The Best Cafe in Mysore City (Our All Time Favorite)

For the best cafe in Mysore city – here is the suggestion for you from our frequent road trip from Bangalore.

It is probably the only best cafe in Mysuru serving best brownies to go with your coffee. And they serve really good sandwiches too.

The name is Malgudi coffee shop and bakery – a humble cafe inside the very posh location of The Green Hotel in Mysore.

And it beats all other cafes in space and ambiance. Sure you will love it too.

The Best Cafe in Mysore City – Malgudi Coffee Shop

We are so in love with this – one of the best cafes in Mysore called Malgudi Coffee shop. We love to go back again and again for the good quality Coffee and cake. Basically the cake baking aroma drags you inside this comfortable coffee shop in The Green Hotel. 

The google map location to this best cafe in Mysore is given below.

First thing you notice would be the lustrous green ambiance around the vast area of the hotel. The open dining area is a feast for the eyes, with the dazzling sun-drenched array of plants. 

Second thing you would notice is the strong aroma of baking and coffee spread outside the hotel entrance. Just follow the smell to reach the coffee house fellas :). 

Third thing you would notice is the quality of the brownies and breads (of course you need to taste to know’em). Must try is Lemon grass brownie we had was the best in my life. They have everything from the different varieties of breads and brownies.

You can order in or take away, it tasted the best when you order in. (We also did take away, but it was not so good comparatively).

Well, the last thing is the price for the food and coffee served, the lowest price you can ever ask for.

Guess the price?.

We paid around 50 to 60 rupees for each item in the pic shown above.

Not to mention the peaceful ambiance, a prompt service and the food for hearts.

This Coffee house has become one of our favourites next to the french coffee house in Tiruvannamalai (see this article for their pics), and the Rasta cafe in Mysore road from Bangalore.

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How to Reach The Malgudi Coffee House

This was our first time visiting this Coffee shop in Mysore, when we were returning from 3 days car trip to Wayanad from Bangalore. We have been to Mysore couple of times before. Many times we have stayed in Mysore just to chill and spend the weekend, do nothing but rest and eat in the hotel room. 

Once we stayed in Mysore before we headed to Coorg by bike on 4 days trip.

Speaking of Mysore, our another favorite thing to do on weekends is to go on one day bike trip to Srirangapatna Sri Ranganathar Temple.

(We are bike riders, we have been to many places by bike, including 11 days trip in 2017 and 12 days trip in 2018. You can explore my blog to know more).

Now I feel bad for missing this best cafe in Mysore in all our past trips.

How to reach this cafe?

It is situated in the hot location of Mysore city and not far from the another best cafe in Mysore called, Cafe Cornucopia.

You can follow the link to reach the coffee house –

A contemporary coffee shop inside very authentic hotel – the best cafe in Mysore and for one of the best cakes you can ask for is the Malgudi coffee house.

Well, who doesn’t love a good cuppa coffee with sandwiches and cakes, isn’t it?

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