New Year Plan For 2021 ? Bite Me

For starters, I am not setting any new goal this coming year. My new year plan for 2021 is to complete all the unfinished businesses from the year 2020. 

Having said, here is a short review of this year 2020, about what went well and what didn’t. So I will get a fair idea about what to do with those incomplete stuffs, to decide either — 

a. Kickstart   (or)

b. Continue and improvise

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New year Plan For 2021

Health and Fitness: Happy

This year was golden in terms of health and fitness. In Fact thanks to the year 2019, that’s when I seriously kick started the workouts.  I was more regular to my morning yoga classes and weekly 3x workouts in 2019. I continued the same even when we were in a pandemic 2020 lockdown. Did strength training with the limited weights I had at home combined with endurance workouts.

Best of all, I did not beat myself up for losing the fat (body weight) as I did in the past couple of years. It’s about being fit more than looking good and losing weight. About a week back I did a bunch of tests (every year I do), happy to see all results have improved compared to the last 4 years’. Kudos.

New year plan? – Continue and Improvise

Work: Guilty

This year, I had all the time in the world  being stuck at home. Yet, my work graph went negative. It took a great effort to pull myself into the flow. Here I am publishing one article every 3 days. 

(the time spent on ‘reconstructing’ this website was not a total waste so that’s a small win).


What’s more disappointing is that I did not launch ‘my secret project’ as planned in 2019. For that I have worked my ass off for 18 months learning the niche and investing the time in R&D. I kept a deadline of December 2020 and here I am facing an empty wall. And my book reading habit took a toll as well. Bummer.

New Year Plan? – Kickstart

— Launch that project

— Read more books. Start with 3 books atleast which are long time pending from the year 2020.

Travel and leisure : Covid -19 Ruled 

Whole travel industry stopped working during the Pandemic and the emotional turmoil was more than just we could take it. On the positive note, we got to spend more time with family and neighbours. 

And not to mention the ‘extra bonding’ with family by binge watching Netflix. By the way did you invest in Netflix shares?. Our favourite coffee time talk (soon after my morning workout and half hr before the stock market opens) is discussing stocks. I invested more in banks, cements, steels and leisure (PVR and Inox). He invested more in banks, automobiles and some china based companies. Now that shares are crazily shooting up, I am looking to bag some decent money in the coming year.

On the more fun end, I rescued a tiny fledgling (red whiskered bulbul bird) that fell down in my garden balcony during Covid-19 lockdown and 2 weeks later we reunited it with its parents. What’s more interesting, recently we rescued 2 kittens across our study room hallow pathway when they were orphaned by our apartment residents (they decided to kick the cat mom out to far distances because of its constant nuisance for food).

We are now foster parents of two adorable kittens, taking good care of them until they are smart enough to survive in the urban wild.

Speaking of travel plans, we are going to fill the gaps of the year 2019. 

New year plan? – Continue and Improvise

Relationship and Lifestyle: Minimalism at its best

No, I am not talking about my relationship with my hubby. It has been going really well, and we are growing strong. 

(Try going on 100 road trips with your partner, your bond will become stronger than Thor’s hammer, pretty sure. If you end up fighting or blaming all the time during the trips, or finding it difficult to breathe around your partner, then stop travelling altogether. Do what you always do, dig your head inside a mobile phone or laptop and pretend like you are up to something important. Or shut the door altogether. Repeat until death).

And we did decide on going on minimal living for 2 years, and we have successfully completed those 2 yrs now. It was hell boring to wear the repetitions all the time, but yeahh we did beat the cotton out of every single thread. 

But this weekend we are going on a shopping spree, because for the past couple of months our ears bleed on the same dialogues like ‘we need more clothes’, ‘there is nothing to wear now’ 🙂 .

To get room for new ones, I have cleared plenty of old ones which I every year donate to the needy. 

Why minimal clothes?. Because not that long ago, we did crazy shopping for Rajesh’s side acquaintance’s wedding. I rocked a saree which was twice the price of the bride’s (later I came to know that you see) and had a good time. I also did a folk dance in the sangeet ceremony which I have been longing to do for long time. Had I gotten right pair, it would have been a blast. All I got was some local aunties and some kiddos, had to go with their dance moves..

Speaking of wedding, I envy those who got marries during pandemic, who got to spend less on their weddings. If I can redo my wedding altogether now, I will definitely do the pandemic wedding happily. Lucky you!!!

So since that shopping spree in 2019 for both of us, we have decided to wear off everything until we run out of options.

Not just my wardrobe, even my social network shrunk to only a handful of people that I knew from a long time. Of the majority of my long time friends settled abroad, it was mostly whatsapp calls and texts so far. Well, all that thousand contacts from my work built over time was given least priority past couple of years. Majority of them are business contacts gained from ‘Relationship Bank manager’ role in HDFC bank.

Starting today, I have booked myself a coffee date for the evening and lunch date for tomorrow. 

New year plan? – Kickstart

Sum – Up

Well, its clear that I am going to achieve all the pending goals as a part of new year plan 2021. But, I dont think I can achieve those goals, if am no different than my past. That means, I will still be stuck at the unfinished businesses if I am being the same old Renu.

So, I need to change my habits and systems so as to achieve the end goal. I have decided to stick to waking up by 5am, commit to work on my new project 3 hours first thing in the morning before all the unimportant businesses takes over my day.

During the rest of my day, when the focus is diverted, I am planning to use Pomodoro technique (I usually use this for my workout, so I will get max out in the short period) to keep up the productivity.

Is working smart is really sufficient to achieve the goals?. Nope.

What I also would require is ‘growth mindset’. Without which I would easily fall back into boredom of same old life and same old habits.

Clearly, more focus is on my professional part since that’s where the major gap is. That’s what it needs to be kick started. While doing so, I am going to remind often that not to beat myself up, because I am always overly committed – serious – anxiety prone person.

So, see you in the next year. Happy Holidays.