The Kinds of People I Meet as a Travel Blogger

Being a regular traveler and a blogger, I thought of writing an article about ‘the kinds of people I meet as a travel blogger’.

For those who don’t know about me, myself, Renu S. Rajesh, am a traveler by passion and blogger by profession. I quit my well paying bank job and chose to become an inbound marketer. Along the way in my new found career, myself and my Husband Rajesh started travelling places and soon started writing our travel experiences in our travel blog.

We travel with a purpose. With a purpose of connecting with nature and marvelous architectures built in old age. More than the places, we enjoy the travel itself. The travel which brings us mixed emotions and disconnects us from our daily lives.

We have a unique story to tell in all our travels. The stories and experiences which shaped our relationship to be strong.

Along with all those beautiful stories, I have also some experiences from different kinds of people we meet as travel bloggers.

Many of them are positive and have a good vibe when they come to know what we do. Those are our well wishers and all of them are supportive.

Sometimes we meet with negative, mean – spirited people who are good at sucking up the energy.

Here are such instances and how I would like to reply to them back or I how replied them back.

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You are a blogger huh? Teach me how to Blog

Just a casual question of ‘hey how do you blog, how do you do it?’ is a healthy question. Happy to answer them.

But it turns ugly soon when people can’t stop nagging me for blogging (or any related help – like social media marketing for their small businesses).

You can very well google ‘how to blog’ and get loads of resources for free.

You are a regular traveler huh? Have you been to these places? No? Haha We have been yeaaahhhh

It’s common bullying from people who think they have traveled so many places and couldn’t control their happiness to boast in front of us.

Recently, a guy took so much fun saying ‘yeahhhh’ out loud, when we said we didn’t go to a particular place. In Fact he did double ‘yeahhh’ with his hand, for the couple of places we said no. 

(Here you imagine an adult jump up and down sitting on a sofa).

Rajesh convinced me to ignore such bullies as he has seen fare share of bullies in his own circle.

These are the people very much longing to prove they are greater than others, at any cost. 

I am glad you look up to me as an inspiration. 

While you are spending your time thinking of me, thinking of all the ways to put me down to make yourself great – here I am minding my own business.

In another scenario with another acquaintance, that person was all proud that they traveled only to the international destinations. 

So great you went to only international destinations. You must be so proud of yourself and it’s a piece of cake when you are living and eating daily free of cost.

And Good luck on trying to pull me into an ugly competition loop. 

You Know It’s never gonna happen, because our paths seldom cross.

As much as I appreciate them travelling to those places and all, I don’t see a point why they have to bring it with an attitude when sharing with me.

Why can it never be like mature adult talks?.

Well, all I can say to these people is this.


Hey I want help with my website for content because I am a struggling businessman but I never stop passing sarcastic comments at every single chance I get. 

Yes I understand you are struggling businessman. I also know that you have a good paying full time job. But for me to give you content that requires specific hrs of my time dedicated to research and writing, I would also like you to talk about money. 

Whenever I bring up a point to this guy that I freelance writing for so and so money, he casually ignores that topic altogether. 

Again after a couple of days, a call would come with different topics but with the same intentions.

It’s a loop that never ended for some time. 

For what’s worst, if I’m not picking his ‘needy’ phone calls, he would go complain to his wife ( But the thousand calls I made to build the relationship never counts). And she is very good at poking at me during our normal conversations (very unhealthy in a relationship).

It was kind of pressure being in that relationship. There was no real human connection, except for ‘needy’ calls even after I gave my best to build the relationship. I had to let go of them because it was too much to handle 2 sensitive people who is always judgmental.

Irrespective of many favors myself and my hubby did for his personal and professional life – he has always been cheap and passing sarcastic comments (only at me) at every chance he gets.

So far I ignored the sarcasm for good, until it ended for good.

You quit your well paying bank job? You know my daughter earns less money but now she has more experience than you.

Good for your daughter, and wish her good luck. 

You must be lucky that your husband is good at heart. Otherwise why will he take you on every single trip?

This is the most annoying and most testing question of all. So reserved to write at the last, so I can give back ummm reply well.

FYI I had a really great life before marrying my husband. 

I was a well achieved woman at the age of 25 itself. And my life only got better since then.

I had all the freedom growing up, so took all the decisions in my life.

I was raised with values, given education (3 degree holder) and given an equal share of property to my name. 

And lots of accolades from my workplace and 3 gold medals to crown my education so far. Now I am working on something great that my hubby himself is so proud of. 

When I hear people say they had to work for a college principal to buy some time to pay the fee, I feel privileged that my dad always paid full fee in one go. Not a single day was it delayed. On top, I was given 2k of pocket money every month throughout my high school. And my pocket money kept increasing as my father grew in his hardware business. 

Forever grateful.

I bought a new scooty just for 3 months of my MSc project in Chennai because my pocket money piled up in my bank account.

Since I learnt the meaning of hard work watching my father work 12 hrs every single day, You can never see me talking less of any profession, nor looking down on any hard working people.

I have the reputation of being down to earth to people till date. I grew more humble after my graduation from London, because the community I grew up with are made of awesome women leaders. I take inspiration from them.

But it doesn’t mean I can’t beat anyone’s ass. I am a physically stronger woman and also knew Karate from a very young age. 

Just because my hubby is taking me on a trip, doesn’t mean I just tag along and enjoy all the benefits. I take equal responsibility being a good road trip partner.

I knew to ride a motorbike upside down before I even got my license at the age of 18 including a car. 

My first motorbike trip was at the age of 22, from TamilNadu to a place in Kerala, with my little cousin on the pillion ride. We were 6 people in 3 bikes, and never forget the applause I got on the road near Coimbatore.

Ever Since age 18, I have been travelling on my own, have travelled many places solo and with friends before my married life. (I know it’s very common now for gals, I’m writing this for these petty talkers).

In Fact I can’t help but laugh at people who try to trash talk me because they are incapable beyond a certain level. 

Trust me it only makes me feel better when people try to compare me with them for all the good things they have, because that shows they look up to me.

To all those people I have just one thing to say – I feel I am just a teeny tiny atom in this far wide world. And I spend most of my time growing myself and my family – taking inspirations from great achieved people. 

That also means I don’t mind any petty talks and stinking opinions. 

I have my own tight circle of loving family and friends, for which I am happy for.

And I am grateful that I am married to a great guy, always will. 

I know the feeling is mutual, because he always compliments me for making him a road tripper and above all making him a happy person.  

Cheers to all the distances we went by bike and our car, cheers to us for all our accomplishments on the road. And we continue to ride/drive until we achieve great numbers or until we feel like stopping.

One thing for sure, We Have Many Miles to go.