My Rescued Baby Bird Story During #2020Lockdown

This is a story of a rescued baby bird fallen and injured in our home balcony. And how we took care of it after with medicine and strength training before reuniting with its parents.

The reason I mentioned “My rescued Baby bird” is because Rajesh did not come near that Bird at all. Except for clicking a couple of pics and just one time when we had to take the bird to the Vet.

Read about a tiny, cute little Red Whiskered BulBul Baby bird – a singing bird, which we rescued from our garden balcony, in Bangalore.

I have written a very detailed story here in an intention to cherish the memory forever. So, if any time you feel bored of the lengthiness of my story, feel free to turn to the next one. 

And yes, this story has a happy ending.

How We Rescued this Baby bird

About My Apartment Garden – Small intro

It is always a pleasure to watch the Red Whiskered BulBul bird build a nest on our garden gate. The garden gate is a collapsible grill gate which separates our balcony and the sky open garden.

Our garden has a couple of flowering mini trees and many ornamental plants, both kept in soil and pots.

But that’s not the very reason they are attracted to my home. Not even for the tray of water I regularly keep out for birds (that invited yet another regular guest – cat, an ungrateful soul poops on my grass sometimes 🙁  ).

Well, not for trees, not for water, not for a couple of grasshoppers and insects my garden has to offer.

But for the location you see. It takes just 2 second bird flight distance from its home tree, situated just across my apartment wall. Where atleast 3 dozen Red Whiskered BulBul birds make home of that tree. And I can proudly say atleast a dozen of them were born in my garden.

Well, the reason is this. My garden balcony makes a perfect territorial hideout where its enemy “spotted blue bird” – atleast 10x bigger in size cannot find its nest’s location. 

Also, my balcony gives them a perfect “bird view” to babysit / egg sit even from quite long distances. I don’t know how they do it, the minute I step out onto the balcony, they always arrive in a jiffy to show they have eyes on me.

These little lives never ceased to amaze me.

The Rescued Baby Bird’s Parents Are Not Experienced

All the couples who built their nests in our balcony were amazing, hardworking and dedicated parents you see. 

Some parents lay 2 eggs, some lay 3, depending on their parenting experience I guess.

While I am writing this article, yet another couple has started their family already. I can tell that they are experienced parents from the look of its tightly weaved nests.

But the rescued baby bird’s parents were inexperienced. I could figure out not just from the number of eggs, but from the display of its messy nest. For sure they are ‘new parents’. And somehow clumsily covered it by torn polythene bags which gave a meagre support. 

I am always curious to watch these birds growing in my balcony, and this time looking at the modern house made of plastic, my curiosity had no boundary.

Finally, parents were successful hatching 2 eggs after a week of relentless hard work.

Myself and hubby were excited for the new arrivals and they became the top discussion during our every day morning coffee.

In Fact we even moved our bed near the balcony, so we can ‘baby watch’ them through the glass balcony doors.

We Rescued Baby Bird On 8th May 2020

My hubby was pretty sure the fledglings would leave the following weekend just like the previous batch chicks did.

He loves to make these guesses you see.

Apparently he would have been right if only those naughty fledglings waited for a day. 

On 8th May 2020, those 2 fledglings fell down from the top. It was the siblings’ fight that made them fall down on the ground along with the nest.

Obviously parents were more shocked than we were, fluttering wings and making stress calls to protect them from the exposure. 

What seemed like an eternity, soon those fledglings recovered from the shock, moved to the corner as guided by the parents.

Hatchlings falling from the nest in my home balcony
The falling down with the nest – Ray baby at the corner, all shocked. Hanged a towel to protect them from sun.

Healthy Baby Bird Fledged with its Parents

What was more shocking is that when we saw one fledgling kept pushing the other one. It was aggressively blocking the other so as to seize all the food from its parents. 

Around 4pm, we were relieved to find them on the garden lawn just outside of the balcony gate. They were taking conscious little leaps by being extremely aware of the new world.

The aggressive one was the first to move towards the tree, and the other one was shy and nervous to take the steps. Little did we know that time is that, it was suffering from the injured pain from falling down.

From our previous experiences, the fledglings usually leave the nests in the morning, and fly to their parents’ home tree only by late evening. Until then, the parents keep feeding them tirelessly and guarding them from the predators. 

Until late evening, the shy baby bird was not making much progress. Sat on the alovera pot , exhausted. All the while, the aggressive baby made progress like any normal baby bird would do and had successfully fledged with its parents. 

Waiting to fly with the sibling - baby bird rescue
Ray Baby at fledgling stage – All cute and worried after its aggressive sibling took off with its parents
Seeking comfort in the garden - injured baby bird
Healthy baby Clicked Just before it flew away with its Parents

We Named the Rescued Fledgling – “RayBaby”

During late evening, we bought the shy baby inside home, with an intention to protect it from the cold air and our apartment stray cat.

We named the baby bird  “Raybaby”.

It slept tight until I woke the baby the next day morning. Such a little adorable baby. It was so cute to see it sleep with head tucked between its feathers.

Raybaby’s Desperate Attempts to Fly to Parents

The next morning we kept the Raybaby in the same place where we found it last night. 

Its parents were very early and kept making stress calls until they saw the raybaby.

We expected that it would fly with its parents soon any minute. 

Despite all its desperate attempts to fly, atleast 100s of times every day, it could not bring itself to move its right side of the body. Only its left feathers were actively flipping, and had absolutely no problems with walking at all.

It was very painful to watch its desperate cry to get its parents help, whenever its parents were around to feed. Needless to say, parents too, tried its best luring Raybaby into flying with all their energy.

During afternoons, Raybaby would go behind any of the aloe vera plant pots on the ground, would stay calm and safe until its parents returned back to feed in the evening.

Soon all the crying and jumping starts all over again. 

We and its parents took turns to look after the baby for a couple of days – “them” in the mornings, “us” from the evening till next mornings.

On one particular night, it was looking weak and exhausted. It was so weak, that it could not be able to sit with tight grip, nor flip its feather and make short jumps like it used to do before. 

After seeing its poor condition, Rajesh insisted that we take Raybaby to consult the doc.

“RayBaby” Consulted Vet for its Injured Feathers

On 12th May, Tuesday afternoon, we took Raybaby to a vet for consulting, and was relieved to know that it had only minor injury to its feathers.

All that weakness and exhaustion could be due to hurting itself while attempting to fly.

Raybaby was given medicine for a week, one drop of it daily, for 8 days.

While coming back home, we were trying hard to figure how to feed medicine to the babybird since it has never accepted any food from us. But after Vet’s consulting, having waited for a couple of hrs in the queue without food, it accepted sugar water complacently from us.

Guess back and forth travel to doc’s office has made Raybaby super hungry. Soon it started accepting hand fed egg whites, grapes, apples and muskmelons.

It’s all time favourite is Muskmelon fruit. 

Going forward, I kept feeding this baby bird 15 to 20x a day, keeping away from the sun until we were sure of its strength gaining back. 

Strength Training “RayBaby” for 2 Weeks

As much as we wanted to baby sit and keep it ourselves forever, we also wanted the baby to be reunited with its parents for its deserving life. 

We did all we could to make it fly, keep it active, practice small jumps by luring it towards food and all the while gaining its trust. It amazingly responded well to my voice, and tried its best to fly and reach to me for food.

The best days in my life were the time when Raybaby climbed onto the bed looking for me (bed on the floor near the balcony) and made serious attempts to snuggle under my neck. Once successfully climbed on to my belly, it would then start crying with an open mouth showing that it was hungry. As if saying to me, “can you see me now clearly huh human, am super hungry”. 

Since I am used to this call every 20 mins, whenever I try to ignore its call, it would then proceed to jump on to my shoulder, and would start to peck on my mouth. Until I get up to feed it with muskmelons.

Sometimes she/he fly directly to my kitchen counter, where I usually keep the fruits stock. Then cry from there, looking at me expectantly.

This cry and food drama continues until it falls asleep in the evening. 

There were times I would be working in my laptop after lunch, with Raybaby snuggled under my neck comfortably.

Also there were days when myself and hubby would be having evening tea with Raybaby snuggled sleeping under my neck. 

We were becoming inseparable.

Late evenings were the most hard times, since Ray was clinging on to my neck, seeking comfort behind my ponytail, and sleeping. I could separate it only when it was super asleep and slowly sneak into a bedroom and leave it in its basket.

Happy Ending – Reuniting with Parents

The 2 weeks of Raybaby in our life was indeed a golden period, turning #2020lockdown into treasurable memories. We took extra care when we released Raybaby into our garden to permanently reunite with its parents. Every single minute we kept watch on which direction it was flying, where it was resting and all. 

Because, all these days when we left Raybaby outside to be fed by its parents, parents kept calling the baby to fly. So, in an desperate attempt to fly with its parents, Ray either got stuck in the neighbor’s balcony for the whole day or fell outside of our garden wall in an attempt to fly.

Soon, it gets tired from its weak wings and immobilizes. Also once its first attempt failed, it’s parents couldn’t make it fly high again for another long hrs. 

Reuniting attempts – Ray’s parents waiting patiently across my Kitchen grill, in the garden tree

Mostly it was afraid of heights, so kept clinging to our / our neighbours garden area, afraid to jump beyond our tall apartment wall. Just 2 days before it was finally reunited with its family, it was chasten by the enemy “spotted bird”, and was saved by its brave parents.

It landed in our garden again, shaken. I took it inside, kept it safe for 2 more days, practiced more heights before leaving it outside again. 

Thanks to Raybaby, My life was happy and adventurous all these 2 weeks.

When Raybaby flew permanently with its parents, needless to say I was clearly upset. Yet, happy for the little soul going to its deserving wild life.

In one flick, it flew high confidently to the home tree with its parent.

Wow, It was one of the proudest moments. And I will never forget, ever in my life.

My Daily Things to Do During Covid-19 Lockdown

I am a traveler and travel blogger. I have been traveling regularly with my husband Rajesh since our marriage in Sep’ 2015. And I, personally, have been travelling for more than a decade now. Well, this is my blogging platform. Sometimes, I do pen down my non-travel life experiences here, because that is what keeps my life balanced. There is one such experience, where I had to stay home for 4 months without any travel and outing. Apart from occasionally going out for a walk and shopping, I lived a totally alien life. 

Well, not just me, the whole world stayed indoor during the #Covid-19Pandemic.

So keep reading to know my #Covid19LockdownStory.

List of my daily things to do during Covid-19 lockdown

Initially I struggled with the workload, since there was no maiden help during complete lockdown. As I always used to do, soon I found a way to simplify the tasks and make it fun instead of boring. 

So, here is the list of things to do daily that kept us engaged and productive.

1. Cook food – Most important things to do Daily

Rajesh took responsibility for sourcing groceries along with all other staples. He took the pain of standing in the queue when the resources were on complete demand.

I took the responsibility of meal planning and preparation.

It used to be hectic as days went by without any maiden help. It was becoming a full time job and I started finding myself suffocating with other things to do in the daily list.

important thins to do during covid lockdown
Shopping during Covid19 Lockdown

For sure I missed all the eating out in the favorite restaurants nearby. And the chinese soup and momos.

Rajesh was very understanding and supporting all those days. 

He used to show up and engage in a conversation until my task gets complete. At times he helped me with some tasks too. Soon he showed interest in cooking and even mastered a non-veg dish in just a couple of attempts. I could not be more proud of him. Here is why. 

The community I grew up in, was led by matriarchs and they taught all their kids all kinds of chores irrespective of the genders. 

So, you might be surprised to see girls riding motorbikes and boys cooking elaborate meals for the family. Until now, my mom’s side grandma was my inspiration. Because she was quite successful in life as a farmer and a homemaker, being a widow from a very young age.

things to do to be productive during pandemic lockdown
One of the daily things to do – Cook meals

My father asked me to learn cooking not for running a family or being a good homemaker. He insisted on learning cooking just as a survival skill just like how he insisted on learning swimming, karate, riding bikes and computer classes. 

Except that he gave more importance to the education part. Thanks to him, I learnt all survival skills including car driving before the age 18. And more than grateful that I have never been a burden to anybody in my life. Well, that’s the point of calling oneself as “independent” isn’t it?. 

Well, now I’m a big fan of my hubby’s pepper chicken fry with ground spices from his own hands. 

Pepper fry chicken

2. Home making

Here comes the laborious job of home making. From making bed in the morning to the time I go to bed at night, there were always many things to do. Somehow these tasks never seemed to be a burden when I was regular to office. 

Not to mention the extra task of sanitizing the entire house. 

Thanks to my habit of bulk-buying the toileteries, I had enough supply to last this year.

How to buy things in bulk from Amazon
Home supply – bulk buy from Amazon

Read – How to buy things from

Thanks to all the stock, we did a house super clean and thrown away most of the unwanted stuff. All my clothes were wrapped and donated.

Amidst all these, there was an emotional breakdown from one of the houses on my apartment floor. He was faced with a dispute from all the neighbors as he bought a guest backdoor. Soon, there were more rules and regulations in place. People were then asked to enter the timings at the main entrance security gate and the purpose of the outing. 

Though it had nothing to do with us, the conflict in the apartment kinda put us in a stress mode. 

Meanwhile, my neighbor became a close friend and started sharing food items. She became a fan of my South Indian dishes and we became fans of her barbecues. 

3. Blogging

Hardly there was any energy left to do my professional work and blogging. My website was put under construction not too long before the lockdown. Since I wanted to give a makeover to the basic wordpress theme I had, I put my website on maintenance mode for sometime. Yet again, thanks to hubby who did all sorts of help to my website. Infact, my blog doesn’t exist without his help.

I tried my best to keep at the schedule and timelines. 

I was very particular about keeping myself cool and not to stress myself on the timelines. 

Because I believe that any good habits need to be in moderation to keep the sanity.

4. Gardening

Just like our home and website, the garden underwent some makeover too. I rearranged the pots, cleaned the balcony space and added nourishment to the soil. When it comes to gardens, Rajesh always stays far away. But he was the one to be more excited when there were summer blossoms all over our garden.

There never was a day went without admiring the flowers during our morning cuppa coffee. 

My garden lillies in full blossom
Summer blossoms – My garden pics
Gardening - Things to do during covid lockdown
Jasmine Strings – One of my evening to-do durig lockdown

5. Workouts

Soon after our beautiful time together enjoying our morning cup of coffee or tea, comes workout time. Again Rajesh stays far away during this time. He would join sometime in the evening only if kept nagging him. 

Usually I enjoyed my morning workouts with my limited collection of weights. I created a workout chart of my own and ritually stuck to the schedule and the chart. Though I did not follow any diet in particular, I simply ate less on the days I did not workout. 

The result?

Felt stronger and toned after 3 months of consistent workouts.

6. Taking care of Rescued Baby bird

Guess who came to make my covid-19 lockdown colourful?.

A tiny, cute red whiskered bulbul bird.

As I mentioned before we have this beautiful garden space of about 200 sq. feet with bushy plants and trees.

We have frequent visitors who lay eggs on our balcony steel gate. Since we don’t usually open this gate, these birds take turns in growing their family.

It is not unusual for us to see the nests in our balcony all the time. And it is not unusual to see these tiny birds outgrow the nests and fly away.

On one such day, we were anxiously waiting for these hatchlings to fly away to join their extended family across our balcony. But soon we found those two had fallen on to the ground after a siblings’ fight for space. We kinda anticipated this as their parents built a messy nest and hatchlings were literally hanging on a thread all these days.

One of the siblings was hurt falling hard on its right wing and was in severe shock. 

Cutting the long story short, we rescued the baby bird hiding in our garden bushes on that night and brought it inside home

Here is the detailed story.

We nourished the baby strong after we took ‘Raybaby’ for consultation. Raybaby stayed with us for 2 weeks until it was reunited with its parents. 

Rescued an injured Baby bird – Red Whiskered bulbul bird

It was the most beautiful and wonderful part in my life.

Myself and Raybaby grew attached to each other. Ray would come hopping on to me wherever I am, only to snuggle under my neck for food and a nap. I treasure those times we went hunting the grasshoppers around the kids area in our apartment. 

With a heavy heart I had to let it go with its parents after two failed attempts, to its deserving wild life.

7. Mind and Wellness

I started implementing a mind wellness regimen and tried hard to stick to it till date.

As soon as waking up and just before morning coffee I spent no more than 10 mins writing in my journal. I don’t write about anything in particular, but I answer only a couple of questions repeatedly for a week. Then I would go on to answer another set of questions for the next week.

I got inspired from this book when I was looking for a guide to strengthen my brain muscles.

Writing down the responses in my journal helped me a great deal to focus in my life with clarity.

Now it has become part of my morning routine and it is one of the most important things to do in my daily list.

These were my daily things to do during Covid-19 lockdown, all the while keeping ourselves safe and sane.

Update – The car (Creta 2020) we booked before Covid lockdown got delivered in June 2020. And here is where we went on a long drive from Bangalore.

This is What I did Last Weekend (My New Bike and Diwali 2019)

What I did last weekend is what I call it a life. A balanced life. 

(This above colorful pic is from our 11 days long crazy Motorbike trip to TamilNadu in the year 2017).

This is What I did last Weekend

Last Friday, 1st of November was holiday for Kannada Day in Bangalore. So we have got 3 continuous holidays during the weekend to celebrate. Just like Diwali, this year too, we have decided to stay at home, relax and enjoy the weather. And try completing some pending tasks too.

On Friday, We as usual started our day with brunch and coffee at home, just like we do on any holidays and weekends.

Then in the late afternoon we went to buy helmet in Jayanagar 4th block from a new shop selling “Studd” helmet. I chose red shade to match with the color of my new bike, “Honda Grazia”. We named our new bike “Mac”, when Rajesh gifted it to me on our 4th Wedding Anniversary, on September 15th along with a few other precious gifts.

our motorbike for southindia travel - travel blog
TravelDuo Ride with Saddle Bag

Already I own an open face pink helmet from “Steel bird” bought about 6 yrs back, traveled with me to all the bike trips we went and it is still good as new. But hubby insisted on buying new one now.


List of Shops for ShoppingJayanagar 4th Block Bangalore

A Small Intro on My old Bike – Black Scooty pep

Here I have to mention about my old ride, which gave up completely after serving me for full 11 years. I bought black Scooty pep for about 50k ready cash when I was in Chennai for my Master’s project.

My dad asked me to buy a new bike since it was hectic walking and travelling by public transport. Since that time, I had this bike with me, rode in Chennai, Bangalore, Annur and Hyderabad for continuous 11 years. And I grew very attached to it.

Now as per hubby’s suggestion, this time bought a fully closed helmet keeping the sky rocketing pollution in mind and thanks to the pain in the ass metro construction as well. I very much needed a full face helmet.

Then we had all the street food possible in our favourite “Big Mishra Pedha” shop in Jayanagar. 

For evening tea, we headed to another favourite shop in BTM layout called SriDevi Bakery for “Mushroom puffs” and hot “ginger tea”.

Again killed sometime aimlessly in the area, before we decided to treat ourselves with warm soup comforting for this chilly weather.

What I did last weekend - where I ate and went shopping
Soup and fish fingers from Chavadi restaurant

Had this home cooked meal for dinner.

last weekend meal at home, southindian recipes
Home made tomato utappam

On Saturday, Rinse and Repeat

Since we had no plans to go anywhere on Saturday, we decided to stay home and watch Netflix. I prepared a simple salad and juice for breakfast, and for lunch, we thought of ordering in, but changed mind in the last min. 

south indian dishes images

So we went to the one of the best restaurant called “Chavadi” in Bannerghatta road near my home, where we always prefer to go for high tea and pizza. One of the best in the area.

Then spent the entire evening infront of the tv. Binge watched “jack Ryan’s” series back to back on Netflix, before we decided to go out for a walk in the park to kill the headache.

After dropping me at home, hubby went out bought me a surprise meal from Anjappar restaurant (pic not available). The best natti chicken fry and chicken gravy available in the entire bangalore (Nagarjuna and Thalappakatti Restaurants’ gravy does not even come close). 

Had the best meal of the weekend.

It didn’t stop there.

Working Sunday with a Feast

Next day, Sunday, we decided to go our co-work office since it will be absolutely boring at home on the 3rd day. So went late morning to office, after having grilled sandwiches and juices from our other favorite street shop called “Juice Junction”.

(This is where you can get best grilled sandwiches and juices in Bangalore).

For lunch, we went to thalappakkati biryani – yes yet another favourite restaurant in Bangalore. 

(All the places we go are mentioned as “favourite” because we frequently visit them many times in a month. You can read where we love to eat regularly nearby our home and office).

Not just our favourite, its many people’s favourite for its legendary mutton biryani made with Jeera samba rice. They have branches all over the world and we have tried so far in JP nagar and HSR layout branches, food tastes the same.

We always go for 1 mutton biryani since it is super calorie rich food made with jeera samba rice. To go with mutton biryani we always pic 1 chicken and 1 mutton dry variety on the side.

Thalappakatti Restaurant Bangalore images
Legendary Mutton Biryani From Thalappakatti Restaurant bangalore

We then came back to the office, worked for long hrs before we returned home.

This is What I think

This is what I did last weekend – roaming, shopping, eating out and working.

I think it would be appropriate to give title “where I ate in the last weekend” instead of “what I did last weekend” :).

It was fun filled weekend indeed.

my home garden - blogger
Recent click of my garden Papaya

Anyways, as long as we both hangout without chewing off each others head and enjoy every second of being together is what I call it a happy married life. And I have a great one fellas :). Wish my father and grandmother are alive to see how happy I am now.

Forever grateful.