Working On Weekend – Check Out How I am Getting Benefited

Do you like Working On Weekend?

We do, myself and my husband Rajesh worked in our co-work office last weekend (and many more weekends in the past too).

Since the end of 2018, we have developed a habit of working atleast one weekend a month. 

Here is why.

Benefits Of Working On Weekend

As a self-employed, and a regular travelers and a full time homemaker – I have so many good excuses to not to work on weekends. While Forbes magazine pointed out 3 good reasons to work on weekends, I have 6 reasons for working on weekends. 

  • Less Noise – More work: Co-work space is crowded less on weekends comparatively, so it is a blessing to work in the less noisy environment. While he can work in any kind of environment, I need some peace fellas.
  • Less Phone calls – More work: I get more tasks done when there are no incoming phone calls. Again he is comfi working with many disturbances around, I need a zen mode. 
  • Meet the clients – Productive Weekend: Most of the clients are available to meet on Saturdays, so the time spent on meeting clients are the time well spent.
  • Read a book – Another benefit of working on weekends is not just work but also to read a favorite books from the bucket list. When I compare my reading productivity at home and office, I read more and likely to finish a book in office. Especially, when I am reading from my laptop, pdf or ePUB version. I keep the hardcovers and paperbacks for travel readings. 
  • Finish those long pending tasks: Again like reading books, I can finish more of those long pending tasks -both official and personal, when I am working from Office. Be it sorting the travel pics from the last month travel, be it sending a client email – it all gets done.
  • Collate the last week trip’s pics – This task is really important for me to write a blog posts. For me to upload pics on this website, I need to sort the pics from my DSLR camera and save it in folders date wise in my harddisk, and make it handy. 

Sometimes I would have to collate the pics from both my phone (Samsung Galaxy SIII) and his phones (Samsung and OnePlus A6010). Compared to both the Samsung phones we own, I love the pics taken from A6010. I love the deep effect option in One plus A6010 for that professional click. 

Being a Travel Blogger – This is how I sort my Pics for Blog in Working weekends

Usually I take somewhere between 3 – 4 hrs for the entire task. Here is how I do it –

  • Take out the memory card from SLR Canon camera, insert to my Laptop, upload the pics to desktop folder.
  • Then connect the phones one by one to copy all the pics to desktop folder. My favorite are the ones from the Instagram folder, where we have uploaded favorite pics during the travel.
  • Collate all the above pics into one folder.
  • Now separate the folders date wise. 
  • Now rename the pics in order of the time captured.
  • Do this for all the pics in all the 11 to 12 sub folders (did this for 11 and 12 days long bike trip we went in 2017 and 2018 respectively).
  • Now save each copy in (a.) Desktop (b.) Hardisk (c.) Google drive (d.) Facebook albums
  • Since Facebook doesn’t have the sub-folders option, I upload just the main folder. If the folder is too big to upload, I upload the folders date wise. For example, “Day 1 of our 3 days Coorg Trip”, “Day 2 of…” and so on.
  • Update the life events in Facebook. The most important of all, it is very important to update “life events” in facebook. Because this where I come back daily basis while writing my travel blog. The organized list of all the trips helps me with my blog posts ideas and further travel planning.

So, this weekend, 24th and 25th August was one such productive weekend. We worked productively, then we shopped, roamed, dined out and had fun.

Here is what we did.

What I call the best Working Weekend: Work – Coffee – Shopping

Like mentioned before, both the days we worked.

We worked, went out for shopping, had lunch outside and totally enjoyed all in one day.

On Saturday – 24th Aug 2019

Came office on usual hours with packed lunch for both of us. Worked till lunch, then went out for our favourite ginger tea, 2 kms from our office.

(On weekday we will be getting nice ginger tea from emoticup in our cafeteria- see the pic above, for 10 rupees).

Just to kill the noon time sleepy mode, we went to nearby Shopper Stop shopping mall to check out the new collections after the Aug 15 Freedom sale.

Liked some stuff and bought some stuff.

Anyways was planning to buy new clothes for our upcoming wedding anniversary. And, for the first time I have bought a “crop top”, which we both liked it much. 

Came back to the office by 4pm, again worked till 7pm. Went home around 8pm, spent the rest of the evening cooking and watching movies.

On Sunday – 25th Aug 2019 : More Work, More Shopping

A lazy day. Went to office by 10’ish, after breakfast from one of our all time favourite veg restaurant – Krishna Kuteera near our home. Working on sunday is more peaceful and calm than on saturdays.

After couple of hours, went out to have lunch in yet another favourite non-veg restaurant –  Oye Amritsar near our office. Went to shop in the next door Max showroom for some kurtis – bought a couple.

Then we wanted to buy a backpack for our one-day bike rides. Also to buy the long time pending item – office laptop bags for us. So went to Wildcraft, bought the small backpack, attractive blue bag with orange combination. Loved it so much :).

New Backpack / Day bag from Wildcraft

(There are huge collections of Wildcraft bags online than in the showroom, sure to check it out).

I also liked their sports wear collections and winter jackets for men and women.

So, we bought a rain jacket for him and an accessories pouch.

Didn’t like their shoe lines though. 

We wanted to come back for laptop bags later because needed some time to compare prices online. It was almost late noon when we returned to the office.

After about 2 hrs of work, we decided to leave the office, as we were longing to rest for some time to end the weekend well. On the way home we stopped at a shopping mall, had Baskin Robbins Ice Cream. And stopped at Krishna Kuteera for dinner.

If that’s not enough, he gifted me 2 cute soft toys on both the days ;-).

Work When You can, Rest When You can

Since I worked both the days on weekends, I would be taking off on Tuesday to relax and to maintain the work- life balance. Since it is a day off, I would be spending relaxing, cooking favorite food, and the best day for buying stuff online for home and myself from the long pending list. I am not very particular of taking off , I would be hitting office on Tuesdays if I had to.

But he never takes any off  in the weekdays – my workaholic husband. He did not even take half day off to rest after returning from Vellore and Kanchipuram trip, where in Kanchipuram we walked for 8 kms. The only time he took a weekday off in 2019 was when we went on 5 days road trip to Tirunelveli.

According to Rajesh, you dont need any special motivation to work on weekends. Just work on your energy level on all days.

So, work when you can and rest when you can. Just make sure to make the most of your energy level when it is at the peak. Rest when your energy level is at the low.

Overall happy with how we spent working on weekend. And added bonus of shopping too.

If I had been at home trying to work on weekend, it would never have happened. All other things would get done, except work.

Lucky me, by hitting office, I have spent 2 whole days productively.

When I can see clearly getting benefited working on weekend, then why not?

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