List of Best Mild Shampoo for Daily Use (From a Regular Bike Traveler)

Before I share nuggets of information on the best mild shampoo for daily use, here is a little intro about me.

I am a motorbike traveler living in India. For more than 15 yrs, I have been travelling to many far away places, including travelling to and living in London (for pursuing MBA).

I am sharing what shampoos worked best for me over the years with some really useful guidelines. From the list of mild shampoo for daily use that I recommended here, feel free to pick any brand which suits your hair type and your budget. All of them are used and tested over time and works best for Indian hair types.

Because you would be buying these shampoos regularly for the rest of your lives, you need to know your hair type and hair care regime as well. All that information you can find here. And this recommendation suits both Women and Men.

I traveled a lot since my college days. And nothing has changed after marriage. We even travel more, wearing travel gears and helmets for protection of course.

The best part of travelling? 

We both love travelling by bike (and Car these days). Travelling is always fun and adventurous.

And the worst part? 

The constant demand to care for the hair and the skin. 

Plus, everyday riding bike in metro city like Bangalore with heavy load of pollution in the air causes hair damage and skin tanning. 

Though helmets are for our safety and protection, wearing them on constant basis brings many hair problems like  – hair loss, weakening or thinning of hair, dandruff issues, sweating and itching, etc.,.

So, I have recommendations for both daily gentle hair care using protein rich shampoos, and hair care for dandruff issues.

The following are the list of best mild shampoo for daily use, which has worked well for my Indian Hair, gave relief to hair problems due to either weather or dandruff. And leaving my hair smooth and non-frizzy. 

The List of Best Mild Shampoo For Daily Use

Before I go on to explain the purpose of mild shampoo and their application on different types of hair, I am giving the list of mild shampoo for daily use (also available stores and online). Also suitable for both Men and Women.

Though all of them are best mild shampoo for daily use, Himalaya shampoos (#1 and #2) are stronger compared to the rest.

Best mild shampoo in India for everyday use from Himalaya brand
My List of everyday use shampoos from Himalayas Brand

Biotique shampoo at #5 is an option to buy if you have color treated hair.

Sebamed Shampoo (everyday shampoo and anti- dandruff shampoo), since they are little over 500 rupees, I use them only once in a week.

Also, it is recommended not to use Sebamed Anti-dandruff shampoo more than twice in a week.

Here is the detailed instructions on how to use these mild shampoos daily for the best results.

Instructions on Using Mild Shampoos Daily

I use all the  shampoos alternatively depends on my hair needs – whether it needs a quick shampoo wash or anti-dandruff hair wash.

Here are some instructions that would help you understand using them alternatively.

  • Sebamed regular, Tresemme and Biotique are equally too mild to use on extremely sweaty and oily hair. They are best suited for regular maintanence and quick gentle cleansing. What if your hair is soiled or sweaty? 
  • In that case, for a strong good cleanse, you would need Himalayas shampoo. But Himalayas shampoo leaves the hair dry if applied daily. So it is mandatory to pair it with a conditioner. If you are not a fan of using conditioner, you can only use once every 2 days or 3x weekly.
  • On the other hand, from my experience Sebamed anti- dandruff shampoo – PH balanced shampoo can work well on a clean hair. So give a quick hair wash using any of mild shampoos listed and then apply this anti-dandruff shampoo for best results. And it should not be used more than twice in a week.

Now how do you know which shampoo suits you best? 

Know about the Hair Types and Which Shampoo suits the best

In general, humans have 4 types of hair – Straight, Wavy, Curly and Extremely curly hair. 

Well, whether you have curly hair or straight hair, there are three kinds of hair you need to know in laymen words before picking the mild shampoos for daily use.

They are Oily hair, Dry hair and a Combination hair

Oily hair tend to be sweaty and greasy even if you are washing it daily. In this case, you will need both mild and normal shampoos to use them alternatively. Only when it is too oily and itchy, use a normal shampoo for a complete clean look paired with a conditioner. Otherwise, give it a gentle wash with any of the mild shampoos. 

Oily Hair = Daily Mild Shampoo or Weekly 3x Normal Shampoo with Conditioner.

Dry hair on the other hand, if not taken care of regularly, will become rough, itchy and irritating to live with. In that case you would need a mild shampoo for daily wash. You can decide to use conditioner depends on the intensity of the dryness you have. Otherwise it is not recommended to use conditioner everyday.

Dry Hair = Daily Mild Shampoo With Weekly 3x Conditioner.

You have combination hair when you have oily scalp with dry hair. Even in this case, proper hair care is must by washing it regularly with mild shampoo and conditioner.

Combination Hair = Weekly 3x Normal Shampoo with Conditioner.

Best Mild Shampoo With pH balance for Dandruff issues

  • Whichever the type of hair you have, if you have dandruff issues – then you would need a specific shampoo to address the issue. 
  • Well, I use Sebamed Ph 5.5 anti-dandruff shampoo, prescribed by a doctor, which is Ph balanced, perfect for any kind of hair.  
  • It is best for oily prone – oily hair and combination hair. 
  • It can also be used on dry hair when combined with a conditioner.
  • I use it twice a week – by first washing hair with Tresemme or Himalayas shampoo, then Sebamed, followed by tresemme’ conditioner.
List of Mild Shampoo in India for dandruff hair images
Sebamed pH 5.5 – My only recommendation for Anti- Dandruff Shampoo

Gentle Daily Hair Care Regime

  • Wash your hair daily with Mild Shampoo, pick any one from the above mentioned list, pair it with conditioner min 3x weekly.
  • Apply hair mask home made using egg whites, curd and aloevera juice with coconut oil and lime juice. On hair mask days, it not necessary to apply conditioner.
  • Why apply Conditioner for a smooth and shiny hair?. Conditioners are helpful after hair wash in keeping the hair from drying and tangling. It leaves a natural shiny look on the hair. Do not ever apply conditioner on scalp even if you have dry hair. Apply only on the hair, wash thoroughly. If necessary (in case of dry scalp or dandruff scalp) apply hair serum after every hair wash.
List of mild shampoo available online in India
Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner for Daily Use – For all hair types

When to Apply Hair Serum and How it helps in Nourishment

Since you are interested in knowing the best mild shampoos for every day use, I thought it would be appropriate to throw some light on the associated hair product – Hair Serum.

  •  I use hair serum from Biotique, called Bio ebony hair vitalizing serum to prevent hair fall. See in picture below. It is the only hair serum I have been using for more than 10 years, and I absolutely love the fresh feel and aroma on my hair. It is best used soon after hair wash, when the scalp is fresh and clean.
  • After hair wash, dry the hair and scalp using soft towel. Use mild heat in blow dryer, but not all the time to avoid damaging hair follicles. This is the one brand I would highly recommend for hair dryer since I have been using for more than 10 yrs, and never had to replace it till date. 
  • Now to the dry scalp, apply evenly to the serum using a cotton swab. Let’s not overdo it, just as much as necessary to nourish the scalp.
  • Applying hair oil or serum or cream, nourishes the hair follicles, helps in hair growth, keeps the hair strong and healthy.
  • It is common practice in South India to apply pure coconut oil on the scalp and hair soon after hair wash. Since applying oil makes the hair looks messy and greasy, it is best to use hair serum whenever you are stepping out of home. On your holidays and any off days, you could use oil. 
  • Since serum and cream does not provide all the nourishment required for the hair as much as the pure coconut oil do. So make sure to include coconut in your hair care routine.
  • Since I do not use any hair creams or gels, I do not have any recommendations for those here.
  • Also As mentioned above in the previous section, do not apply conditioner to the scalp directly. The only thing you would be applying directly to your hair is shampoo or serum or hair oil or hair pack.
List of Best Mild Shampoo for Daily Use
List of Best Mild Shampoo for Daily Use Recommended From a Regular Traveler

When To Apply Coconut Oil and Which Shampoo is best For Hair Oil Bath

  • The best practice to apply coconut oil is soon after the hair wash, when the hair follicles are open after shampooing the hair. Sealing the hair follicles with coconut oil provides all the nourishment for the hair and protects from hair falling and hair thinning. 
  • Second alternative best method to apply oil to scalp and hair is 10 mins before hair wash. Apply oil evenly to hair, massage well, and wash it thoroughly under mild warm water.
  • Third best method is to apply hair oil is – add it into the hair pack. It serves the purpose along with the other goodness of the hair pack. Its multitasking you see. Add required amount of pure coconut oil into the hair pack, mix well, allow it to sit for 10 mins before applying to the hair. Now, apply the hair pack liberally to the scalp and hair, tie the hair with a warm towel. It is best to leave it on for 30 mins before you wash the hair.
  • Worst case, if you do not have time for any of the above three methods, you could apply oil before sleep, leave it overnight, unless you have any health conditions like Sinus.
  • Our ancestors ritually followed oil bath to cool down our body system by applying nourishing oil (mostly sesame oil) to both hair and the body. This how you can take an oil bath. And they used shikakai powder or commonly called “herbal powder” exclusively for the oil bath. This is also the best dry hair care regime one could follow.
  • Now which shampoo is best for modern times? To wash off hair oil, you would need Himalayas shampoo from the list I have recommended in this article, might as well shampoo twice to give a complete hair wash. Tresemme and Biotique does not work well on the extremely oily hair. Also using conditioner is not necessary on oil bath days.

Sum Up

Are you confused that there are too many shampoo recommendations here?. You think it is not possible to judge the hair whether it is oily, dry or messy on a regular basis? And is it quite confusing when to use conditioner and when to use hair serum?.

I understand that it takes some time to get to the understanding of all these things.

So I have just one recommendation each for budget shampoo and medium range shampoo. I recommend them both equally, since its the best mild shampoo for daily use.

For budget, You can blindly buyTresemme Smooth and Shine ProCollection shampoo”. 

For medium range, buySebamed Everyday Shampoo

Both Men and Women can use these shampoos on a daily basis.

Since I used all the shampoos mentioned here on a regular basis, I bulk buy them for 6 months from during sales so I get huge discounts on the products I buy.

This is how to buy things from Amazon (step by step method) during discounts and sales seasons. Hope you got an idea of which are the best mild shampoo for daily use. Have fun.