By 2 Coffee Basavanagudi – Can’t beat the Quality of this 15 Rupees food

By 2 Coffee Basavanagudi, the best budget eatery for south Indian food items in Bangalore.

We travel for work, we travel for shopping, we travel for sightseeing and we travel for fun. And We always have a reason to travel. During one such time, we found this humble eatery called By 2 Coffee Basavanagudi Bangalore.

Here is the location link –

By 2 Coffee Basavanagudi – A Small food joint with 8 branches in Bangalore

By 2 Coffee or By2Coffee Basavanagudi is a small food joint with 8 branches is a trusted brand in Bangalore.

It is a place that serves soft idlis, crispy vadas, all time kesari bath and Khara Bath combo (a traditional Karnataka breakfast combo called Chow Chow bath), with the best tasting coconut chutney.

No sambar or any other side dishes served here, except for this handful of items at all times.

All the items looks exactly as shown in the pic above.

How We Found this – By 2 Coffee Basavanagudi Eatery

Usually when we are tired of eating in the nearby favourite restaurants, we would turn to google or Instagram to find new interesting places to eat. Did you know once we rode bike 50 mins from our home to eat breakfast here. It is a small tiffin shop is famous for breakfast combo street style.

Well, for this By 2 Coffee in Basavanagudi, we crossed the street accidentally when we were on a shopping spree. 

After long shopping hours, we wanted to stop someplace for refreshments, that’s when we saw the people rushing to the just opened shutter. It was just a few hours past noon time, don’t remember the time exactly.

While Rajesh went to explore the shop, I kept guard of our stuffs in the bike. He then came back with few tokens for food and coffee.

Initially we wanted to just try their coffee, not knowing how famous they were. But looking at the crowd, we finally decided to try their idly and vada. 

It was freshly made, hot idly and vada served in a small round steel plate with tasty coconut chutney. Then after a long que, got the 2 cups of by 2 coffee, to end the evening well.

Now that they are serving dosas, we are planning to try it sometime.

Furthermore, they can be contacted through their website for party orders.

Some More Suggestions For You to Eat in Bangalore

By 2 Coffee Basavanagudi is more of a street food as there is no proper seating arrangements. But I think thats the best way to control the crowd.

Here are some more suggestions for you if you like street food shop outlets.

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So what’s your favourite dish from By 2 Coffee Basavanagudi?. Or if you are trying out for the first time, you could start with idly vada or the temple meals. Happy eating.