The Spice Rack Restaurant in Gonikoppal near Coorg (Best Restaurant in Coorg)

When we were on 3 days road trip to Wayanad from Bangalore, we routed our trip through Gonikoppal. The reason we had to drive via Gonikoppal was that Nagarhole tiger reserve park route was closed due to bad rains. And while we were there, we went to the The Spice Rack Restaurant – one of the best restaurants in Gonikoppal.

The Spice Rack Restaurant in Gonikoppal

We stopped for lunch in the late afternoon on 14th September, since we knew there will not be any choices on the Hill station. Except for the Dinner which we pre-ordered in the Resort we were going to stay, we had nothing planned for the entire 3 days journey. 

We were not exactly hungry. From morning since the time we started our car, we were binge eating on the fruits and snacks throughout the journey. Also we had heavy breakfast in A2B in the Mysore highways.

Now we wanted a good ambiance restaurant with good restroom facilities to refresh after a long drive.

The Spice Rack restaurant had all the comfort we looked for including the ample parking space in the underground. 

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What we ate in Spice Rack Restaurant

We ordered Fried chicken to go with the Mutton biryani. Though it was the best biryani in Coorg or anywhere I have tasted, I very much liked the fried chicken more than the biryani.

Chicken was dipped in flour with groundnuts and deep oil fried, which gave the dish nutty and crunchy taste which I never had before.

Mutton was served with plain gravy and raita. Accompanied by the lemon soda we ordered.

It was sufficient for us two. 

We spent about an hr for refreshment and lunching. Then we headed to Wayanad resort, it was a thrilling experience riding among the woods and hairpin bends.

Best restaurant in Gonikoppal Coorg
Spice Rack Restaurnat in Gonikoppal

The best thing about this Spice Rack Restaurant was that it has a quiet and pleasant ambiance with good tasty food for a fair price. That’s all we look in any restaurant, isn’t?

We would love to visit here again on our next trip to Wayanad or Coorg.

(Here is the guide If you are planning to go Dubare Elephant camp and Nisargadhama temple in Coorg)

What We did and Where we ate in our 3 days Vacation to Wayanad

It was dawn by the time we reached the restaurant, unpacked our luggage, ordered ginger tea, spent the evening enjoying the view. We clicked some pics of the spotted deer grazing in a far away land before the desperate monkeys wanted the share of our tea and snacks. Thankfully there was no tv or mobile network, so we had to pick each other’s brain until we until had non-veg meals for dinner :). 

On day -2, we went to Tirunelli Vishnu Temple, then after lunch in Safari Inn at Kutta, we went for 3hrs safari ride to Nagarhole National Park. Again non-veg meals in the resort for dinner.

On day -3, Return back from Wayanad to Bangalore via Bavali – Nagarhole reserve forest – Kabini river. Followed by a long rest and lunch in Mysore, had an awesome time in Malgudi Cafe house for dessert and coffee. Soon, we added this Malgudi cafe house in the Green Hotel Mysore to our all time favourite places to hang out. 

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Best Restaurant in Mysore
Best Place to hangout for dessert and coffee – The Green Hotel Mysore
Best Coffee in Mysore
The Malgudi Coffee house in The Green Hotel Mysore

I would say this was one of the best road trips we have ever experienced. Loved every single minute of our time together.

Sum Up

If you are planning a trip to Wayanad via Gonikoppal, either from Bangalore or Coorg, I would suggest The Spice Rack Restaurant. When compared to the reviews of all other restaurant choices mentioned online, I found The Spice Rack restaurant in Gonikoppal to be elite, with fast service and good quality and tasty food. And definitely a go to place for the best biriyani in Coorg. Cheers!!.