Happy to See this Facebook Memories from 4 yrs Ago

I was happy to see the these pics popped in my Facebook memories a week ago.

It showed us the place where we went one day trip by train to Halebidu and Belur.

This trip was close to our heart, beacuse we travelled back to back to 4 different Hoysala architecture temples in Karnataka. And it was the day we were totally spell bound in the beauty of Hoysala architecture.

This is about how I recalled the events and why this trip was so close to my heart.

Facebook Memories – recollecting the events

As I recall, I remember well that how we left home early to catch train, the junction we got down (arasikere), the hot tea in a local shop in the morning, the village muddy smell from the previous day rains.

I also recall the pain I felt seeing the lost state of importance to these 2 temples – one in Arasikere and the 2nd in Javangal.

Compared to both, Arasikere Lord Shiva temple was in better condition.

We were lost for words to explain the state of Javangal temple, the broken and damaged roof was totally heartbreaking.

That explains the reason why no devotees or tourists to these places.

You can read about our trip to these 2 less famous temples in karnataka.

The other two temples we have visited that day, namely – Halebidu and Belur temples were sparkling with crowd.

They were receiving all the care and attention, and they stand proud in a vast area with little damage here and there.

I also recall going to a local eatery before entering the Halebidu temple, ordering the only rice bath variety available with a vada. While our phones were charging, we relaxed and prepared ourselves to visit the mass temple in piping hot sun.

Thanks to facebook memories, I am feeling happy to recollect the events.

Look at some of pics here, am sure you will love it.

hoysala architecture
Hoysala architecture – Halebidu temple art
Hoysala architecture
Halebidu temple
karnataka famous temples
Halebidu Big Nandhi
famous temple images in karnataka
Belur chennakesava temple

Read about the another famous Chennakesasva temple (more like replica of Belur) in Somanathapura.

Here is another trip we went to Hassan Nuggehalli temple, another type of Hoysala architecture

And here is when we went to hampi by train, and explored Vittala temple and other famous places.

My Rescued Baby Bird Story During #2020Lockdown

This is a story of a rescued baby bird fallen and injured in our home balcony. And how we took care of it after with medicine and strength training before reuniting with its parents.

The reason I mentioned “My rescued Baby bird” is because Rajesh did not come near that Bird at all. Except for clicking a couple of pics and just one time when we had to take the bird to the Vet.

Read about a tiny, cute little Red Whiskered BulBul Baby bird – a singing bird, which we rescued from our garden balcony, in Bangalore.

I have written a very detailed story here in an intention to cherish the memory forever. So, if any time you feel bored of the lengthiness of my story, feel free to turn to the next one. 

And yes, this story has a happy ending.

How We Rescued this Baby bird

About My Apartment Garden – Small intro

It is always a pleasure to watch the Red Whiskered BulBul bird build a nest on our garden gate. The garden gate is a collapsible grill gate which separates our balcony and the sky open garden.

Our garden has a couple of flowering mini trees and many ornamental plants, both kept in soil and pots.

But that’s not the very reason they are attracted to my home. Not even for the tray of water I regularly keep out for birds (that invited yet another regular guest – cat, an ungrateful soul poops on my grass sometimes 🙁  ).

Well, not for trees, not for water, not for a couple of grasshoppers and insects my garden has to offer.

But for the location you see. It takes just 2 second bird flight distance from its home tree, situated just across my apartment wall. Where atleast 3 dozen Red Whiskered BulBul birds make home of that tree. And I can proudly say atleast a dozen of them were born in my garden.

rescued baby bird from my garden
My garden View with far distant trees captured here

Well, the reason is this. My garden balcony makes a perfect territorial hideout where its enemy “spotted blue bird” – atleast 10x bigger in size cannot find its nest’s location. 

Also, my balcony gives them a perfect “bird view” to babysit / egg sit even from quite long distances. I don’t know how they do it, the minute I step out onto the balcony, they always arrive in a jiffy to show they have eyes on me.

These little lives never ceased to amaze me.

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The Rescued Baby Bird’s Parents Are Not Experienced

All the couples who built their nests in our balcony were amazing, hardworking and dedicated parents you see. 

Some parents lay 2 eggs, some lay 3, depending on their parenting experience I guess.

While I am writing this article, yet another couple has started their family already. I can tell that they are experienced parents from the look of its tightly weaved nests.

But the rescued baby bird’s parents were inexperienced. I could figure out not just from the number of eggs, but from the display of its messy nest. For sure they are ‘new parents’. And somehow clumsily covered it by torn polythene bags which gave a meagre support. 

I am always curious to watch these birds growing in my balcony, and this time looking at the modern house made of plastic, my curiosity had no boundary.

Finally, parents were successful hatching 2 eggs after a week of relentless hard work.

Myself and hubby were excited for the new arrivals and they became the top discussion during our every day morning coffee.

In Fact we even moved our bed near the balcony, so we can ‘baby watch’ them through the glass balcony doors.

We Rescued Baby Bird On 8th May 2020

My hubby was pretty sure the fledglings would leave the following weekend just like the previous batch chicks did.

He loves to make these guesses you see.

Apparently he would have been right if only those naughty fledglings waited for a day. 

On 8th May 2020, those 2 fledglings fell down from the top. It was the siblings’ fight that made them fall down on the ground along with the nest.

Obviously parents were more shocked than we were, fluttering wings and making stress calls to protect them from the exposure. 

What seemed like an eternity, soon those fledglings recovered from the shock, moved to the corner as guided by the parents.

Hatchlings falling from the nest in my home balcony
The falling down with the nest – Ray baby at the corner, all shocked. Hanged a towel to protect them from sun.

Healthy Baby Bird Fledged with its Parents

What was more shocking is that when we saw one fledgling kept pushing the other one. It was aggressively blocking the other so as to seize all the food from its parents. 

Around 4pm, we were relieved to find them on the garden lawn just outside of the balcony gate. They were taking conscious little leaps by being extremely aware of the new world.

The aggressive one was the first to move towards the tree, and the other one was shy and nervous to take the steps. Little did we know that time is that, it was suffering from the injured pain from falling down.

From our previous experiences, the fledglings usually leave the nests in the morning, and fly to their parents’ home tree only by late evening. Until then, the parents keep feeding them tirelessly and fiercely guarding them from the predators. 

Until late evening, the shy baby bird was not making much progress. Sat on the alovera pot , exhausted. All the while, the aggressive baby made progress just like any other normal baby bird would do and had successfully fledged with its parents. 

Waiting to fly with the sibling - baby bird rescue
Ray Baby at fledgling stage – All cute and worried after its aggressive sibling took off with its parents
Seeking comfort in the garden - injured baby bird
Healthy baby Clicked Just before it flew away with its Parents

We Named the Rescued Baby Bird Fledgling – “RayBaby”

During late evening, we bought the shy baby inside home, with an intention to protect it from the cold air and our apartment stray cat.

We named the Rescued baby bird – “Raybaby”.

It slept tight until I woke the baby the next day morning. Such a little adorable baby. It was so cute to see it sleep with head tucked between its feathers.

Raybaby’s Desperate Attempts to Fly to Parents

The next morning we kept the Raybaby in the same place where we found it last night. 

Its parents were very early and kept making stress calls until they saw the raybaby.

We expected that it would fly with its parents soon any minute. 

Despite all its desperate attempts to fly, atleast 100s of times every day, it could not bring itself to move its right side of the body. Only its left feathers were actively flipping, and had absolutely no problems with walking at all.

It was very painful to watch its desperate cry to get its parents help, whenever its parents were around to feed. Needless to say, parents too, tried its best luring Raybaby into flying with all their energy.

During afternoons, Raybaby would go behind any of the aloe vera plant pots on the ground, would stay calm and safe until its parents returned back to feed in the evening.

Soon all the crying and jumping starts all over again. 

We and its parents took turns to look after the baby for a couple of days – “them” in the mornings, “us” from the evening till next mornings.

On one particular night, it was looking weak and exhausted. It was so weak, that it could not be able to sit with tight grip, nor flip its feather and make short jumps like it used to do before. 

After seeing its poor condition, Rajesh insisted that we take Raybaby to consult the doc.

“RayBaby” Consulted Vet for its Injured Feathers

On 12th May, Tuesday afternoon, we took Raybaby to a vet for consulting, and was relieved to know that it had only minor injury to its feathers.

All that weakness and exhaustion could be due to hurting itself while attempting to fly.

Raybaby was given medicine for a week, one drop of it daily, for 8 days.

While coming back home, we were trying hard to figure how to feed medicine to the babybird since it has never accepted any food from us. But after Vet’s consulting, having waited for a couple of hrs in the queue without food, it accepted sugar water complacently from us.

Guess back and forth travel to doc’s office has made Raybaby super hungry. Soon it started accepting hand fed egg whites, grapes, apples, muskmelons and what not.

It’s all time favourite is Muskmelon fruit. 

Going forward, I kept feeding this baby bird 15 to 20x a day, keeping away from the sun until we were sure of its strength gaining back. 

Strength Training “RayBaby” for 2 Weeks

As much as we wanted to ‘baby sit’ this rescued baby bird and keep it ourselves forever, we also wanted the baby to be reunited with its parents for its deserving life. 

We did all we could to make it fly, keep it active, practice small jumps by luring it towards food and all the while gaining its trust. It amazingly responded well to my voice, and tried its best to fly and reach to me for food.

The best days in my life were the time when Raybaby climbed onto the bed looking for me (bed on the floor near the balcony) and made serious attempts to snuggle under my neck. Once successfully climbed on to my belly, it would then start crying with an open mouth showing that it was hungry. As if saying to me, “can you see me now clearly huh human, am super hungry”. 

Since I am used to this call every 20 mins, whenever I try to ignore its call, it would then proceed to jump on to my shoulder, and would start to peck on my mouth. Until I get up to feed it with muskmelons.

Sometimes she/he fly directly to my kitchen counter, where I usually keep the fruits stock. Then cry from there, looking at me expectantly.

This cry and food drama continues until it falls asleep in the evening. 

There were times I would be working in my laptop after lunch, with Raybaby snuggled under my neck comfortably.

Also there were days when myself and hubby would be having evening tea with Raybaby snuggled sleeping under my neck. 

We were becoming inseparable.

Late evenings were the most hard times, since Ray was clinging on to my neck, seeking comfort behind my ponytail, and sleeping. I could separate it only when it was super asleep and slowly sneak into a bedroom and leave it in its basket.

Happy Ending – Reuniting with Parents

The 2 weeks of rescued baby bird in our life was indeed a golden period, turning #2020lockdown into treasurable memories. We took extra care when we released Raybaby into our garden to permanently reunite with its parents. Every single minute we kept watch on which direction it was flying, where it was resting and all. 

Because, all these days when we left Raybaby outside to be fed by its parents, parents kept calling the baby to fly. So, in an desperate attempt to fly with its parents, Ray either got stuck in the neighbor’s balcony for the whole day or fell outside of our garden wall in an attempt to fly.

Soon, it gets tired from its weak wings and immobilizes. Also once its first attempt failed, it’s parents couldn’t make it fly high again for another long hrs. 

Reuniting attempts – Ray’s parents waiting patiently across my Kitchen grill, in the garden tree

Mostly it was afraid of heights, so kept clinging to our / our neighbours garden area, afraid to jump beyond our tall apartment wall. Just 2 days before it was finally reunited with its family, it was chasten by the enemy “spotted bird”, and was saved by its brave parents.

It landed in our garden again, shaken. I then took the poor baby inside, kept it safe for 2 more days, practiced more heights before leaving it outside again. 

Thanks to Raybaby, My life was happy and adventurous all these 2 weeks.

When Raybaby flew permanently with its parents, needless to say I was clearly upset. Yet, happy for the little soul going to its deserving wild life.

In one flick, it flew high confidently to the home tree with its parent.

Wow, It was one of the proudest moments. And I will never forget, ever in my life.

My Daily Things to Do During Covid-19 Lockdown

I am a traveler and a travel blogger. I have been traveling regularly with my husband Rajesh since our marriage in Sep’ 2015. And I, personally, have been travelling for more than a decade now. Welcome, this my blogging platform. Sometimes, I do pen down my non-travel life experiences here, because that is what keeps my life balanced. There is one such experience, where I had to stay home for 4 months without any travel or any kinda outing. Apart from occasionally going out for a walk and shopping, I lived a totally alien life. 

Well, not just me, the whole world stayed indoor during the #Covid-19Pandemic.

So keep reading to know my #Covid19LockdownStory.

List of my daily things to do during Covid-19 lockdown

Initially I struggled with the workload, since there was no maiden help during complete lockdown. Naturally, I soon found a way to simplify the tasks and make it fun instead of boring. 

So, here is the list of things to do daily that kept us engaged and productive.

1. The Most important things to do Daily – Food

Rajesh took responsibility for sourcing groceries along with all other staples. He took the pain of standing in the queue when the resources were on complete demand.

I took the responsibility of meal planning and preparation.

It used to be hectic as days went by without any maiden help. It was becoming a full time job and I started finding myself suffocating with other things to do in the daily list.

important thins to do during covid lockdown
Shopping during Covid19 Lockdown

For sure I missed all the eating out in the favorite restaurants nearby. Especially the friday night chinese soup and momos.

Thankfully, Rajesh was very understanding and supporting all those days. 

He used to show up and engage in a conversation in Kitchen until my task gets complete. At times he helped me with some tasks too. Soon he showed interest in cooking and even mastered a non-veg dish in just a couple of attempts. I could not be more proud of him. Here is why. 

The community I grew up in, was led by matriarchs and they taught all their kids all kinds of chores irrespective of the genders. 

So, you might be surprised to see girls riding motorbikes and boys cooking elaborate meals for the family. Until now, my mom’s side grandma was my inspiration. Because she was quite successful in life as a farmer and a homemaker, despite being widow from a very young age.

things to do to be productive during pandemic lockdown
One of the daily things to do – Cook meals

My father asked me to learn cooking not for running a family or becoming a good homemaker. He insisted on learning cooking just as a survival skill, just like how he insisted on learning swimming, karate, riding bikes and computer classes. 

Except that he gave more importance to the education part. Thanks to him, I learnt all survival skills including car driving before the age 18. And more than grateful that I have never been a burden to anybody in my life. Well, that’s the point of calling oneself as “independent” isn’t it?. 

Well, now I’m a big fan of my hubby’s pepper chicken fry with ground spices from his own hands. 

Pepper fry chicken

2. Home making – Rinse and Repeat

Here comes the laborious job of home making. From making bed in the morning to the time I go to bed at night, there were always many things to do. Somehow these tasks never seemed to be a burden when I was regular to office. 

Not to mention the extra task of sanitizing the entire house. 

Thanks to my habit of bulk-buying the toileteries, I had enough supply to last this year.

How to buy things in bulk from Amazon
Home supply – bulk buy from Amazon

Read – How to buy things from Amazon.in

Amidst all these chaos, there was an emotional breakdown from one of the houses on my apartment floor. He was faced with a dispute from all the neighbors as he bought a guest backdoor. Soon, there were more rules and regulations in place. People were then asked to enter the timings at the main entrance security gate and the purpose of the outing. 

Though it had nothing to do with us, the conflict in the apartment kinda put us too in a stress mode. 

On a positive note, my next door neighbor became a close friend and soon we started sharing food. She became a fan of my South Indian dishes and we became fan of her barbecues. 

3. Blogging

Hardly there was any energy left to do my professional work and blogging. My website was put under construction not too long before the lockdown. Since I wanted to give a makeover to the basic wordpress theme I had, I put my website on maintenance mode for sometime. Yet again, thanks to hubby who did all sorts of help to run my website. Infact, my blog doesn’t exist without his support.

I tried my best to keep at the regular office schedule and timelines. 

I was very particular about keeping myself cool and not to stress myself on the timelines. 

Because I believe that any good habits need to be in moderation to keep the sanity.

4. Beautify the Home Garden

Just like our home and website, the garden underwent some makeover too. I rearranged the pots, cleaned the balcony space and added some nutrition to the soil. When it comes to gardens, Rajesh always stays far away. But he was the one to be super excited when there were summer blossoms all over our garden.

There never was a day went without admiring the flowers during our morning cuppa coffee. 

My garden lillies in full blossom
Summer blossoms – My garden pics

5. Health is Wealth

Soon after our beautiful time together enjoying our morning cup of coffee or tea, comes workout time. Again Rajesh stays far away during this time. He would join sometime in the evening only if had kept nagging him. 

Usually I enjoyed my morning workouts with my limited collection of weights. I created a workout chart of my own and ritually stuck to the schedule and the chart. Though I did not follow any diet in particular, I simply ate less on the days I did not workout. 

The result?

Felt stronger and toned after 3 months of consistent workouts. I would be joining gym soon after these craziness settles down.

6. Saving the Cute little Bird

Guess who came to make my covid-19 lockdown colourful?.

A tiny, cute red whiskered bulbul bird.

As I mentioned before we have this beautiful garden space of about 200 sq. feet with bushy plants and trees.

We have these cute little frequent visitors who lay eggs on our balcony steel gate. Since we don’t usually open this gate, these adult birds take turns in growing their family on this sturdy gate.

It is not unusual for us to see the nests in our balcony all the time.

On one such day, we were anxiously waiting for these hatchlings to fly away to join their extended family across our balcony. But soon we found those two had fallen on to the ground after a siblings’ fight for space. We kinda anticipated this as their parents built a messy nest and hatchlings were literally hanging on a thread all these days.

One of the siblings was hurt falling hard on its right wing and was in severe shock. 

Cutting the long story short, we rescued the baby bird hiding in our garden bushes on that night and brought it inside home

Here is the detailed story.

We nourished the baby strong after we took ‘Raybaby’ for consultation. Raybaby stayed with us for 2 weeks until it was reunited with its parents. 

Rescued an injured Baby bird – Red Whiskered bulbul bird

It was the most beautiful and wonderful part in my life.

Myself and Raybaby grew attached to each other. Ray would come hopping on to me wherever I am, only to snuggle under my neck for food and a nap. I treasure those times we went hunting the grasshoppers around the jogging tracks in our apartment. 

With a heavy heart I had to let it go with its parents after two failed attempts, to its well deserving wild life.

7. Stop Panic – Practice Mind and Wellness

I started implementing a mind wellness regimen and tried hard to stick to it till date.

As soon as waking up and just before morning coffee I spent no more than 10 mins writing in my journal. I don’t write about anything in particular, but I answer only a couple of questions repeatedly for a week. Then I would go on to answer another set of questions for the next week.

I got inspired from this book when I was looking for a guide to strengthen my brain muscles :).

Writing down the responses in my journal helped me a great deal to focus in my life with clarity.

Now it has become part of my morning routine and it is one of the most important things to do in my daily list.

These were my daily things to do during Covid-19 lockdown, all the while keeping ourselves safe and sane.

Update – The car (Creta 2020) we booked before Covid lockdown got delivered in June 2020. And here is where we went on a long drive from Bangalore.

Jayanagar 4th Block Bangalore (List of Shops)

Jayanagar 4th Block is a vibrant shopping area with street shops to all the big brands (including Ritu Kumar in High Street Mall complex).

When you are out shopping you might want to go eat snacks or meals. So I have compiled a list of famous snack shops and restaurants in Jayanagar 4th block.

Not just food, I have also listed famous shops for all kinds of your shopping needs.

Jayanagar 4th Block BDA Complex – Buy Street chappals to Trendy Fashions

Here is the list to buy Trendy and Cheap Salwar tops, Night wears, Scarfs, Handbags, Chappals, and anything and everything in Jayanagar 4th Block.

Earlier it was just the BDA complex of the Karnataka government, renting out shops to micro – businesses. A place where you can buy clothes, carpets, shoes and much more for very reasonable prices. 

Now, it is a hub for both street shopping and branded shopping.

You could find all famous brands for Readymade Clothing, Fabrics, Jewels shopping, Travel accessories, Mobile phone brands and accessories, Furniture, Carpets, restaurants and cafes etc., (which are listed in the later section).

There is a market adjacent to BDA complex, where you can buy daily vegetables, fruits and flowers for wholesale price.

The main reason I often go to Jayanagar 4th block Bangalore from my home is for a good choice of tailor shops, to get my salwars done. And to buy a party wear clothes.

Located opposite the Jayanagar bus depot, Jayanagar 4th Block Bangalore is a house for hundreds of small shops inside the building and street shops around this place

Both the entrances to this BDA are tightly packed with shops.

Google map location to Jayanagar 4th Block – https://goo.gl/maps/UJU1tgzzB1UgzKUT9

Inside the BDA Complex Jayanagar – List of shops

  • Kurtis – of all fashion, ready to wear, prices starting from 150 rupees to 350 rupees
  • ladies chappals starting 150/-  rupees, 
  • baby shoes starting from age 3 months, 
  • Scarf and dupattas
  • Nighties, t- shirts and bermudas
  • Socks for all ages
  • Bag bazaar at the centre of BDA opens at 3pm – Handbags, school bags starting 350/-, and purses starting 100/-
  • Fancy stores for cosmetics and accessories
  • Curtains, pillow and bed spreads

Outside Jayanagar BDA Complex – list of street vendors

  • Soft toys, handkerchiefs, towels, lunch bags
  • Cosmetics and saree pouches
  • More and more of shoes, salwar and nighties shops
  • Flower and vegetables market
  • Alteration tailors – can do any kind of alteration or stitching for just 20 to 30 rupees
  • Shoe stitching /bag stitching – you can see them many on the road sides, get your business done with them for 50 rupees or less
  • Flowers and fruits
  • Pani Puri stalls /street foods


There is a new BDA complex opposite to Jayanagar 4th block bus depot building with many new shops with ample parking space.

Best Street Food Joints in Jayanagar Shopping area

Here are some of the famous street food joints in Jayanagar 4th block Bangalore, where we frequently visit and don’t hurt the tummy and pockets.

coffee shop in jayanagar 4th block
Hatti Kaapi shop in jayanagar

  1. Hatti Kaapi – Our all time favorite shop selling samosas and Mysuru coffee in earthen cups.
  2. Cool Food Joints – In prime location, frequented by hundreds of people daily famous for sandwiches, samosas, chaat items, ice creams and much more.
  3. Hari Super Sandwich – Another famous sandwich shop for varieties of homemade style sandwiches, chaat items, groundnut salad, masala coke etc., Next to this shop is a burger joint, a place for pocket friendly burgers, pastas, etc.,
  4. The Lassi Park – Located just opposite to the sandwich shop is this lassi heaven selling varieties of best lassies, fruit salads, milkshakes, cold coffees, faloodas etc.,
  5. Mishra Pedha – Opposite to BDA complex, the only shop for sweet lovers and Chaat lovers. Head here to taste some of the best dhaward sweets, fresh pedhas, jilabies, pani puri etc.,

Restaurants in Jayanagar 4th Block

Here is the list of budget friendly, all time crowded Jayanagar 4th block restaurants for both veg and non-vegetarians.

  1. Meghana foods – Famously called Meghana biryani, must try boneless chicken biryani
  2. Empire Restaurant – Famous for kebabs in evening, also try Shawarma roll
  3. Upahara Darshini – For any southindian meal, budget friendly
  4. Nagarjuna Restaurant – Andra style food, must try mutton biryani and non-veg meals
  5. Brahmins Tiffin and coffee and Maiyas– Both are budget friendly Vegetarian restaurants with many branches in Karnataka. Try all kinds of snack in evening, simple breakfast choices with their famous coffee.

Branded Shops and More

I have a huge list under this category. I don’t think I can list all the brands names in here, so sticking to the most important and famous ones. Feel free to use google maps for further information.

Jewellers – Prince, Bhima, GRT, Aabushan etc.,

Ajfan Dates and Nuts – For best quality dates, nuts, cokes, drinks, chocolates imported from Dubai and the US.

Wedding Shopping – Zaina, Varamahalakshmi Silks, Kalamandir, Manyavar, Neeru’s, Ritu Kumar, Soch, Koskii, Blackberry’s, etc.,

Clothes Shopping – Max, Pantaloons, Global desi Women, Levi’s, Van Heusen, jockey etc.,

Wellness Spa – Body Raaga, Acquieen Thai Spa, Nature’s salon, 

Furniture Shopping – Godrej Interio, Studio Pepperfry etc.,

Shoes – Skechers, Reliance Trends, Khadim’s etc.,

Suitcases and Backpacks – American Touristar, Samsonite, VIP, etc.,

Sweet shops – Amma Pastries, Misra Pedha, Kanti Sweets etc.,

Mobile Phone Shopping – Samsung, Oppo etc

Hospitals, Colleges, Electronics shopping, restaurants, coffee and pizza shops etc., etc., anything and everything you are looking for shopping you could find in Jayanagar 4th Block Bangalore.

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I am a Traveler and A Black Coffee Lover – How to Make Black Coffee at Home

I have 2 recipes to share on how to make black coffee, one is with instant coffee (under 1 minute) and another from a ground coffee powder (which takes 10 mins).  Both the recipes are my favorite and are easy to make at home or hostels.

All my life I had regular milk coffee, yet I didn’t know that the coffee tasted best when no milk added in it. Also it serves as a best pre-workout drink anytime in a day with less than 10 calories in the black coffee.

When I was living in London for my Management studies I learned about this magical potion which everyone loved to drink many cups a day. Contrast to the fact that British love their tea, I found that they had equal love for coffee.

They have it in the morning with cookies, afternoon after lunch and during the meetups. If you are taking public transport in the morning, it is a common sight to see people carrying Starbucks or McDonald’s coffee, sipping along the way to their destinations. 

It sounded funny to spend 150 to 250 rupees on just a coffee. Soon I found myself buying one to the classrooms, I blamed the weather. I have tried all kinds like espressos, cappuccinos, Italiano – one of the main reasons I have gained that extra weight and thanks to the burgers as well. 

And best of all my office has the Cafe Coffee day coffee machine, where I have access to unlimited black coffee all day.

Work or Travel or being at home, this is how to make black coffee to stay awake and be active.

How to Make Black Coffee from Instant Coffee Powder

First let’s see how to make black coffee from Instant coffee powder.

This will take exactly 1 minute to make be it on stove top or microwave oven.

You can get “bru” or “nescafe” instant coffee powder sachets in local shops or online. If you are regularly preparing black coffee, then buy an economy packs and transfer into an airtight container. Economic packs are less price than the bottled ones. Also, 2 rupee sachets are cost effective for beginners or hostelers.

Method A – Making “Instant” Black Coffee On Gas stove or Induction Stove top or Electric coil

For the much awaited Black coffee recipe, let’s start with the easy one. 

How to make Black coffee at Home or at hostel using an instant coffee powder?

This method takes exactly 1 min for preparation.

  • Take one cup of water to make 1 cup of coffee in a saucepan.
  • While water is boiling, take a coffee mug, add 1 teaspoon of your favorite instant coffee powder (Nescafe or Bru or anything). 
  • Add 1 tablespoon of your favorite sugar (palm sugar or white processed sugar). 
  • Now add the hot water into the ingredients in the coffee mug.
  • Mix well – Enjoy your drink with cookies or croissants. :-). Croissants are my favorite.
Instant black coffee at home

Coffee Making Tips While Using Induction Stovetop

  • For induction stove top, you need to have induction compatible saucepan like this one. I have a saucepan which is both gas and induction stove compatible. Makes life much easier.
  • You can boil extra water if you would like, so if the coffee is too strong, you could add a little more water to your coffee to bring it to your taste. What if the coffee is too light? Then to make it strong add little coffee powder, since it is instant coffee powder it will dissolve immediately, so no worries. After couple of trial and error, you will get hang of it.
  • The best part of this instant coffee powder is – You can very well make an instant degree coffee or cappuccino with milk. It comes handy if you want to serve “milk coffee” to your family or guests. (To make milk coffee – Add equal amount of milk and water to get one cup of milk coffee.)
  • Ok, no time to buy milk but want an instant milk coffee? Buy this Nescafe Gold Cappuccino packet, 1 sachet makes 1 cup of  milk coffee, no need to add sugar, just add hot water into it, mix well and drink.

(I have given all amazon link of the products for your reference, you could buy from anywhere that suits your convenience).

Method B – How to Make Black Coffee Using Microwave oven

Nowadays there is an oven in every households, hostels and offices.

Learn this method to prepare black coffee anywhere instantly using a Microwave oven.

Especially when you don’t like the taste of machine cappuccinos or dip teas in the offices, you could carry either Nescafe or Bru sachets to office to make your own coffee instantly.

This is also an easy method to make instant black coffee, takes less than 1 min.

  • Take 1 cup of water in a coffee mug to make 1 cup of black coffee. 
  • Use a good quality coffee mug to use in the microwave oven (always make sure that is microwave oven use before buying  from online).
  • Place the coffee mug in the Oven. Set the timer for 1 min.
  • Now to the piping hot water, add 1 teaspoon or 1 small sachet of instant coffee powder and sugar as required.
  • Mix well and enjoy your coffee.

Coffee Making Tips While Using Microwave Oven

  • If you are planning to buy a microwave oven for home or hostel use, better to buy a very basic solo microwave oven. We might get carried away seeing the attractive discounts online, but advanced and fancy ones are just a waste of money. Same principle for buying induction stove, buy a good brand with simple features.
  • Just for boiling water, reheating food items, making noodles, making popcorn – this cost – effective microwave oven is the best. Unless you have a plan to make a Barbeque or desserts, even in that case you could go for OTG oven which serves the purpose well instead of the costly 3-in-1 convection microwave ovens. 

Method C – How to Make Black Coffee Using a Water Kettle

How to make instant black coffee at home

Trust me, if there is anything in the world that would make my easier and simpler all time is this – simple water kettle.

The cheap and best water kettle I found in Amazon some 5 yrs ago, it served well for more than 3 yrs and again bought the same one a second time in 2018.

With this super fast water kettle, you could make super fast hot water for making coffee, tea and cuppa noodles. It gives you hot water in less than a minute when you are down with fever. You could also boil milk instantly.

Literally a lifesaver when you are travelling. It fits perfectly in your travel bag. We carried this to our 11 days long bike trip to Kumbakonam in our bike saddle bag

Okay, now how to prepare black coffee using this water kettle?

  • Take 1 cup of water to make 1 cup of black coffee.
  • Pour it in water kettle, switch on to let the water boil.
  • It is ready in under 30 sec.
  • Wait couple of seconds before you pour the hot water into the coffee mug with instant coffee powder and sugar. 
  • Mix well, enjoy your mornings. 

You could make black coffee instantly in less than 30 sec using a water kettle, trust me, I have done it a million times.

How to Make Black Coffee from the Ground Coffee Powder?

Previously we saw how to make “instant” black coffee at home or in hostels, under just 1 minute.

Here comes the 2nd black coffee recipe from the ground coffee powder. This recipe cannot be prepared in office as it is time consuming. (But as such what you are getting in office is ground coffee only – see recipe below).

But, this method takes 10 to 12 mins to prepare and gives strong aroma and tastes more like cafe coffee day black coffee.

Method A – How to make black coffee from Ground coffee Powder on a Gas top or Induction Cooktop?

  • Take a saucepan, for 1 cup coffee add 2 cups of water. Since it is going to boil for 10 mins, you would need double the amount of water. 
  • Now place the saucepan on induction stove top or gas top, allow it to boil.
  • Once the water starts boiling, add 1 teaspoon of your ground coffee powder to the boiling water. I use the brand Bayars, available in major stores in Bangalore. Next to Bayar’s I love these other brands too – Narasus, Kothas, CCD etc., 
  • Now let it boil for 10 mins.
  • Switch off the flame.
  • Take a coffee mug, add 1 tablespoon of your favourite sugar.
  • Now pour the boiled coffee into the cup using a steel strainer. Mix well. 

(This is a good quality steel mesh you can buy for long life and stylish too).

Now enjoy your black coffee which tastes more like Starbucks or Cafe Coffee day coffee.

how to make black coffee from ground coffee powder
Ground Coffee powder brands in the super market – at the top Bayars and Narasus, bottom is Cothas coffe

Method B – How to make black coffee from Ground coffee Powder using Traditional filter

This is how to make traditional filter coffee – Black coffee using a filter.

  • Take 3 teaspoons of ground coffee powder into the filter (serves for 2)
  • Pour hot water and close the lid
  • Wait for 10 mins until all the essence drops through the tiny holes in the filter
  • Now dilute the ‘decoction’ with required amount of hot water to bring it your taste. Tasty black coffee is ready. 🙂
  • This method is hands free, and tastier than Method A. For this you need a traditional coffee filter like this one below.

Note – Now you will also get Cafe coffee day brand ground coffee powders in the stores, and the preparation method and time is the same as the above. I use to buy CCD coffee powder to make black coffee at home. Bayars brand was recommended by my hubby 2yrs ago, since then it is our favourite ground coffee powder.

Best black coffee with brown sugar prepared at home
My Black Coffee (from ground coffee powder) click with brown sugar (natti sugar) in my Home garden

How to Make Black Coffee from the Office Coffee machine?

As I mentioned, I have CCD coffee machine in my office where I make my own strong black coffee. Since there is no direct “black coffee” option in the machine, sharing my recipe here.

If you too have CCD coffee machine in the office, then this black coffee recipe comes handy.

  • Take one shot of Cappuccino in the coffee mug and add one shot of hot water, mix well, add sugar if required. 

How I Like my Black Coffee and Best Snacks with it

I love black coffee anytime in a day but mandatory first thing in the morning, then soon after the first meal around 11 am.  I prefer to drink without sugar to get the strong taste of coffee to awaken me from sleep. So I don’t bother buying any sugar free supplements like stevia.

During weekdays, coffee is the only luxury we can afford to have together, due to our different work schedules. 

How to make black coffee at home
My Weekend Mornings with Black Coffee and Cinnamon Roll

During weekends, our first coffee is more of welcoming drink for the happy weekend. I start the weekend morning by making coffee, while hubby gets the coffee tray, arranges the butter to go with the croissants on the tray.

For mid morning coffee – I make popcorn at home from ready -to -make popcorn sachets or make some onion pakoras.

It is quite rare we stay in during weekends as we are ardent bike riders (check our road trip categories) until the pandemic lockdown. We then bought #AllNewCreta2020 car for our travels post Covid-19 Lockdown.

This is what we did every single mornings during covid -19 lockdown.

Did you know we also rescued a tiny bird fell down in our garden during lockdown and reunited it with its parents later?

Have a Good happy Coffee Mornings friends !!!.

By 2 Coffee Basavanagudi – Can’t beat the Quality of this 15 Rupees food

By 2 Coffee Basavanagudi, the best budget eatery for south Indian food items in Bangalore.

We travel for work, we travel for shopping, we travel for sightseeing and we travel for fun. And We always have a reason to travel. During one such time, we found this humble eatery called By 2 Coffee Basavanagudi Bangalore.

Here is the location link –


By 2 Coffee Basavanagudi – A Small food joint with 8 branches in Bangalore

By 2 Coffee or By2Coffee Basavanagudi is a small food joint with 8 branches is a trusted brand in Bangalore.

It is a place that serves soft idlis, crispy vadas, all time kesari bath and Khara Bath combo (a traditional Karnataka breakfast combo called Chow Chow bath), with the best tasting coconut chutney.

No sambar or any other side dishes served here, except for this handful of items at all times.

All the items looks exactly as shown in the pic above.

How We Found this – By 2 Coffee Basavanagudi Eatery

Usually when we are tired of eating in the nearby favourite restaurants, we would turn to google or Instagram to find new interesting places to eat. Did you know once we rode bike 50 mins from our home to eat breakfast here. It is a small tiffin shop is famous for breakfast combo street style.

Well, for this By 2 Coffee in Basavanagudi, we crossed the street accidentally when we were on a shopping spree. 

After long shopping hours, we wanted to stop someplace for refreshments, that’s when we saw the people rushing to the just opened shutter. It was just a few hours past noon time, don’t remember the time exactly.

While Rajesh went to explore the shop, I kept guard of our stuffs in the bike. He then came back with few tokens for food and coffee.

Initially we wanted to just try their coffee, not knowing how famous they were. But looking at the crowd, we finally decided to try their idly and vada. 

It was freshly made, hot idly and vada served in a small round steel plate with tasty coconut chutney. Then after a long que, got the 2 cups of by 2 coffee, to end the evening well.

Now that they are serving dosas, we are planning to try it sometime.

Furthermore, they can be contacted through their website for party orders.

Some More Suggestions For You to Eat in Bangalore

By 2 Coffee Basavanagudi is more of a street food as there is no proper seating arrangements. But I think thats the best way to control the crowd.

Here are some more suggestions for you if you like street food shop outlets.

If you are looking for a shop serving best grilled sandwiches and juices in Bangalore,  here is the best place. Or If you are fond of street foods, here is a place called VV Puram. Probably it is the only famous food street in Bangalore where you can stuff you faces with all kinds of street foods, all in one place. Am sure you will love it.

So what’s your favourite dish from By 2 Coffee Basavanagudi?. Or if you are trying out for the first time, you could start with idly vada or the temple meals. Happy eating.

The Best Non Veg Restaurants Nearby – Where We live

I have a handful of our favorite best non veg restaurants nearby my home and office where I prefer to eat regularly. I have given google map link for all the restaurant suggestions. Enjoy!.

The best part?. They are just 30 mins waiting time away in Swiggy or Food panda or Ubereats or Zomato. 

Update – Added our new favorites at the end of this article, pls do check it out

The Non Veg Restaurants Nearby – Our Favorite List

Check – post: Mangalore Style Restaurant

It used to be our all time favourite situated near my office, now we don’t like it much here as they don’t have consistency in taste and quality. They are famous for many combos varieties for lunch and mangalore style non-veg dishes with the aroma of coconut oil. We used to go regularly here for evening pakoras, coffee and tea. And for morning Idiyappam, puttu and kadala kari.

I still like to take away their donne biryani, nattu kozhi fry and chicken roast. Their seasonal fruit juices and faloodas are must try here. They have both self service and alacat service.

Find the location – https://goo.gl/maps/YZxSRUk5BKxcxvae7

Compared to the above two, here comes the list of our all time favorite non veg restaurants nearby home and office.

Checkpost image credit – internet

Shanghai Court -Chinese Restaurant

We are one of the regular customers since the time they recently opened. Our all time favourite chinese restaurant to dine in and to order take away from both my office and home. Location – https://goo.gl/maps/ffzP3wiFog3zzSx57

Since almost all the weekend we eat here, I have quite a list of favourite food list to share here-

  • Veg Manchow soup – all time fav (Didn’t like the chicken version)
  • Burnt Pepper chicken
  • Momos -steamed and fried
  • Egg fried rice (99 % of the time its our main course)
  • Chicken Koithio (Next best main course)
  • Veg Hakka Noodles (weekend main course choice)
  • Pepper Mushroom manchurian – one of the best side dish
the best non veg restaurtant images bangalore
Soup and Starters from Shanghai Court Bannerughatta road
Food images Shanghai Court Bannerughatta road
Soup and Starters from Shanghai Court Bannerughatta road
Shanghai Court Bannerughatta road_best non veg chinese hotel
Soups and Starters from Shanghai Court Bannerughatta road
Food images from Shanghai Court Bannerughatta road
Favourtie Momos from Shanghai Court
Food images from Shanghai Court - all time favourite chinese restaurants in Bangalore
Soups and Starters From Shanghai Court

Chavadi – A Trendy Restaurant

A trendy restaurant with indian lamps and rustic furniture, surrounded by potted plants – one of our all time favourite restaurants to dine-in. Especially dinners. Spending the weekend evening, listening to music and eating Veggie overload pizza is our favourite thing to do here. Location – https://goo.gl/maps/SA24eNtXbtAVQi7U8

Chavadi restaurant - trendy restaurant for fusion dishes
Inside Chavadi Restaurant
best non veg restaurant in bangalore_chavadi in bannerughatta road
Nachos_Chavadi in Bannerughatta road
Chavadi restaurant images
Food Images From Chavadi
Chavadi_best non veg restaurant in bangalore beannerughatta road
veggie Overlaod Pizza From Chavadi

Oye Amristar – Punjabi Style Restaurant

A recent addition to the list of non veg restaurants nearby office, for its good quality and quantity Punjabi style restaurant. Masala papad, Phulkas, Rotis, Aloo stuffed parathas, Paneer based gravy, bhindi fry, tandoor chicken, mutton biryani (serves 2), are some of our all time favourite here. Somehow we didn’t quite like their jal jeera and buttermilk, but their curd quality is amazing.

Location – https://goo.gl/maps/gicxfbveVMoJqWLc9

Mutton Biryani From Oye Amritsar_best non veg restaurant punjabi style in JP nagar banagalore
Mutton Biryani From Oye Amritsar_JP nagar
Mutton Biryani From Oye Amritsar_best non veg restaurant punjabi style in JP nagar banagalore
Chicken Kebab From Oye Amritsar
Mutton Biryani From Oye Amritsar_best non veg restaurant punjabi style in JP nagar banagalore
Masala Papad from Oye Amritsar

Barbeque Nation – Unlimited Non Veg and Veg Buffet

This place is all time crowded for their unlimited veg and non- veg starters, main course, ice cream, kulfis and cakes. In a year we hardly go twice or thrice here, when we are really in the mood for non-veg feast. We love the food quality and service here with really nice ambiance and friendly staff.  Since this is “eat all you want” type restaurant, seats are available on pre-booking only. 

Location – https://g.page/BNJPNagar?share

Unlimted non veg restaurant in JP nagar bangalore_Barbeque nation images
Sweets buffet from Barbeque nation JP nagar Bangalore

Nagarjuna Restaurant – Andhra Style Restaurant

The only place we order in meals to Home is Nagarjuna restaurant. Nagarjuna is our next door neighbour in my office location, we prefer to eat here for their quality vegetarian meals, andhra style. When we are at home, a lazy weekend with no travel plans and office plans, we like to order in meals from here. This is best place if you are looking for South Indian style veg thali restaurants in Bannerughatta road.

Location – https://goo.gl/maps/9cxDobdBWN92mjzV7

Andhra Meals in Nagarjuna Restaurant_travelduo images
Andhra Meals in Nagarjuna Restaurant

Onesta – Unlimted Pizza House

Next to Chavadi, our other favourite stop for pizzas is “Onesta”. A house for a variety of pizzas and pastas, with best ambiance, friendly staff and good music. And above all they have “unlimited pizza” option for nominal price, with free coke and a dessert. 

Location – https://goo.gl/maps/ykGkrdYF8B9KBUSB9

Onesta Unlimited Pizza_travelduo photography
Onesta Unlimited Pizza
Onesta in JP nagar_travelduo images
Onesta Complimentary Desser choices
Onesta_travelduo images
Onesta Garlic breads

You know there is Food street in Bangalore, only for all kinds of street food? Click link

Thalappakatti Biryani – Authentic TamilNadu Biryani

Hubby like to order in from this world famous restaurant for its authentic biryani cooked in jeera rice. The smell says it all.

It is the only best non veg restaurant for mutton biryani, no other restaurant can take its place. This restaurant has many branches, we always go to one in JP nagar, 5 mins ride from my office.

Thalapakkatti Biryani, HSR layout_travelduo images
Starters in Thalapakkatti Biryani, HSR layout

Anjappar Restaurant – Authentic TamilNadu Style

Next to Thalapakkatti hotel, this Anjappar restaurant in Koramangala is our all time favourite, we like to go there for favorable biryani, the unlimited South Indian meals, tandoori chicken and parotta with natti soup.. Now we have a branch located nearby our home, we don’t have to travel far. We love all their veg and non-veg varieties here.

Of those two branches, Koramangala food and service is mcuch better, find the link here – https://goo.gl/maps/Jgou2vR1aTemhpyNA

Instagram Famous Breakfast combo in Bangalore, click the link

KFC and McDonalds – Food Joints

We have McDonald’s near our home and KFC near my office. Depends on our working location, we like to go for quick bites in any of these fast food joints.

KFC Bannerghatta road location – https://goo.gl/maps/TyBNLs8bfesQ53H26

KFC food joint Bannerughatta road" width
KFC food joint nearby Office, Bannerughatta road

Here is where you get some of the best grilled sandwiches in Bangalore, click the link below

Galitos – In Vega City Mall

Our recent love for non vegetarian food is Galitos, in vega city mall, bannerughatta road. It is located just 2mins walking distance from my office and we never miss any weekday offers here.

We absolutely love their 5 different barbecue flavors to go with their all oven cooked chicken items.

Galitos – Chicken wings with Coleslaw salad
Galitos – Chicken wings served hot from the oven


All the above listed are some of the best non veg restaurants nearby Bannerghatta road and JP Nagar.

All the restaurants except “Chavadi” has many other branches through out Bangalore and in India. You can google to find out the nearest location feasible for you.

Even though they are listed as non veg restaurant choices, they do serve some best vegetarian dishes. Very soon I will be uploading list of best veg restaurants in Bangalore as well. Stay tuned.

And before you go, here is the restaurant serving best quality veg food starting 15 rupees in Bangalore.

Yoga Pulp Juice Review – The Colorful, Less Sugary Packaged Fruit Juice With Alovera

I am writing this Yoga Pulp juice review after consuming it on and off for 3 months now.

I purchased almost all the flavors in the nearby supermarket and we both loved it.

More than me, my husband liked this drink very much, you know. It is very light when consumed and does not tingle the tongue due to its less sugar content. Also it has small crunchy alovera pieces in it, doesn’t taste funny when chewed, and almost invisible to the naked eye.

Comes in attractive packaging and colours, brand name “yoga pulp juice” promotes healthy living concept with the caption “Health is an inside job”

This small wonder comes in many flavors and combinations with aloevera, for examples litchi and aloevera, kiwi and aloevera, strawberry and aloevera etc.,

Note – at the end I have given link to check these calories in Myfitness Pal

Yoga Pulp Juice Review

Yoga pulp juice claims to be healthy with catchy brand name and captions, with attractive colours and now available in all the urban super markets. It comes in small 200 ml cute plastic packages, as a “ready to serve” drink. Also available in 1 litre packages. Here is the yoga pulp juice review for all the 7 flavors

yoga pulp juice review
Yoga Pulp Juice Review – Yay or Nay_travelduo images

Pros of Yoga Pulp Juice-

  • Attractive flavors combination.
  • Small travel friendly bottles.
  • Pocket friendly prices.
  • Good to carry to the gym for a quick energy supply.
  • Cute for kids lunch bag.
  • Sneaking some goodness (like aloevera) into children’s diet of all ages.
  • Comparatively healthy alternative : Less sugar drink compared to the all other sugar overloaded fruit juices and aerated drinks.

Cons of Yoga Pulp Juice-

  • Packaged in a plastic bottle – unsafe for human consumption, could be poisonous and cancer causing due to long storage in plastic containers.
  • Colorful and addictive: With attractive colors from attractive colouring agents and flavouring agents, makes us get addicted easily.
  • Contains Class II Preservatives: Preservatives are the chemicals used in improving the shelf life of the product.
  • All nutrients are removed during juicing process – without any exception, all these “healthy” packaged drinks undergo various procedures where all the healthy vitamins and minerals are lost.
  • Packaged drinks are not good for daily consumption – Unlike the fresh juices, packaged juices if consumed daily will bring many health issues – like heart diseases, obesity, diabetes etc., 
  • High in Trans fats and refined carbs – both of them are not good for our health.

Who else in the Market Just like Yoga Pulp Jucie?

If you think marketing “a healthy fruit juices with alovera in it” is a unique selling point of Yoga pulp juice, then there is someone else in the market with the same USP. 

There is a twin sister in the market with the same USP, same attractive colors, targeting the same health market segment, called “Alo Frut”. They even have Mango and Orange flavours fused with Alovera Juice. It caption says, “Healthy Hai… isme alovera hai”. In translation it says, “it is healthy.. This has alovera”. 

So, these two brands positioned themselves as a healthy drink with alovera in it. But is that all necessary to make a healthy living?

I think not.

Final Review of Yoga Pulp Juice

  • Delicious and convenient drink, with healthy alovera chunks floating in the drink but overall not at all healthy when consumed daily.
  • Not a healthier substitute for fresh juices, but a good alternative for aerated drinks
  • Not a good choice for weight watchers and diabetic people

So, the only goodness I find in this “less sugary attractive drink” is the alovera chucks.

Am I going to buy this drink for small amount of alovera in it?

No sir, thank you.

I have my own alovera plants at home. We make fresh juices whenever we want it. I even make fusion juices sometimes with mint, lime and chia seeds.

On other days I like to drink seasonal fruit juices. My hubby’s all time favorite is Carrot juice. I make carrot juices with flax seeds and ginger in it, a rich in fiber drink, good for daily consumption and great for bowl movements.

Healthy balanced food
My Home Kitchen_Travelduo images
Healthy Alovera juices
Alovera Plant to make fresh fusion juices at home_Travelduo Images

I may buy yoga pulp juice rarely for convenience and for long travel purpose, otherwise it doesn’t makes sense to buy them for daily consumption. 

Note: For the weight watchers, you can click this My fitness pal link to see the calories in the Yoga pulp juice.