Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 rupees – We Used Regularly MotorBike Rides

We are long motorbike riders for a couple of years now. Would like to share my experience of the best bluetooth earphones under 2000 rupees which we have been using for quite some time now.

Why I love this “The Best Bluetooth Earphone” boAt Rockerz 255

We research and buy things which makes our journey beautiful and tension free. That is how we bought (well, my hubby gifted me) boAT Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone.

Since then this earphones has become part of our travel and life. 6 hrs of battery usage and excellent functionality making it as the best purchase.

Here is why I like this Bluetooth earphones under 2000 rupees for a long motorbike travel.

Cancel out noise – the most important feature for Travel

The one and only reason I have used earphones in all my life is to cancel out noise from the environment. I am extremely sensitive to external noises while I’m trying to focus on my studies or writing assignments and during sleep. I would not have survived 10 years of my hostel life without a pair of headphones. 

I would for sure need earphones even when I am leisurely travelling and reading. So this earphone does the job perfectly cancelling out all the noises when we are riding a bike in highways. Not just cancelling out noise, listening to songs gives us the extra kick to ride bike non-stop to our destinations.

Long Battery Life – Listen to our favorite songs non-stop while on the go

We don’t hit the road without checking for the Bluetooth earphones in our travel accessories kit. There is no fun riding bike in the long boring highways without music blaring in our ears.

We do have a collection of songs in our gaana app especially for our road trips. Put on Boat earphone, connect to phone via Bluetooth, wear a helmet, wear driving gloves – we are all set to go mate!

Attend calls while driving

This is for my hubby who gets office calls on Saturdays. This is the best Bluetooth earphone during travel, to listen to music and also to attend calls. We can listen to songs non-stop for up to 6 hrs. For us it usually lasted the whole weekend trip. If we run out of battery, we charge it for 10 mins whenever we stop for a pit stop.  

Hassle free Easy Handling and comfortable fit

Unlike the long cord earphones which often gets tangled and messy, this Boat earphone is super comfortable with short cord. It fits comfortably on ears underneath the rider helmet. And it is perfect enough length to reach out to adjust the volume and attend calls. 

Best Investment on Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 rupees

This was one of the best investments we made for our bike trips after the purchase of Bike saddle bag and a tank bag. Never regretting it till date. We spend more time researching and reading the reviews carefully before buying any product.

Also we wait patiently for the best discount on super value days from Amazon. And this product was one of the best buys we made.

Disclaimer : price may vary if you are not buying on super value days or seasonal /festival sale days).

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Multi-Purpose Use

Not only for travelling or relaxing, I carry them to my office and gym. The product name itself says “boAt Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone with Immersive Stereo Sound”. Hence its a best buy to cancel out noise in the gym or travel or sometimes to office.

Sweat Resistant Certified best for gym

You know, it always gets sweaty underneath the helmet when riding bike for a long time. This sweat proof earphone is non-greasy from sweat, super comfortable for repeated long use. And easy to wipe and sanitize.

Not just for travel, I use the same Boat earphone for the office and gym. I listen to my own tracks in gym. Needless to say it is super comfortable for gym purpose plus it is sweat resistant for long durability. 

And, I always make sure to wipe my earphones clean with the hand sanitizer and you should too. Thats the reason, I always keep hand sanitizer and face wipes handy during travel in my sling bag.

The best bluetooth earphones for bike ride, the best earphones for hassle free bike riding
Our MotorRide with Tank bag and Saddle bags – Tank bag to keep all the travel accessories for hassle free bike ride

So far this is the best bluetooth earphones under 2000 I have expereinced.

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