We both exchanged a look, that said “we are totally screwed”.

Though we did not show any concern or fear on the face, we were totally terrified of the situation.

La Flora Pavanputra Resort Hassan – Thrilling Road trip comes to an end

For more than 3hrs, it was a never ending journey among the avenue trees, literally holding the jumping heart in our hands.

We did it.

Successfully made it to the resort, all in one piece and we couldn’t be more proud.

We appreciated each other and acknowledged that we played good team sports. 

Had it been someone else in Rajesh’s place, I very much doubt their behavior in such adverse conditions.

I am pretty sure they never would have exhibited the same level of bravery and leadership. All kudos to Rajesh.

Of various trips and risks we undertook in our bike travel, this Bangalore to Hassan road trip stays close to our heart till date. 

Also, this trip brought us recognition as “bike riders” among our friends on facebook.

And Rajesh has got many appreciation for his new milestone of driving 500 kms under 36 hrs. 

Soon people started expecting bike travel posts from us during the weekends.

Following this thrilling unplanned trip, we went on a well planned night bike ride of 200Kms, read here.

3 Places We Visited From Hassan To Bangalore Road trip

Next day morning, woke up in our room with a grumbling stomach since we had not eaten anything since the time we left the Adichunchanagiri hills. We were just grateful to be alive and having found a hotel room, the thought of feeding our stomach did not occur at all. 

Soon we checked out our room right after the complimentary breakfast, for sure we will never return to this anytime in the future.

Doddagaddavalli Lakshmi Devi Temple

We rode our bike towards Belur instead of towards Bangalore, to visit this very beautiful -never seen before kind of Hoysala architecture. Not just the architecture is unique, the idols inside the small sanctum are unique too. Along with Lakshmi devi and Kali devi, there were also statues of both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shivalinga guarded by 2 guardians standing tall from floor to the roof. 

We reached the temple around 9.40am, and spent till 10.30am. We allowed ourselves inside the sanctum since there was no priest to be seen and the temple gate was not locked. 

After darshan, we spent time in the pillar hall, eating the peanut we bought along the way.

Here is some information on the uniqueness of this Hoysala architecture I gathered on the internet.

“There are 92 Hoysala temples in Karnataka. These temples are known to be Ekakuta, Dwikuta, Thrikuta, Chatushkuta and Panchkuta, depending on the number of shrines and towers. This Mahalaxmi temple is the only Chathushkuta temple (four shrines and towers) built in Hoysala Architecture style.

The temple is said to be built in the year 1114 A.D, by Kallahana Rahutha(from Kolhapur, Maharashtra), a wealthy merchant in Hoysala court. The place was called Abhinava Kolhapura, connecting it with Kolhapur”.

overview of Lakshmi temple - Hoysala architecture
Overview of Lakshmi temple – Hoysala architecture
Hoysala architecture in karnataka
Close View of Doddagadduvalli Lakshmi devi temple

Lakshmi Narasimha temple, Nuggehalli

Luckily Lakshmi Narasimha temple was open for darshan around 1.10 pm when we reached there. We have travelled about 75kms from where we left, to reach this temple via Hassan – Bangalore highway.  We had spent time till 1.50 pm, the priest left the temple open, closing only the sanctum doors. Main deity of this temple is Lord Lakshmi Narasimha with Lord Krishna in the nearby sanctum.

bangalore to hassan road trip
Lakshmi Narasimha temple

Yediyur Siddhalingeshwara temple, Kunigal district

Around 4.15 after lunch at Bellur cross, we stopped at a very crowded Yediyur Siddhalingeshwara temple on the way to our home. Though it was a small temple with Lord Shiva as the main deity, we spent around 45 mins for darshan since it was too crowded. 

We didn’t want to do anymore visiting places or temples anymore since it was already evening and a lesson from the previous day was to start the bike before it’s too dark and too late.

Places to visit in Bangalore to hassan road trip
Yediyur siddalingeswara temple images

Finally a suggestion to the readers. If you are looking to extend your trip from Hassan, you could go to the following nearby places. Take help of google maps, to find these places.

  • Belur, 38kms
  • Chikamagalur, 63 kms
  • Mysore, 111kms
  • Coorg, 103kms
  • Shivamogga, 155kms
  • Kodagu, 115 kms

Unforgettable Road trip in Our Travel History

This was our first experience driving a bike late into the night.

And it was totally an unplanned journey from Bangalore to Hassan road trip.

We totally enjoyed our return journey easing all the tension from the previous night and enjoyed the ride.

It was a total of 256 kms of bike ride from our hotel room in Hassan to our home in Bangalore. And it was a grand total of 500kms bike riding from Bangalore to Hassan road trip.

Till date this trip makes one of the interesting dinner conversations with our friends. 

Looking back it was all worth it.

Lepakshi Temple From Bangalore: Two States, One Day, 300 Kms Bike Trip

We went on One day Bike trip to Lepakshi Temple from Bangalore. Our friends called us crazy to cover a total of 300 Kms by bike in just one day.

Lepakshi Temple From Bangalore – Distance and Route

On 5th November 2016, We went on One day bike trip to the very famous Lepakshi Temple in Anantapur District in Andra Pradesh district. After visiting Boga Nandeeshwara temple in Nandi Hills along the way.

Lepakshi temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to God Veerabhadra, widely popular by the name “Lepakshi” – a village located in Karnataka, 15 kms from Hindupur and 122 kms from Bangalore. The distance may vary a little based on the location you start from Bangalore. Lepakshi temple gained popularity for its historic importance and archaeological significance (especially for its floating pillars). 

We have travelled 165 kms from our home to Anantapur district in Andra Pradesh state, a long ride on just one way. 

This is how we went to Lepakshi Veerabhadra Temple from Bangalore, one of the most memorable one day bike trip in our life.

Lepakshi Temple from Bangalore: Two States By Bike in One day

On our one day trip to Lepakshi temple from Bangalore, we first visited Nandi hills temple at Doddaballapur. Since we were frequent visitors this Nandhi hills – Boganandeeswara temple, and it is located on the way to Lepakshi, we stopped for a quick darshan here.

Soon after lunch we then rode for about 80 kms to reach Lepakshi village, parked our bike, across the small shopping street.

Well, at 3 pm, after a long bike ride in the sun, travelled across a state, to witness the beauty of the Vijayanagar empire’s architecture.

We spent about 2 hrs hours around the temple, clicking pics and hanging out, cherishing every moment possible. 

The main sanctum, was a small cave with many hindu idols, along with the Veerabhadra idol, there was a notable MahaKali statue, each idol speaking a history of its own. 

After a calm and quiet darshan, we headed back to Bangalore, reached home by 8 PM.

Overall it was a smooth ride in Bangalore – Hyderabad Highways. 

Read – Kolar is another best place for one day road trip from Bangalore.

One day trip From Bangalore _ Lepakshi temple images
Lepakshi Temple Entrance – Kodikambam
One day trip From Bangalore _ Lepakshi temple images
Climb the stairs after Kodikambam to enter the 70 Pillars Vasantha Mandap (to see Hanging pillar)
One day trip From Bangalore _ Lepakshi temple images
Lepakshi Temple Ornamental Pillars – Bharathanatiyam change of legs
One day trip From Bangalore _ Lepakshi temple images
Lepakshi Temple
One day trip From Bangalore _ Lepakshi temple photos
Lepakshi temple photos
One day trip From Bangalore _ Lepakshi temple images
Destroyed Kalyana mandap _ Lepakshi temple images
One day trip From Bangalore _ Lepakshi temple images
Inside_ Lepakshi temple images
One day trip From Bangalore _ Lepakshi temple images
Lepakshi Temple Ornamental Pillars
One day trip From Bangalore _ Lepakshi temple images
Lepakshi Temple Ornamental Pillars
One day trip From Bangalore _ Lepakshi temple images
Lepakshi temple photos
One day trip From Bangalore _ Lepakshi temple images
Lepakshi temple images
One day trip From Bangalore _ Lepakshi temple images
Remnants of Kalyana mandap – Lepakshi Temple images
one day trip to Lepakshi temple - legendary temple
A Shivalinga Built By Cholas – Lepakshi Temple images

Lepakshi Veerabhadra temple – History, Facts and Temple Timings

These are the historic and archaeological importance of this Lepakshi temple – 

  • It is a majestic temple built on a vast area (called tortoise hill) with astonishing sculptures and paintings on the pillars and roofs. Famous for the mural paintings of Vijayanagara Kings. Of the 70 pillars in the Vasantha mandapa/ Natya mandapa, one of the pillars does not rest completely on the ground a.k.a hanging pillar or floating pillar.
  • a breathtaking single rock sculpture consisting of a seven hood naga wrapped around Sivalinga and a huge Ganesha idol.
  • the ruins of a “Kalyana Mandapa” with unfinished pillars. (There is also a story that it is not actually a Kalyana mandap, it was a Vishnu temple which was destroyed by human conflicts, the Vishnu statue then kept inside the main sanctum.)
  • Several forms of Lord Shiva idols can be seen – a majestic Kankala Murthi, Dakshinamurthi, Tripuranthaka or Tripurasurasamhara and Ardhanareeshwara
  • Lord Hanuman’s small mandap and Goddess Sita’s footprint and a waterhole nearby
  • A huge Nandhi statue, a guardian at 1km before the lepakshi temple

And Finally, about another speciality of this temple which is not mentioned anywhere in the internet and I have no supporting documents to support the following points mentioned by one of the local guides in Lepakshi is this – (correct if am wrong) 

  • This temple was said to be built around a Sivalinga statue built by Cholas, much older than this temple. (See in images)

About the Lepakshi Temple timing – 

  • Unlike other Hindu temples, this temple is closed by 6PM. It is open on all hours from 6 AM to 6 PM for tourists and devotees.
  • During our ride to Lepakshi temple from Bangalore, we did not find any proper restaurant in the highways except for the one we had lunch near nandhi hills. So there are hardly any good choices nearby Lepakshi temple vicinity. 

Although there are many blog articles written on visiting and their experience on travelling to Lepakshi temple from Bangalore, we didn’t read any of this. If we did, we would not have missed the famous “the hanging pillar” of this temple. 

To Know more about the history of this temple, you can visit this website for more information.

How We travel by Bike?

Like most people ask, we don’t hurt our shoulders by carrying any backpacks while riding motorbike. All I carry on me is a small sling bag to keep money and mobile phones.

So how do we travel free?

If it is just one day ride, we carry a tank bag. This is a convertible backpack, with magnet to bind to the bike, sits comfortably on the bike tank without falling off, so we ride carefree. On long bike trips, we use both tank bag and a saddle bag for more luggage requirements.

When we went to Talakona in AndraPradesh, we carried saddle bags since it was just a 2 days trip. Even tough it was just a 2 days trip, we wanted to carry saddle bags to accommodate as much as water bottles as we were travelling to a rural area. While we were there, we have been trekking to the famous Talakona forest and waterfalls.

When we went on 11-days long bike trip in 2017, we carried both tank bags and saddle bags. Saddle bag only for clothes and travel essentials, while the tank bag to accomodate electronics like laptop, DSLR camera, chargers and stuff.

For this trip – Lepakshi temple from Bangalore, we carried just a tank bag, to keep couple of water bottles.

2 Less Popular, Historically Important Places to Visit from Bangalore to Belur (Train Trip)

This is our travel story of visiting Halebidu and Belur in our one day trip from Bangalore by Train, along with the 2 other less popular destinations. This is the travel guide to the places to visit from Bangalore to Belur.

Bangalore to Belur distance is 222kms, an easy distance to cover by road for one or two day trip from Bangalore. Even though this was a train trip, you could use this guide to plan your Bangalore to Belur Road trip.

Places to Visit from Bangalore to Belur

When I searched for the places to visit from Bangalore to Belur – Here is what I found. Almost all the travel websites suggested the most popular places like Halebidu, Belur Chennakesava temple, Yagachi dam, Chikmagalur and Shravanabelagola. 

I wanted to explore the less popular. I wanted to go to a place where not many show any interest. Not any particular reason, when it comes to visiting Historical places, I am kinda nuts.

So these are the two places I have got digging into the google maps after researching my brains out.

Both are beautiful places to visit from Bangalore to Belur, both are very beautiful and unique Hoysala Architectures. 

  1. Arasikere – Beautiful Hoysala Architecture (For Lord Shiva)
  2. Javagal – Beautiful Hoysala Architecture (For Lord Vishnu)

When it comes to ancient popular Hoysala architecture in Karnataka, people always prefer visiting Somnathpur Keshava Temple in Mysore or Halebidu Belur temples. 

Whereas these two – Araskiere and Javangal are less popular among the tourists for unknown reason. And here is the detailed itinerary of how to visit these two temples.

places to visit from Bangalore to belur
Beautiful Arasikere Temple – Lord Siva temple
Places to visit in Bangalore to Belur trip
Javagal Lord Vishnu temple entrance


We have also visited yet another less popular Hoysala Architecture in Hassan district in our two day adventurous bike trip from Bangalore.

How We Started Our One day trip to Belur Halebid from Bangalore

In the year 2016, on 2nd October, we went on a one day trip to Belur Halebid from Bangalore.

This was a one day trip from Bangalore by Train. You could use the same guide for the places to visit from Bangalore to Belur.

We reached Arsikere Railway junction from Bangalore in the early morning. 

And We knew nothing about this place, no clue of the places to eat our breakfast. 

After eating some home bought biscuits to go with cup of tea in a local bakery, we hired an auto to reach the Arasikere Ishwara temple.

From there, after about an hour of Bus journey we have reached yet another less popular temple – situated in a vast area, called Lord Lakshmi Narasimha temple. 

After visiting those 2 less popular places, we were on a straight route to Halebidu and Belur. 

The distance between Halebid and Belur is about 17kms, and there are bus and taxi options to travel between these two destinations.

We returned back by train to Bangalore around midnight.

Arasikere and Javagal should be in your bucket list if you are planning any one day trip from Bangalore or from Mysore. 

And it is a must see places – one of the Hoysala places to visit from Bangalore to Belur.

Arasikere – The Less known Place to Visit One day trip from Bangalore

hoysala temples in Karnataka
Oranmental Star Mandap at the entrance facing main Sanctum

A very beautiful Hoysala architecture in Arsikere, dedicated to Lord Shiva, called Ishwara temple. It also has two other shiva linga sanctums, called Kattameshwara and Chandramouleshwara respectively.

There was no one in the temple premises except for us and the priest. He said that as a ritual he keeps an open temple every morning and evening. 

We have time leisurely looking around the architecture, and our talks were around how our ancestors would have celebrated the occasions here. 

We clicked pics to our heart’s content before we left the temple to the Arsikere bus station.

Javagal – Lord lakshmi Narasimha temple

bangalore to hassan road trip
Remains of Lakshmi narasimha temple

Yet another beautiful Hoysala architecture in Javangal in Hassan district of Karnataka. 

This Lord Vishnu temple is situated in a vast area in the middle of the village (guess later people have built the houses surrounding the temple).

We went inside opening the gate, there was no sign of the priest or any devotees. 

We have waited in the pillar mandap for sometime after exploring the temple and clicking pics – but no one turned out.

Happy to have visited this place, we left for the javagal bus station to catch a bus to Halebidu. 

Temple of Belur and Halebidu : Our Final Destination

Our final destination was the temple of Belur and Halebid.

First we reached the Halebidu (or Halebeedu), a small town in Hassan district. It is one of the popular tourists places in Karnataka.

By the time we reached by bus to Halebidu from Javagal, our mobile battery almost ran out and so was our energy. 

We entered a local eatery situated close to the Halebidu temple with rumbling stomach. But only to find they serve tomato bath (tomato flavoured rice) with a dal vada. Something to feed our crying bellies, we had each one plate of rice and vada combo. 

Meanwhile we charged our phones, and relaxed ourselves from the never ending travel from Bangalore. 

It was a non stop travel since the time we left early from our home.

After a well deserved rest, we went to the very famous Halebidu temple – a Lord Shiva temple called Hoysaleshwara temple

karnataka famous temples
the famous Halebidu temple – the outer wall
hoysala architecture in karnataka
the famous Halebidu temple – the outer wall

The temple campus very much resembled Somanathapura Temple in Mysore. We had to walk about 200 – 300 meters between the well paved decorated grass compound. 

There stands a majestic Hoysala architecture – one of a kind in India, a signature style by the Hoysala empire only seen in Karnataka state.

The two huge bulls guarding the two respective Shivalinga is a major attraction here. 

karnataka famous temples
Big Bull in Halebidu temple
Hoysala architecture
Outer walls of Halebidu temple
hoysala architecture
Hoysala architecture – Halebidu temple art -Outer walls
karnataka famous temples
Inner roof of Halebidu temple

Just like the first Arasikere Lord Shiva temple, this temple also has two other Shivalinga sanctum. Except it is majestic, artistic and beautiful bull statues.

Unlike the first two (unpopular temples), this temple was hugely crowded and we were not able to click even one selfie in isolation.

After spending a relatively long time here, we headed to the final destination – Belur, the last places to visit from Bangalore to Belur train trip.

Places to Visit in Belur

There are many sightseeing places to visit in Belur, including the Yagachi dam and river rafting  – our only intention was to visit the famous Chennakesava temple. 

The Hoysala architecture temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the second Lord Vishnu temple in our one day trip from Bangalore.

famous temples in karnataka
Shri Chennakeshava temple belur -travelduo images

Just like the Javagal temple, this temple compound has a decorative Gopuram – only much better than Javagal. 

Again this temple was also too crowded, majority of them are the school students who came on an excursion. 

One of a kind Hoysala architecture, situated in a vast area and covered by never ending pillar mandap is sight to the eyes.

We never got enough of this temple even though we have visited 3 of its kinds in the same day.

Clicked enough pics and captured lots of memories before we headed to the bus station. Where we had our last meal, before boarding the train to Bangalore.

Sum- up

Hope you are impressed with our list of places to visit from Bangalore to Belur in one day. Since the first two places are less popular, they don’t appear in the travel websites. If you are going by road, distance from Bangalore to Belur is just 222 kms. You could very well visit all the places I have listed in this travel story. Hope you enjoyed it.