For the Love of Food – Gosh!! We Rode Bike for 50 mins to Eat Breakfast Here

On 10th August, Saturday morning, for the love of food, we rode bike for about 50 mins from our home to the Instagram famous place called “Siva Prasad Tiffin Centre”.

Is it really worth that long ride? Let’s find out.

For the Love of Food – Ride to The Best Budget Breakfast Combo In Bangalore

If you are a food lover, who loves to eat idly, dosas, vada, semiya upma (shavige bath in karnataka), poori masala etc., for breakfast then this place is just for you. If you are a food lover, am sure you may have guessed this place just by seeing the pic. And you definitely wouldn’t need an intro for this place, yes?.

Well, I am food lover too, and I get to know the best places to eat wherever we travel by following food bloggers in social media and youtube. 

Any places we travel to, I plan to accommodate best reviewed restaurants in our travel itinerary.

(Here is an example of one such trip where had best mutton biryani in Vellore in our 2 days road trip).

Sometimes we plan our pit stops and take a little extra time to enjoy the local famous cuisines mentioned by the food bloggers.

So for the love of food – a good tasty food, we wouldn’t mind giving that little extra effort in our busy schedules. 

That is how we went to one such place called “Siva prasad tiffin centre” famously tagged by many food lovers in Instagram. It is located in Gavipuram Extension, Kempegowda Nagar, Bengaluru. 

Find the location –

About this Tiffin Centre:

A small eatery shop, no greater than any street food shops in bangalore, became famous for its quality breakfast choices, especially for this combo.

We rode bike about 50 mins to reach the destination from our home, on saturday morning around 10.30 am. 

Google maps directed us to a small eatery, with a very friendly billing person on the counter, I reckon the owner of this shop.

Contrary to the much popularity on Instagram, we found only a couple of people eating near the eatery. Since no provisions to sit and eat, it was more like a street food experience.

Thankfully, the breakfast combo was available even well past their serving timings. 

So, here comes the combo of veg breakfast – a good scoop of each of the following items:

  • Kesari bath – sweet rava kesari to begin with
  • Kara bath – Rava upma with lots of green chillies and coconut, kinda sweet too
  • Avalakki bath – Poha upma
  • Uthin Vada – Urad dal vada
  • Bisi Bele bath – Sambar Rice
  • Coconut chutney to go with all the above items

Since we reached late, instead of usual veg methi pulao we accepted sambar rice which was getting prepared for lunch.

The quantity was more than sufficient for 1 person and the coconut chutney makes a nice side dish for all the varieties.

I would rate 3.5 / 5 Stars for the overall taste, quality, cleanliness and presentation on a clean banana leaf.

List of Other Foods with good ratings in Siva Prasad Tiffin Centre

Not just the combo, I am giving the list of other food items which has got good ratings and reviews in social media and google.

  • Tatte idli with vada, chutney and sambar
  • Mangalore buns
  • Special dosas only on sundays
  • Poori and Sahu
  • Ragi mudde (ragi balls)

Conclusion – We loved the food, It was worth the ride

For a small eatery with clean ambiance, the food quality was above par. We got to taste many breakfast items in one plate for just 60 rupees. So it was worth the ride for just this one time for the love of food and temptations built by Instagram. But we would not be going back again and again that far. Just a one time experience. 

If you ask me, is there any place I would travel very far again and again for the taste of food, then my answer is yes.

Yes, I will go very far, that too across the state, to taste the best vegetarian – south Indian breakfast items in a place called “Shri Krishna Inn”. This vegetarian restaurant is by far the best place to eat in Bangalore – Salem highways.

In these many years we traveled by bike and car across the Bangalore – Hosur, we never missed even once to eat here. We love all their food items, and the best quality one could ask for. Because we are not fans of much hyped – overly priced food items like Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Sree Saravana Bhavan, etc.,

And almost in all my travel articles, I mention the best places to eat, to benefit the readers.

So, Shri Krishna Bhavan – this where you can see hundreds of bikers stop at very early morning on sundays. We love their food, ambiance, nearby Mcdonald’s for coffee, gas station etc., everything. 

If you are interested to see what I am talking about, click here to see clicked during our road trip to Vellore.

And our second favorite is in Bangalore – Tirupathi highways, where we went bike trip exclusively for eating the best chinese sizzlers (kolar trip link here).

Back to our breakfast story, after we finished the breakfast combo, on the we stopped at Hatti Kaapi for one of the best coffee house in Bangalore.

Finally we traveled back home with tummy full and a happy mood.