How to Go Trip to Goa from Bangalore – Both by Air and Bus

This is a complete guide on going trip to Goa from Bangalore by both air and bus.

We have been to Goa 2 times in the same year in 2018. First trip to Goa by bus and the later by air. Both the times we stayed in North Goa – once in an exotic resort with a private beach and once in the Calangute High road with an infinity swimming pool.

This is how to plan your trip to Goa from Bangalore, how to rent a bike and have fun.

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Trip to Goa from Bangalore – Overview

Our First Trip to Goa from Bangalore by Bus:

Our very first trip to Goa from Bangalore was by bus to Panjim city. This trip was planned in the month of April in 2018 to celebrate our birthdays (we are one year and a day apart). It was a 3 days trip to Goa and we absolutely enjoyed our first time being there together. Rajesh has already been with his friends once and stayed in Taj hotels for the entire trip (big guy :).

We booked a KSRTC bus, boarded from Bangalore central to reach Panjim city, the capital of Goa.

Since it was a special celebration, Rajesh booked us in Riva Resorts in North Goa, with a private beach.The price was little high due to our last booking in the season time. Luckily we got a room far from the main entrance and facing the property’s private beach – which we absolutely loved.

We rented a bike in Panjim itself for all three days to roam all around the goa. Thanks to Rajesh who planned on booking a bike, otherwise it would have been difficult to see the places in goa without it. 

There was another advantage of booking a bike on our goa trip. 

Since we stayed far from the main Goa, we got to see more than just beaches on our daily bike ride.

From our resort in North Goa, we rode our bike daily among the never ending dense cashewnut forest to go look around the places. It’s just like seeing Coconut trees in South India.

We saw many Russian girls solo riding Royal Enfield bikes en route  –  which was quite a sight. 

Though we stayed in an Elite resort, we spent most of the time hanging out outside, except for the last day. Of all, the most memorable being the ride to Reis Magos fort and its surrounding places. 

And we have been to many beaches day and night that I lost track of, had dined in all the good restaurants near to the beaches we have visited. 

trip to goa
Seafood Platter from Inferno Restaurant
goan food
Tuna Salad from Inferno Restaurant

Places we visited during our 3 days trip to Goa from bangalore – All beaches and restaurants.

Restaurants we liked most– Riva Beach Resort, Inferno goa, Apna Punjab Restaurant.

Second Goa trip by Air for 4 Days:

This time it was a 4 days trip to Goa from Bangalore for our 3rd Wedding anniversary celebrations.

This time we chose to stay close to main Goa, so we chose Silver sands serenity in Candolim Goa.

Just like our last trip we hired a bike to roam around Goa. But this time we did not go crazily to many beaches like we did before. 

We spent most of the time in restaurants and in the infinity swimming pool in our stay. As such we enjoyed being in our room, with a good swimming pool and restaurant to hang out. 

Once we tried Spa at O2 (O2 Spa) – an Elite spa in Goa and it was a total waste of money for 5000 rupees.

Restaurants we liked most – Silver Sands Serenity, The lazy Goose, The Fisherman’s Wharf, Big Fish

Food We liked most – Rava Fish fry (fish fry made with rava sooji).

How to Plan Goa trip

From our 2 time trip to Goa from bangalore, we have seen Goa  both ‘in season’ and ‘off season’. 

Season time is where Goa thrives with international visitors especially in beaches of Goa. 

During season time in Goa, that is – from end of December to end of April – all the prices are sky high. Try eating street food maggi noodles for the price of 150 rupees, you would know what I am talking about. Though food prices remain the same in elite restaurants for all seasons, it is disappointing to see restaurants like ‘Inferno’ remain closed in off-seasons.

So there is no fun if you are going in off season. You could save some money by pre-booking your stay way in advance and rent a bike while you are there.

We repeat going trip to Goa since it is our favorite travel destinations just like Coorg and Tiruvannamalai for road trips.

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