7 Articles on Trekking in Coorg I found Useful for Travelers

Part II: Homestay and Travel Experiences in Coorg

FootLooseDev Blog

Dev, a solo blogger has written about his travel experience in Kabbinakad, Coorg, 30kms from Madikeri. I absolutely loved the way he has written about Homestay experience, Coorg nature, birdwatching, trekking in Coorg and coffee plantation. He also has shared some tips for readers who are planning for travel to Kabbinakad, Coorg. I personally loved this article, the way the author had a good time, making me want to go Kabbinakad trek badly. Next time, definitely next time.

ShoesOnLoose Blog

This blogger has written about all the fun activities in Coorg one could do while staying there, including Puthari Festival celebrated towards the end of the year. If you are looking for the list of fun activities and sightseeing places in Coorg, this article is very descriptive and useful. This is also a useful guide for travellers to explore Coorg places in one day.

HippieInheels Blog

Rachel Jones, an American blogger has good experience travelling India and has written a detailed article “11 Kick-ass things to do in Coorg” and I absolutely loved reading it. During her stay in Coorg, she has tried all the activities from trekking to Tadiandamol to eating in Bylakuppe Tibetian restaurant to exploring coffee plantations to you name it all, she has done it and makes me feel jealous with all the pics she has shared. Make sure to check her article, you nomads.

SandeepaChetan Blog

A well-written article about homestays, activities you could do in Coorg for first-time travelers. He has even shared contact numbers for the Homestay he stayed in Coorg and shared all the wildlife experience in detail. Good one, I liked all those butterfly and wild life pics.

Ghumakkar Blog

Once again a very descriptive article on Coorg travel and activities with additional information on the history of the places he has explored. Also, he has compared Coorg with all the other places he has travelled. Sure he had traveled a lot and knows more about history and architectures. A very lengthy article, much patience required, but a useful one.

SumitSushil Blog

Yet another descriptive article on Coorg stay, travel experiences and much more with google maps, homestay details and lots of pics of the places he has visited. A very useful article indeed.

Part III: Famous travel bloggers articles on Travelling Coorg

Shivya NathAbout Coffee and conversations in Coorg

I adore this author and admire her guts who has been solo travelling the world since 2006. She is not a regular traveler who does regular things as many others do. I think that’s the reason became very famous – for her guts and solo travelling. She is unique in choosing the places and has a different view in writing her experiences. I am her follower, click the above link to read her experience in Coorg.

Lakshmi Sharath – Again huge fan of her blog, yet another famous blogger in the travel industry. She has few articles written on Coorg stay, following are the links

Mridula TrivediBeautiful Memories of Coorg

The very short and simple article shared by famous travel blogger Mridula Trivedi, sharing her travel memories from Talakaveri to Coorg.

Sum – Up

If you are planning for one-day trekking to Coorg or few days vacations to Coorg, all the above articles will provide you with some useful information.

Here is a quick list of places for Trekking in Coorg

  • Nishani Motte Trek
  • Tadiandamol Trek
  • Kabbinakad Trek
  • Bramagiri Trek
  • Galibeedu Trek