Long Drive From Bangalore to Mysore in Our #AllNewCreta

Yesterday, we went on a long drive from Bangalore to Mysore in our #AllNewCreta, bought in June 2020.

Long Drive From Bangalore to Mysore

We wanted to take our new Creta on a long drive since 2 months.

Since its a new car and that too an SUV, we were more than cautious all these days. All we did was to take our ‘Milo’ – that is the name our car :), on a short one day road trips in highways.

We did go once in Hassan road, and couple of times in Mysore road and several times to Kanakapura road to our regular cafe coffee day.

Well, its time we took the beast for a long drive from Bangalore to Mysore.

Why We Chose Mysore for Our First Long Drive

The main reason being, we are very much familiar with just 2 roads / highways starting from Bangalore.

One is Hosur road, leading to Chennai and Salem, where we have been on multiple bike trips and road trips to Tiruvannamalai, Vellore, Kanchipuram, Yercaud, Kumbakonam, Trichy, Tirunelveli, Madurai, etc.,

And Second, Mysore highways, leading to Mysore, further to places like Coorg, Wayanad, Bandhipur, Ooty, Chikmagalur, Mangalore etc.,

Due to pandemic – interstate highways lock-down, we were left with just one familiar road, that is Mysore highways.

Very soon we will be exploring many other roads such as Kunigal Highways and Hyderabad highways. We have covered Nandhi hills and Lepakshi in one day bike trip in Hyderabad highways, yet to explore further once this pandemic is over.

Our recent Hassan road trip in our #AllNewCreta

Many Other Good Reasons for Choosing Mysore Highways:

  • Well Paved Roads – A very popular highways (NH 275), now under construction for 6 ways road is a treat for anyone looking for long drive from Bangalore to Mysore, or Coorg or Wayanad.
  • Numerous Restaurant Choices – Throughout the highways, you have numerous choices of restaurants and coffee shops. Our new favorite is Drive thru McDonalds in Channapatna, where you get hot meals at all times. And the best part? It is a drive through. No time waste in dine – in.
  • Toll Fare of Just 65/- rupees – We all need a weekend getaway that doesn’t burn our pockets, isn’t it?. Trust me, Mysore highways doesn’t cost you much like Salem and Kunigal highways where you would be easily spending minimum of 250 rupees for a one way drive. Whereas, here, for a long drive from Bangalore to Mysore, you would be spending just 65 rupees. And if you choose Kanakapura road (NH 948) for the return journey, you would be spending only half of that money. Very gooood.

Best Drive in Restaurant in Kunigal highways

From our recent short raod trip from Bangalore, the best drive -in restaurant in Kunkgal Highways is Swathi Delicacy. Here is google map link – https://goo.gl/maps/TLXDeUxjxEFF3M678.

Taste their coffee alteast, its the best :).

Travel Time from Bangalore to Mysore by Road

Bangalore to Mysore distance is 150 kms from each other. The travel time from Bangalore to Mysore by road, was just 3 hrs. Fair good time with just pit stop of 10 mins (that too at McD’s drive thru) in a moderate traffic.

Ideally it would take about 4 hrs of drive for a skillful driver in an ususal weekend traffic. Whereas, it would take just 3 hrs of drive for a skillful driver in a weekday traffic. The toughest one is from Nice road until Ramanagara, after that it is usually a smooth drive.

We started by 8 am on a Sunday morning, after having a cup of black coffee at home.

(This is how to make best coffee at home, my all time favorite drink).

McDonald’s Drive thru, Channapatna, Long drive from Bangalore

By the time we reached “the frosting” cafe, it was 11am. Strectched legs, quenched thirst, ate pizza, clicked pics and chilled out for some time. After all the chillax, roamed the city until 2.30pm.

Entrance view at the frosting cafe, Mysore

Meantime had coffee at Ashirvaad grand pure veg situated across Grand Mercure hotel.

If you are wondering, we came to know this restaurant when we stayed in ‘Grand Mercure‘, just a week before outburst of Covid-19. While we stayed there, we came to this veg restaurant for the evening meal. We liked this veg restaurant in Mysore since then. And their best mysuru coffee too.

Instead of “frosting cafe”, last time we went to “The Old House” cafe. Love both their ambiance and food.

In fact we wanted to go to our all time favorite Green hotel with Malgudi cafe. It is one of the best cafe in Mysore. Unfortunately it was temporarily closed for the pandemic. Otherwise we would never miss their coffee and dessert for anything in the world.

best cafe in mysuru
The green hotel, Malgudi cafe in Mysuru

Around 2.30, we had lunch at yet another famous restaurant in Mysore for Biryani, called Hanumanthu Mess. It is rated one of the best non veg restaurant in Mysuru. And it is true. A small mess serving delicious non veg and biryani could be your favorite too.

We then leisurely started our Milo, to return back to Bangalore.

Returning Back – Long Drive Via Malavalli / Kanakapura Road

It is our thing, we always choose Malavalli – Kanakapura road (NH 948) for the return journey.

Ideally it is a parallel highways to Mysore highways, with less fancy road and far less traffic.

Not only that, we love that road for the greenery and agri land.

We were on this route couple of times when went on bike trip to Shivanasamudra falls, T Narasipura, Talakadu Tala Kaveri river and Somanathapura (Hoysala architecture) and Srirangapatna.

With our favorite music playing at the back, the return journey took us 4 hrs of time. Because, we stopped at many places to click pics, the most notable one was the thriving Kaveri river after monsoon.

We never had any interest to go sightseeing in Mysore. If you are travelling with kids, and planning to go sightseeing Mysore palace, zoo and botanical garden – then you need to be arriving Mysore at 10am. So that you would have sufficient time to look around places in Mysore in one day.

But, we always love to hangout in cafe’s instead of sightseeing in Mysore.

This time too, in our long drive from Bangalore to Mysore in our #AllNewCreta, we did nothing but chill out in cafes.

Glad we took our Milo for a long drive.

Bangalore to T Narasipura: Crazy Bike Ride to the Less Known Destinations in Karnataka

We went on one day bike trip from Bangalore to T Narasipura (Tirumakudal Narasipura). This is one of our crazy bike travel of total 335 kms just in one day, from our home in Bangalore.

How many of you have heard of place called T Narasipura in Karnataka?. 

Except for the people from T Narasipura and the surrounding area. And a few who had been there or crossed that place. Right?.

Since it is not a very famous bike trip destination, so I don’t blame you if you have not heard of that place at all.

This is how we went on a one day bike trip from Bangalore to T Narasipura via Srirangapatna and Somanathapura.

It was an unforgettable day driving among the scenic roads.

Read more to know – how to reach T Narasipura from Bangalore with distance and route map.

Bangalore To T Narasipura – Route Map

We are a travel duo – married couple, and this is one of the stories of our bike trips to the places in Karnataka.

We have decided to travel from Bangalore to T Narasipura during the end of year 2016. After we gained confidence from our couple of crazy bike trips to Lepakshi (2 states in one day) and Hassan (adventurous night ride of 500 kms in 2 days).

We started our bike on 10th December 2016, from our home in Bangalore to T Narasipura via Srirangapatna and Somanathapura.

The distance from Bangalore to T Narasipura is 143 kms (varies depends on the place you start).

We traveled a total of 335 Kms starting from Bangalore. 

This is the Route Map of Our Bike Trip from Bangalore to T Narasipura. 

First we reached Srirangapatna by taking Bangalore to Mysore highways. Did darshan in Lord Sri Ranganathar temple.

Then rode to Somanathapura to visit a very famous Hoysala architecture.

Finally T Narasipura Village. 11 kms ride from Somanathapura.

Visited Yoga Narasimha swamy temple and an ancient cave temple across the shore.

All the 4 stops are explained in detail below.

Stop 1 : Bangalore to Srirangapatna

We started our bike at home around 8am, headed to Srirangapatna in the Bangalore – Mysore highways. We stopped at Malgudi vattika restaurant in Bidadi for breakfast. Spent time clicking pics and relaxing a bit before we continued our journey in the hot sun.

We reached the Srirangapatna Lord Ranganathar temple around 12.30 pm. We spent an hour for darshan.  

The lord Ranganathar here is called Adi Ranga, located at the start of Kaveri river is of greater significance in Hindu religion. 

The other two significant temples on the kaveri bed are Madya ranga at Shivanasamudra and Anthya Ranga at Trichy.

(Read our Bike trip to Shivanasamudra falls and Madya ranga temple).

The adi ranga – Lord Ranganathar temple is always crowded, especially on saturdays. Usually temple closing time is 1 noon, but on Saturday and auspicious days the temple remains open until 2 pm. 

Stop 2: Srirangapatna to Somanathapura

Next stop is yet another famous, tourist destination in Somanathapura is Chennakesava temple. Chenna – Kesava, translates to Beautiful Lord Vishnu is the main deity of this ancient temple which is under the archaeological department. 

The “Hoysalas” who ruled between 11th and 14th centuries have built this unique – never can be seen anywhere in the world kind of architecture only in Karnataka. 

I was surprised to see the resemblance of Hoysala architecture in Trimbakeshwar temple, Mumbai. We have visited Trimbakeshwar temple in Mumbai during one of our official visits for 6 days in Mar’ 2017. (See for yourself here).

They have built large and small temples in Karnataka, dedicating to either Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva. Of many of the famous Hoysala architecture in Karnataka, we have been to the ones in Belur, Nuggehalli, Halebid and Somanathapura.

All of them are beautiful temples and must be seen in Karnataka.

The Somanthapura temple or Chennakesava temple is one of my all time favourites, and I never miss a chance to atleast to have a peek at this temple whenever  we go on a road trip from Bangalore to Mysore, or to Srirangapatna. 

Stop 3 : Somanathapura to T Narasipura

Here comes our final destination, T Narasipura. Am sure the readers may not have heard about this less known weekend destination, a less explored place near Mysore.

T Narasipura is a small town adorned with Kaveri river, surrounded by agri fields and gives a serene view for the bike ride. Kumb mela is celebrated grand festival here.

If you are unsure of where to go, I would suggest going on a one day trip from Bangalore to T Narasipura. Or go via T Narasipura, drive in scenic roads to Talakadu or Somanathapura or Mysore.

There isn’t any picnic spot to spend time here, but it’s a meaningful destination if you would like to ride among trees and fields.

It is a good place if you are looking for a one day road trip from Bangalore to Mysore.

From here, you could go to Talakadu – yet another famous tourist destination next to Somanathapura and Srirangapatna. Furthermore, Talakadu is famous for its Kaveri river and the ancient Lord Shiva temples that have been buried under the sand. Read here.

Stop 4: The Destination

On our Bangalore to T Narasipura bike trip, of all the famous temples, I had planned on visiting only 2 temples.

First we visited the most noteworthy temple. Called Yoga Narasimha swamy temple on the river bank. A must visit place in T narasipura, situated on the Kaveri river bank.

Second, an ancient cave temple.

After spending quality time and a well deserved break in Yoga Narasimha swamy temple, we went across the river to visit the cave temple.

Incontrast to the first temple, this cave temple was nothing but sad atmosphere. But we could not stop ourselves amazing at the plenty of small and big Shiva lingas all around this cave. 

It was a pretty big place once you enter inside. The priest or the guy who maintains the place (also lives in the cave) was not friendly, we waited until the actual priest arrived to see the main sanctum. 

He was not friendly either. Guess they are not used to outsiders visiting this god forsaken place.

My hubby appeared quite irritated that I dragged him to this unfriendly, dark cave where there was nobody except us. Thanks to 2 local ladies who arrived just before we left the temple. 

Finally, we started our bike very late in the evening, as usual we rode our bike in the dark to return home. 

It has become our thing – riding a bike in the dark, and we were pretty confident in riding a bike after these couple of experiences. Read about it here and here.

So far we saw how to reach T Narasipura from Bangalore. Now lets see the list of places to visit near T Narasipura.

Places to Visit Near T Narasipura

In our bike trip, T Narasipura village and the 2 temples were the final destination. 

Here is the list of places to visit near T Narasipura from our multiple bike trip experiences.

  1. Somanathapura temple
  2. Srirangapatna temple 
  3. Melkote temple
  4. Talakadu river and temples
  5. Shivanasamudra falls
  6. Kollegal falls
  7. Nanjangud temple
  8. Male Mahadeshwara hills

All of the above places are famous tourist places near T Narasipura.

Alternate route Via Kanakapura Road

Though many prefer to take the Mysore highways route, you could also reach T Narasipura from Bangalore via Kanakapura – malavalli route. Now Kankapura road is much developed and sophisticated with lot of good choices for pit stop. And the distance is same as the mysore highways route.

While you are at it, you could visit Talakadu and Shivanasamudra falls before reaching T Narasipura. Later visit Somanathapura and other places near T Narasipura.

Art of Living In Bangalore Ashram (How to Visit in detail)

If you are looking for details about visiting and/or enrolling to Art of Living in Bangalore ashram, this article has detailed answers.

About Art of Living In Bangalore Ashram

Sri Sri Ravishankar Ashram in Bangalore is the headquarters of Art of Living Foundation located in more than 156 countries. The interested individuals can learn the “Art of Living” programs (scroll down to know more details) under the certified professionals all over the world, or can learn the Art of Living in Bangalore ashram directly.

It is an international center open for all the national and international participants with the in-house accommodation with food for the entire duration.

AOL Bangalore ashram is open for the visitors to explore, learn, meditate and spend time on all days.

(Note: Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore Ashram, Sri Sri Ravishankar Ashram, Art of Living International Center are all the same).

We always travel past the Sri Sri Ravishankar ashram in Bangalore on all our bike trips via Kanakapura road, but never have set foot inside. Today we decided to give a try as we trying to go past this ashram while coming after coffee from rasta cafe. Anyways we have half a day left to end the weekend. 

This is the guide for someone looking to just visit or learn the courses of Art of Living In Bangalore Ashram – International Centre, Kanakapura Road.

AOL Bangalore Ashram – Location

Bangalore ashram – the International Centre is located in Kanakapura road, closer to Bannerghatta road and Banashankari. 

Use this map location for navigation – https://goo.gl/maps/gUnQurDUB6oXmeX1A.

The Art of Living International Centre

21st Km Kanakapura Road


Tel: +91-80-28427060


A guide to Art of Living- Entrance Fee, Parking, Help Desk and Bus tour

  • Paid parking facilities are available adjacent to the main gate
  • First of all, you need to know that AOL ashram is always crowded. And it is super crowded on the weekends and during festive seasons.
  • Also, no vehicles are allowed beyond the entry desk at the security
  • Park your vehicles, walk to the help desk for any assistance
  • Free entry for the visitors at all times, but prior online booking is a must for attending any events. Any kind of current bookings are not allowed
  • Bus tours are available at 11 to 12 and 2 to 3 pm everyday
  • There is a coffee shop available next to the help desk for a quick refreshmentAlso there is organic vegetable shop here
  • Also there is organic vegetable shop here

Note: If you are a AOL program participant you will be registering at the security gate with a valid id and an entry coupon. If you are a AOL course participant – national or international, you will be arriving one day before for the Art of Living in Bangalore ashram, for check-in and accommodation.

Vishalakshi Mandap inside Art of Living Banglore Ashram

The main attraction of Ravishankar Ashram International centre Bangalore is the weekend satsang and yoga courses on time to time basis. It is open for all the local and international participants. All the major events and evening satsang takes place in this huge thousand petal lotus mandap located about 1 mile walk from the main gate.

How to Spend a day at Sri Sri Ravishankar Ashram in Bangalore

You can walk straight to this Vishalakshi Mandap or take time to explore all other area before reaching here. Here is the list of other places you could explore in Art of Living ashram Bangalore.

  • Opposite to the help desk, a place called Nakshatra vanam. A bunch of trees planted corresponding to zodiac signs and the planets. A peaceful place to hangout or for a walk.
  • From the main gate, located in 200m is Guru Paduka Vanam / sumeru mandap. This is huge area can accommodate vast gatherings on special occasions like Navarathri Pooja, Sri Sri Ravishankar’s birthday celebration etc. A nice place to hangout with the view of ducks in the water pond in the centre. 
  • Cafe Vishala and Children Play area –  Try out some of the freshly baked breads with coffee here. You will also get good healthy satvik food for reasonable prices. We had cinnamon bread and coffee while we were there. Children play area is located right next to the cafe and also don’t miss out the organic garden view from the cafe.
  • Shop for adulteration free organic products and groceries in Sattva stores. 
  • Shop in Madhurya – for all the handcrafted products, pooja items, wall hangings, cotton weaves etc.,

How to Participate in the “Art of Living” program

There are lots of programs designed for the wellness of children and adults of all ages. If you are interested to attend any of the programs, you need to register first in the following link, then book the available seats. 

Visit for the Ravishankar ashram courses – https://programs.org.in/ekam/index.php/public/

Take a look at the following screenshot to understand the requirements.

If you want to know more about the courses in detail, visit this website  https://bangaloreashram.org/

Also, for the national and international guests, there are good accommodation facilities with laundry services. 

Walk Walk Walk

We walked about 3 kms in those 2 hrs spent looking only for the places mentioned above. For that reason, next time we are planning to take a guided bus tour to look at all the places. Because there are many places need to be explored. Like panchakarma ayurvedic centre, goshala, yagyashala with lake view, pathshala, guest accommodation facilities etc., And Sri ma annapoorna hall where more than 20000 meals served in a day. The best time to visit the bangalore ashram is around 1.30pm, take the guided tour by 2 to 3 pm, take a break at the cafe for some time before you attend an evening program in the lotus mandap. 

If you want to know more about learning the Art of Living in Bangalore ashram, visit their Bangalore ashram website – https://bangaloreashram.org/

Hope you have got all the questions answere with respect to visiting the ashram and enrolling the courses.

Go Karting in Bangalore – GRIPS in Kanakapura road

If you are looking for the best place for Go Karting In Bangalore – I would suggest a place called GRIPS in Kanakapura main road. Well, we have been a couple of times before we go on for a cup of coffee in Rasta cafe.

Grips – Go Karting and Bowling is located on the Kanakapura Main road Bangalore, about 22kms distance from our home.

On any unplanned weekend, we would start from home after breakfast in best veg restaurant near me – Krishna Kuteera, have set dosa or poori or veg pulao before we head on to Kanakapura road.

After 22 kms of bike ride, around 10.30 am we will be in GRIPS – Go Karting and Bowling.

Here is the google map link of the Go karting bangalore location https://goo.gl/maps/7echDiMFFiktB5ts8

Go Karting in Bangalore – Timing and Packages

Grips is open from 10 am to 6pm on all days (You can confirm on website before you go, but it is open on weekends for sure

There is no entry fee for the visitors, but here are the charges for Go Karting

For 6 Laps:

160 cc – 250 rupees

220 cc – 350 rupees

270 cc – 500 rupees

I have always gone for 160 cc ride. Sometimes it’s fun to ride along the kids who are fearless and adventurous sport. In 2017 it was 200 rupees, now they have increased the price.

We have never been for bowling, we prefer to go Bannerughata Meenakshi mall or Gopalan mall for bowling, which are the nearest best places for us.

And for the beginners – there is always a demo you can ask for, you can sit beside the driver and see how it is done.

And even if you don’t know how to drive a car, it is not a big a deal to ride in Go Kart.

Now for a good cuppa coffee – we head on to Rasta Cafe in Bangalore – Mysore road, next to Bidadi.

Rasta Cafe – Eat, Relax, Drink and Play

A 24/7 cafe located in majestic 3 acres in Bangalore – Mysore highways. It’s the best place for one day trip in bangalore for couples or friends. Also the best hangout cafe after a long bike ride for with good parking and toilet facilities. 

Find the location here https://goo.gl/maps/2LFvHz42MgzKnjyq5

We are not a big fan of any food here, and any food ordered takes a minimum of 1 hr to reach our table. 

You could play the pool table until your food arrives, or simply watch the tv and relax. We just go around for a walk around the trees, around the parking area clicking some pics and have coffee before we return home.

Read – How to Make Best Black Coffee at Home

I have very few pics to share here, you could find some best pics in the internet.

Bangalore Highways - One day trip from Bangalore pics
Ride to Kanakapura Road – Bangalore Highways
Go karting Bangalore
Go karting and bowling in Kanakapura Road, Bangalore
Rasta cafe bangalore images
Rasta Cafe 24/7 best hangout place for bike riders
Rasta Cafe food menu list
Garlic bread and Nachos in Rasta Cafe, Bangalore highways

I wouldn’t say GRIPS is the best Go Karting place in Bangalore because you cannot expect any international standards like “Meco Kartopia” in Hennur – Balagur road. But it is a good choice for people looking for Go-Karting option in Kanakapura road, Bangalore.

Overall Go- Karting and coffee in Rasta cafe is a good combination if you are in game for a one day trip nearby Bangalore. 

Nandi Hills Temple – 9th Century Big Ornamental Temple with Breathtaking View of Beautiful Pond

We have been frequent visitors to Nandi hills temple by bike since the year 2016. Many visit Nandhi hills to watch sunset or to trek. Whereas we – travelduo bike riders, love the whole experience of riding to this place as such. And we always visit this famous temple with a very beautiful pond.

About Nandi Hills Temple

Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple is located at the foot of Nandi Hills, approximately 15kms away. Not to confuse this temple with Yoga Nandeeshwara temple a.k.a Nandi Temple located on top of the hills. But there is a connection between these two temples which many of us don’t know.

These two temples together depict the different forms of Lord Shiva. From Childhood to adult married form depicted in Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple. Whereas final phase of “renunciation” is depicted in Yoga Nandeeshwara temple at the hilltop.

Since it represents a departure from the married life, there are no festivals celebrated in Yoga Nandeeshwara temple.

Note: This Nandi Hills temple is not the same “Nandi temple” in Mysore.

In Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple you can see childhood form as “Arunachaleswara” shrine located on the south, youth form located on the north. (Both are beautiful majestic Shiva Lingas with individual Nandhi guarding them).

In Between “Arunachaleswarar” shrine and “Bogha Nandeeshwara” shrine is the “Uma Maheswara” shrine where Lord Shiva is married to Goddess Parvati, sitting on their Vehicle Nandhi. You will be amazed looking at the ornamental pillars which are small but breathtakingly beautiful. Scroll down to see the pics below.

Temple Pond – Pushkarni Details

Also there is a Kalynai / Pushkarni (temple pond) adjacent to the temple, a very beautiful pond which attracts hundreds of visitors for its exotic design, artistic appearance and its cultural heritage. It is also called Shringi Theertha, Myth says that it was created by Nandi and it is also the source of South Pinakini (South Pennar) River.

Pushkarni or Temple Pond in Bogha Nandeeshwara Temple
Pushkarni or Temple Pond in Bogha Nandeeshwara Temple

(Note: this pond pic is from internet search since it is beautifully captured than my mobile phone)

Update (14th July 2019) – Since last year we click pics from the Canon EOS 800 D DSLR camera we bought in 2018 for our long bike trip. Also we carried our personal phones whenever we couldn’t take out the DSLR or no space in luggage. Rajesh carried One Plus A6010, and whereas I carried Samsung galaxy S7. Got to tell you my Samsung pics were no good compared to the clarity of One plus. Decided that when I upgrade my phone, I would definitely go for the One plus only.

How to Reach Nandi Hills Temple (Boga Nandeeshwara Temple), Karnataka

This ancient temple of Karnataka was built in the 9th century by Nolamba Dynasty. Later it was under the patronage of successive notable South Indian dynasties like the Ganga Dynasty, the Chola dynasty, the Hoysala Empire and the Vijayanagara Empire. (Thanks to wikipedia).

This temple is located 60 to 70 kms away from the north of Bangalore, located at the base of Nandi Hills in Chikkaballapur District, Karnataka.

Bangalore airport to Nandi Hills is of 47 kms distance, with good bus and cab facilities.

There are bus facilities from Bangalore to Nandi hills, and from Nandi hills to Bogha Nandeeswara temple.

Thanks to “Archaeological survey of India”,  this famous Nandi Hills Temple is well maintained all the times.

Nandi Hills is famous for sunrise / sunset view and trekking, but less known for its 2 ancient temples. One must visit the temples to witness the beauty and vast history behind its architecture.

Riding to Nandi hills temple is always a pleasant experience. Once on the way to Nandi hills temple we spent time around the rose plantation, clicked some pics before we reached there.

Read – Kolar is another best place for one day road trip from Bangalore.

If you like to go trekking to far places from Bangalore, you could go either go Coorg or Talakona forest and waterfalls or Yercaud.

Where to Go From Here – 10 Things to do around Nandi Hills

After a couple of bike ride to Boga Nandeeshwara temple, we went one step ahead and visited multiple places far apart from this temple in one day. 

On 5th November 2016, We went on One day bike trip to the very famous Lepakshi Temple (Anantapur District, Andra Pradesh) after visiting Boga Nandeeshwara temple. I suggest travelling to Lepakshi Temple, which is one of  the best one day trips from Bangalore within 150 kms.

That day alone we rode bike for 300 kms on up and down journey. One of the memorable adventurous bike trips ever because we have traveled up and down two different states in one day. Good news is Lepakshi temple is just 76 kms away from the Nandi hills. 

On 21st jan 2017, we went on One day bike trip to visit Sri Ranganathar Temple (Rangastala) and Boga Nandeeswarar Temple (Nandi Hills) in Chikkaballapur District followed by Ghati Subramanya Temple in Doddabellapur District. We rode 286 Kms on that day alone. Another memorable bike ride experiences. 

Read – How to Travel to Hampi by Train From Bangalore.

Here are the 10 things you could do

Watching sunset and going on a trek are the most common things people would do in Nandi hills, here are the other things you could do.

  • Ride to Bangalore to Bogha Nandeeshwara temple, spend time around temple and in the temple pond.
  • Go Watch Sunset in Nandi Hills top after visiting Yoga Nandeeshwara temple at the hilltop
  • Go trekking in Nandi Hills (join any organised groups for trekking to Nandi Hills with food and water provided)
  • Visit Sri Ranganathar Swamy temple in Rangastala, 11 kms away from Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple
  • Trekking in Avalabetta Hill, 46 kms away from Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple
  • Visit Lepakshi Temple in Anantapur district, Andra State, 76 Kms away from the Nandi Hills
  • Go visit Ghati Subramanya temple, 29 kms away from Nandi Hills
  • Go watch traditional dance at Nrityagram located 50 kms away from Nandi hills towards Nelamangala.
  • Visit Grover Zampa Vineyards, spend a day at grapes plantation in the Devanahalli road.
  • Or stay in Discovery Village resort in Nandi Hills, enjoy the weather, sunrise and sunset for 2 days, nothing but chill with the family or friends.
Nandi Hills Bike ride from bangalore
One day Bike trip from Bangalore to Nandi Hills images
Nandi Hills temple, one day trip to nandi hills boga nandeeshwara temple images
Nandi Hills temple – Bogha Nandeeshwara Temple images
nandi hills bike trip temple images
Nandi Hills temple – Bogha Nandeeshwara Temple images
Nandi hills bike trip images
Boga Nandeeshwara temple main entrance
Nandi hills - Boga Nandeeshwara temple images
Boga Nandeeshwara temple – Inside entrance to main sanctum
Nandi hills - Boga Nandeeshwara temple images
Nandi hills – Boga Nandeeshwara temple images
One day Bike trip from Bangalore to Nandi Hills images
One day Bike trip from Bangalore to Nandi Hills images
Bogha Nandeeshwara Temple Nandi Hills Karnataka

One day trip or a short trip, Nandi Hills Temple is one of the best nearby places in Bangalore on weekends.

One Day Trip From Bangalore to Kolar By Bike

If you are planning on One day trip from Bangalore to Kolar – this is the comprehensive guide on travel, food and sightseeing places in Kolar.

(At the bottom is the FAQ section which answers all the travel queries)

Here is the reason why Kolar travel is one of the best one day trip from Bangalore within 100 kms.

One Day trip From Bangalore to Kolar (Distance and places to Visit)

Kolar (a state in Karnataka) is famous for its Gold Mines also called Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) and are also a perfect destination for one day temple trips and for an adventurous road trip.

Kolar is situated in Bangalore -Tirupati highways, a little before Mulbagal. The  Bangalore to Kolar distance is just 85 km from my home (the distance may vary a little from your start location in Bangalore).

So, Kolar is always in our favorite list on weekend getaways from Bangalore.

In our frequent travels from one day trip from Bangalore to Kolar, we have been to the list of famous places –

  • Kolaramma Temple,
  • Kotilingeshwara Temple,
  • Someshwara Temple,
  • Chikka Tirupathi and
  • AntaraGange.

Me and hubby experienced Kolar for the first time when we went on a temple trip by bike in the year 2016.

Later we have visited Kotilingeswara temple twice with our family in the next year. Since then we have been frequent travelers from Bangalore to Kolar by bike.

Any place less than 100 km (total 200kms both ways) we are good to go for one day trip by bike.

We have had so many adventures since 2016, which you can check under “categories” section.

All were pleasant experiences.

Kotilingeshwara Temple – Famous sightseeing in Kolar

Kotilingeshwara is more of a tourist destination than a spiritual place in Kolar. The name denotes – one crore Lord Shivalinga.

It is also the place for the world’s biggest Shivalinga statue standing 108 feet tall and 35 feet Nandhi idol. You can get more info on the history of the temple here.

We went twice to Kotilingeswara temple, with family, so we hired private cab to Kolar, it cost us 3000/- for each round trip.

Kotilingeshwara temple timings: Entry to the temple is limited to 9 am to 4 pm, exit is closed by 6pm.

You can find lots of shops selling clay lamps, agarbathis, kids toys etc.,

This is how you can spend a day in temple:

  • Park your vehicle, pay parking fee
  • Leave your shoes in the counter, collect a receipt
  • Buy flowers or lamps before entering the temple, as per your wish.
  • Pay entry fee 20/- INR per head, little less for children.
  • Enter the temple, explore the lakhs of lingas on your way to the biggest shiva linga, also you could find other hindu god and goddess idols.
  • Spend time taking pics – taking pics allowed here
  • You could also have lunch in a big hall inside the temple
  • Darshan other idols (Lord Vishnu is special here).
  • Exit the temple, collect your shoes with the token, come back to home

Highway Star – The best place to eat in Kolar highways

In one of our recent one day trip from Bangalore to Kolar, we found “Highway Star” using google maps.

We were searching for food joints like McDonald’s or Domino’s in Kolar highways.

On that of travel we had late breakfast in Bangalore before we started to Kolar, so we were looking for some quick bite in the late afternoon.

It’s a rare combination that we get to relax in good ambiance when we are out to travel. I could write 100 articles on how many times we had pathetic food in our travel experiences.

Thankfully, we found the best place to eat in Kolar highways.

We have located Highway star in between Kolar and Mulbagal in the Tirupati Highways, situated in vast area with huge vehicle parking space.

We were happy because we found many restaurant choices in one place with a classy ambiance for recreation.

It has all the facilities that any travelers could ask for. It has restroom and shower facilities with wheelchair access, Car wash and repair, Kids play area with rabbits and love birds.

Highway Star is not only the perfect recreation center for travelers, but also for families and college kids to hangout in the weekend.

We enjoyed eating Veg Manchurian with fried rice and Malay veg noodles from a Chinese restaurant.

Also we had french fries and cola from McDonald’s. 

The List of Restaurant names in Highway Star, Kolar

  • Fujian Express – For Chinese food
  • McDonald’s
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Maaya’s Restaurant -pure veg
  • Nagas Restaurant -Andhra style veg and non-veg
  • Juice Junction – all kinds of juices and smoothies
  • Baskin Robbins -for ice creams

Other restaurants in Kolar Highways are (just opposite to this complex)

  • Vasudev Adigas veg restaurant – just opposite to Highway Star
  • Cafe coffee day – near to Vasudev adigas.

So next time when you are travelling to Kolar, you know where to stop for food and relaxation.

Activities You Can Do In Kolar

Of all the places we have been, Antaragange in Kolar was one of the most adventurous as we climbed 100+ steps to worship Lord Siva on the hill. Climate in Kolar was not too hot even in the beginning of summer, February.

Because you can do all the following activities in Kolar in One Day:

  • Go long bike ride /car ride from Bangalore to Kolar gold fields
  • Visit the famous Kotilingeswara Temple, marvel at one of the world’s tallest SivaLinga Statue
  • Go Hiking in Antaragange Hills, take a dip in temple pond
  • Go to ancient temples – Kolaramma temple, Someshwara Temple and Chikka Tirupati
  • Eat Chinese food / Fast food in many food joints in Highway Star located in Bangalore – Tirupati highways
  • Spend time looking at the rabbits and love birds eating icecream near the kids play area in Kolar Highway Star.
High Way Star - Kids Play Area
High Way Star – Kids Play Area

As such you will love the experience of travel by car or by bike, with wide roads and occasional flower fields popping up on either sides.

You could also hire a cab, book a train or bus from Bangalore to Kolar, but we always love to go by road.

FAQs – One day Kolar Trip from Bangalore:
How to reach Kolar from Bangalore?

Bangalore to kolar distance varies based on which location you are planning to start the trip, for me the distance from my home is just 85kms. Until we crossed Whitefield we had to face the hectic traffic, then its stress free ride once you hit the Triupathi highway.

Trains from Bangalore to kolar?

There are train facilities from Bangalore city central , cantonment and Yeswanthpur junction at various timings. Search in google for Bangalore to kolar train timings, train name etc.,

Buses from Bangalore to kolar?

There are numerous buses from Bangalore to Kolar, KSRTC and private buses available at all major junctions. You could check online for the bus stops and timings. Recently when I checked, for bus from Bangalore to Kolar bus ticket fare 67/- per head from majestic, for KSRTC express bus service.

Bangalore to Kolar cabs / ola cabs availability?

You could reach Kolar by train or KSRTC bus or bike or car or private cab. Not sure of Ola cab service to Kolar, both the family trips we have hired private cabs, which had cost us 3k for each round trip.

Places to eat in Kolar?

As mentioned above Highway star is the by far best pit stop with best restaurant choices and washroom facilities with car parking. Opposite to Highway star you could find Vasudev Adigas veg restaurant. If you are not keen to eat in the Kolar highways, you anyways have plenty of restaurant choices once you hit Bangalore.

Places to see in Kolar?

Sightseeing in Kolar is very limited but good choice for one day trip with the famous Kotilingeswara temple, ancient Kolaramma temple, and for adventurous hiking and temple trip, you could go to Antaragange.

Kotilingeshwara temple timings?

Entry fee 20/ – per head to Kotilingeswara temple, entry is closed by 4pm but visitors can stay inside temple until 6 to 6.30 pm.

Hope you have got list of activities to do on one day trip from Bangalore to Kolar.

Talakad Temples (Our One Day Bike Trip -260 Kms)

We are frequent bike travelers to – Talakad temples and Talakad beach (TalaKaveri River) in Karnataka. Here you will be presented 3 different routes to reach Talakad by road, with many options for sightseeing near Talakad.

On 4th November 2017, we went on a one day trip from Bangalore to Talakadu temples, one of the famous tourist destinations in Karnataka. We spent a day playing in TalaKaveri (Talakadu river / beach), later we spent time visiting all the temples situated near the river. We rode about 260 Kms in a day trip travelling up and down to Talakadu, Karnataka.

This is a travel guide for road trip looking to visit Talakadu temples from Bangalore or from Mysore.

Also, I have outlined the route map with different options for sightseeing places near Talakadu.

Talakad Temples – Location and List of Places for Sightseeing

Talakad (Talakadu), is a small town with a group of temples, a famous pilgrimage centre for Hindus, situated 43 kms from Mysore and 133 kms from Bangalore. 

We travelled from our home in Bangalore. So it was total of 260 Km bike ride both ways.

We visited just Keerthi Narayana temple and pancha linga temples except mallikarjuna temple, because it is located quite far away. 

After spending some time around Kaveri river came by walk to the parking location.

We then had lunch in one of the many Brahmin lunch houses before visiting all the temples detailed below. 

Travel Tips:

You could skip going to Talakadu Kaveri river altogether, and go straight to darshan temples.

Or, you could go only Talakadu River, eat in the one of the stalls near beach or eat your home cooked meals, before you return home.

In the later section I have detailed on how to reach Talakadu temples and river you for your guidance.

Pancha Lingas Temple – Famous in Talakad

Today, most of the magnificent temples of this ancient town are submerged in sand. All the stone pillars (square at the base and fitted into a wheel below the abacus) lie scattered throughout the town.

Among the temples of Talakad, the Pathaleshwara, Maruleshwara, Arkeshwara, Vaidyanathee-shwara (vaidyeshwara) and Mallikarjuna temples form the pancha lingas. In honour of these five Shiva temples, a fair is held once in 12 years called Pancha Linga Darshana, on a new moon day. ( Source )

how to reach talakad temples
Vaidyeshwara temple in Talakad
Talakadu temples - Lord Shiva temple
Vaidyeshwara temple snake ring in Talakad

Keerthi Narayana Temple – Lord Vishnu Temple

Besides the Pancha Lingas, another magnificent structure is the Keerthinarayana temple, which is the only temple in Talakad to have been constructed in the Hoysala style of architecture. 

A greater part of this temple is buried in sand. Other than the sanctum sanctorum, there is a sukanasi and a navaranga in this temple.

Inside the sanctum sanctorum stands an eight-foot-tall statue of Keerthinarayana. Recent excavations in the temple complex have brought to light remains of earlier centuries. ( Source )

kirthinarayan temple_talakad temples
Keerthi Narayana Temple – Lord Vishnu Temple in Talakad

How to Reach Talakadu Temples From Bangalore – Our Trip Plan

Talakadu temples and Talakadu river are the two different picnic spots which attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists to this destination. River is located about 1km walkable distance from the temples. Many travel Talakadu just to spend time in the River, or to offer puja on the banks of the river, many visit temples after a dip in the Holy River Kaveri. 

We, duo travellers, rode bike to Talakadu by taking the following route.

Our Bike trip Plan (Plan -1)

Bangalore – Bidadi – Ramanagara – Channapatna -Halagur – Talakadu

This time saving the fastest NH route with good pit stop options. 

(Read our experience when we went on a one day bike trip from Bangalore to T Narasipura via Srirangapatna and Somanathapura).

Talakadu One Day Trip Plan -2

You can follow our trip plan -1 mentioned above or add a few more sightseeing places along the way.

Trip plan -2

Bangalore – Srirangapatna – Somnathpur Keshava Temple -T.Narasipura (optional) – Talakad temples

Start early from Bangalore, take NH and reach straight to the Srirangapatna Ranganathar temple. 

After darshan around 11 to 11.30 am, travel to Somanathapura. A beautiful, one of a kind Hoysala architecture temple is open from 9 am to 5 pm. 

You would need a minimum 1 to 2 hrs to spend at this beauty of the architecture, hire a guide if you must. 

Then after lunch (preferably home packed as no eatery If you have missed NH near Srirangapatna), drive about 30 mins to reach Talakadu. 

Here you will have some Brahmin lunch houses for home cooked vegetarian food if you would like. 

Otherwise there are some options available for non veg lovers near Talakadu river. If you had any time, you could stop at T. Narasipura Narasimha temple on the Banks of Kaveri River before reaching Talakadu. 

Now, in Talakadu, take a dip in the Kaveri river, spend some time, change clothes if you would like before you head to Talakadu temples. 

how to reach Talakadu from bangalore
Ride to Talakadu temples

Note Talakadu temple timings: All temples of Talakadu are closed after noon pooja and are only open after 4 pm. You would want to darshan the temples before 12 noon or after 4pm, according you could plan visiting other temples mentioned in the above route. 

Trip Plan -3 with Kollegal and Shivanasamudra

Okay, the above route will not interest you if you have fun travel planned, and if you are not much fond of just temple visits.

I have different travel plans for you.

Trip Plan – 3

Bangalore – Talakadu temples – Kollegal – Shivanasamudra


Bangalore – Shivanasamudra – Kollegal – Talakadu Temples

I would prefer the 2nd route if you like riding in the road among lush green fields. You are in for a treat by the time you reach Shivanasamudra. The entire ride to the falls, the trip to Kollegal and Talakadu river would be so mesmerizing (not much in summer though).

Starting from Bangalore, ride to Shivanasamudra after taking a diversion from Malavalli on Mysore NH road. Play in the Shivanasamudra falls to your heart’s content, place a visit to the very famous Lord Vishnu temple (Ranganathar temple popular next to Srirangapatna) for the interested. 

Next ride to Kollegal, about 20 kms en route from Shivanasamudra, the most beautiful ride you will ever have among the paddy fields and sugarcane farms. Spend some time in Gaganachukki waterfalls – one of the biggest and Barachukki waterfalls. Compared to Shivanasamudra, you would love it more in Kollegal..

Next stop would be Talakadu temples – darshan the temples or head straight to the River. Enjoy the sunset view, spend some time before you return home.

For returning back to Bangalore, take the Mysuru NH road via Somanathapura, that would be safest and fastest for the evening drive.

(Read our one day Bike trip from Bangalore to Shivanasamudra falls and MadyaRang temple).

Other Sightseeing Places Near Talakadu

These are the following sightseeing places you could pay a visit along the way to Talakadu temples. Feel free to use google maps to calculate the time and distances, so you will have a fun filled, peaceful travel.

  1. Shivanasamudra (Ranganathaswamy temple)
  2. Kollegal
  3. Nanjangud
  4. Somanathapura temple
  5. Mandya
  6. Mysore

Bike ride to Talakad temples was one of a memorable, 12th one day Bike trip from Bangalore.

We traveled back to Bangalore by late evening from Talakadu temples on the same day. For sure we loved every bit of the trip, clicked many pics. Looking forward to visit this place again.

Melkote From Bangalore (335KM in One Day Bike Trip)

In our One day bike trip to Melkote From Bangalore, we have visited CheluvaNarayanaSwamy temple and Lord Yoga Narasimha Swamy temple on the Melkote hill.

On our way back we have visited the very famous Srirangapatna temple, near Mysore. 

We have traveled a total of 335 kms just in one day trip from Bangalore and here is our travel story.

How to Reach Melkote From Bangalore by Road – 2 Routes

On an early morning on 11th Feb 2017, we started our bike journey to Melkote from Bangalore, coincidentally it was our 11th one day bike trip from Bangalore :).

Never we have ever been to Melkote on our previous bike trips to Mysore or Srirangapatna. 

Knowing that Melkote is famous for a historically important Lord Vishnu temple called Cheluvanarayana Swamy temple and the other Yoga Narasimha Swamy on the hill, we have decided to ride exclusively to Melkote.

This was our first exclusive trip to Melkote from Bangalore.

There are 2 routes to reach Melkote from Bangalore. One is Kunigal Mangalore Highway and the other Mysore Highways.

We took Kunigal highways to reach Melkote (I explained the reason in next section). If you are taking Mysore NH, the distance is almost the same as above, you will be taking a diversion from Mandya to reach Melkote.

The following is the route we took to reach Melkote by Bike.

Melkote route from Bangalore (Kunigal Highways)

Bangalore-Nelamangala-(Kunigal Mangalore highway)-Bellur cross- Nagamangala-Melukote (temple visit) -return via Srirangapatna (temple visit) mysore highway road

Melkote Distance From Bangalore

Melkote distance from Bangalore is 167 kms (from my home) via Kunigal route and 140 kms from my home via Mysore NH. 

The reason I mentioned “My home” as a starting point is because the distance might vary a little based on the location you start in Bangalore.

Both the routes now have plenty of options for restaurants, cafes and fast food joints

Since we never experienced Kunigal route ( with 167 kms) we decided to take that route. 

Note: Both the routes have plenty of pitstop options for the travellers.

In Kunigal route, we had breakfast at tiffanys in Nelamangala. And we stopped at Hotel Mayura at Bellur cross for lunch.

2 Must See Temples of Melkote

Melkote is famous for two temples namely Cheluvanarayana temple and Yoga Narasimha temple on the hills.

We spent some time in the CheluvaNarayana Temple pushkarini until the temple opened for evening darshan.  As soon as we had darshan, we headed to the Melkote hill temple.

We had to wait a long time in the queue to darshan Lord Yoganarasimha and headed as fast as we could to Srirangapatna temple.

Again standing in queue for quite sometime in Srirangapatna temple, we had darshan only at 7.15pm.

Well, we knew for sure made mistake of coming all the way to Srirangapatna instead of returning to Bangalore from Melkote itself.

We then started our bike around 7.30 pm, with a prepared mind for a thrilling bike ride in the NH.

Riding in dark is not new to us, once we rode about 500kms in Hassan trip, the highlight was riding in pitch dark among tall trees.

Sightseeing Places Around Melkote

From our experience, know that it’s better to stick to just sightseeing in Melkote on your trip.

Here is the list of places to go nearby Melkote.

Feel free to click on the name to get google map location, explore more about the places in google before you decide to go sightseeing these places around Melkote.

  1. Ancient Sri Brahmeswara temple, Kikkeri – Famous Hoysala architecture temple. Located 40 kms from Melkote.
  2. PanchaLingeshwara temple – Hoysala architecture temple located near Kikkeri
  3. Shravanabelagola – Bhagawan Bahubali Statue, A famous sightseeing day trip destination in Karnataka, located 35 kms from Melkote.
  4. Sri ChennaKesava Temple – Hoysala architecture temple located 47 kms from Melkote  and located near to Shravanabelagola. You could plan to visit these two temples in one go before reaching Melkote.
  5. Nuggehalli Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple – located a short distance from Bellur cross, is yet another breathtaking architecture of Hoysala. Located about 30km away from Bhagawan Bahubali Statue and 55km from Melkote, it is a must visit temple in Karnataka.
  6. Adichunchanagiri Hills – Sri Kalabhairaveshwara Swamy Temple, located close to the Bellur cross. At 54 kms from Melkote – a serene temple with a breathtaking view atop the hill should be in your travel bucket list.
  7. SriRangapatna – Sri Ranganathaswamy temple, located 38 kms from Melkote is yet another historically famous temple of Lord Vishnu near the Kaveri river. This temple location is close to both Mysore and Melkote.

We have fallen in love with the beauty of this Nuggehalli temple. Consider this place to add to your bucket list on your trip to Melkote from Bangalore.

Here Is the Sample Road Trip Plan for you

If you are not sure of trip plan, here is a sample road trip plan to help you started with.

Start From Bangalore -Darshan Melkote temple – on return journey from Melkote – visit in order – Shravanabelagola -Nuggehalli – Adichunchanagiri hills.

You could even plan the other way around, like you can visit all famous places first, later in the evening visit Melkote before reaching home. 

Moreover it gets too dark and scary in Adichuchanagiri hills temple (from our Hassan bike trip experience).

Did We Return Home Safe?

Following what seemed to be a never ending ride among the super crazy vehicles in the National Highways, we reached home safe sometime past midnight.  

Yet another memorable one day bike trip to cherish, to Melkote from Bangalore, of total un-freaking-believable 335 kms in Pulsar bike

Anything around 200 to 250 kms, we are good to go by motorbike in a day.

But on that day, we pushed past our comfort zone and rode about 335 km in just one day. 

Looking back we are now so proud of the risks we took in our early days of bike trip. So later we were able to go on an 11 days long bike trip.

After almost 4 long years of bike ride to places, now we are settled to travel by car. 

So these bike rides definitely hold a special place in our life. All credit goes to Rajesh, who was never afraid to set new milestones. 

Tiruttani Nearby Temples (One Day Trip From Bangalore by Train)

Tiruttani temple is one of the famous tourist temples in Tamil Nadu.  You will find a detailed on info on sightseeing tiruttani nearby temples.

Instead of usual bike trips, for a change, we have decided to go on a one day trip from Bangalore by train to Tiruttani.

How to Reach Tiruttani and nearby temples

For those who do not know us, we are ardent Bike riders. Feel free to explore all our bike ride trips within Karnataka and other states (yep :)) in the categories section.

We decided to go on a one day trip from Bangalore by Train after a successful trip by train on 26th November 2016 to Tiruvallur (near Chennai).

After considering our peaceful train journey to Tiruvallur, I looked for a similar experience on this trip as well.


A famous place known for one of the Six abodes of Lord Murugan, otherwise also famously called Thiruthani Murugan Temple. A famous tourist place, well connected by road and railways and even hotels for the long distance travelers.

So, we decided on Tiruttani.

Today, 4th of February 2017, we boarded an early morning train from Bangalore central KSR railway station to Arakkonam junction, to see Tiruttani and nearby temples. 

From Arakkonam Junction we hired an auto to reach Tiruttani Murugan temple located 15 kms north.

Expecting a long que on this auspicious day – Karthigai Star, the birth star of Lord Murugan, we didn’t waste any time reaching the temple.

We had the home packed snacks in the auto on the way to the temple to reserve some energy. 

After a long que and a wonderful darshan Arulmigu Subramanya Swamy at Tiruttani temple, we returned back to Arakkonam for lunch. 

I didn’t bother to look for Tiruttani temple darshan timings as I knew it would be open till night since it was an auspicious day. 

Except on auspicious days, the temple remains closed for lunch and after 9pm.

Meantime, the auto driver made a deal with us that he will show around Tiruttani and Arakkonam for 2000 rupees till late evening. 

We liked the deal, and decided to explore the Tiruttani nearby temples as there were no other interesting choices.

The List Where We Went In One Day

Following a happy darshan after waiting in long que, we have decided to explore other nearby temples in tiruttani. 

Here is the list of Tiruttani nearby temples. You can click on the temple names to get google map location. 

All are famous, padal petra sthalams of Lord Shiva temples.

  1. Tiruvalangadu, Sri Vadaranyeswarar temple
  2. Takkolam, Sri Chalanatheeswarar temple
  3. Elambaiyam Kottur (Via Perambakkam), Sri Theivanatheeswarar Temple
  4. Thiruvirkolam (Coovam Sivan), Sri Tripuranthaka Swami temple

There are many famous tiruttani surrounding temples.

While we were in Thiruvalangadu, we missed visiting the yet another famous, padal petra shiva sthalam, called Sri Tazuvikuzandheswarar Temple situated just 3kms away.  

Thanks to the auto driver from the local area, he took us to the above temples situated in different directions (the last two temples are situated a little closer).

He dropped us back at Arakkonam around 9 pm. 

After having dinner in a nearby restaurant, we then boarded the 10.20 pm Kaveri Express train to return to Bangalore. 
Hope this will help all those seeking a trip to Tiruttani nearby temples.

Hoysala Architecture: How we visited 4 Different Temples Just in One Day

I am sure less introduction needed for the Hoysala Architecture Hindu temples in Karnataka.

These are unique architecture temples found only in Karnataka, majorly in Hassan district. All of them built by the Hoysala Empire, ruled between 10th and 14th centuries.

This is our story of “Hoysala Trip“, how we have visited 4 of such famous temples just in one day.

We went to this trip on 2nd October 2016 by train.

Hoysala Architecture – Overview and My Personal Observation

The “Hoysalas” who ruled between 11th and 14th centuries have built this unique – never can be seen anywhere in the world kind of architecture only in Karnataka. 

They have built small to large temples in Karnataka, dedicating to either Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva.

The Hoysala architecture style is described as Karnata Dravida which is distinguished from the traditional Dravida, and is considered an independent architectural tradition with many unique features (Source Wikipedia). 

Hoysala architecture is popular for its attention to detail in their craftsmanship. Unlike the other Hindu temples, the outer walls surrounding the main sanctum are beautifully carved with the gods and goddess statues (called reliefs). 

They also depict the life and culture of people who lived in the 12th century, and also tell stories about Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavata purana. 

The other unique feature of these temples are the zig zag patterns (star shaped look) of the entire complex. Including the platform on which the temple is built with 4 to 7 layers of star pattern, leading up the same zig – zag pattern until vimana (roof) of the temple.

While the temple is star shaped, the pillars supporting the temple are all disc shaped.

Sometimes, the combination of star and disc shaped are observed.

Depending on the size of the temple, the pillars (and the disc) sizes vary. For example, the disc in the Somanathapura, Belur and Halebid are larger than the other Hoysala temples in Arasikere, Javagal and Nuggehalli.

Personal observation

Although the Itagi Mahadeshwara temple is not under the category of Hoysala architecture in Karnataka, we have observed the touch of their art in their disc pillars. You can see pics here- link article.

Once what would have been a place for daily prayers and religious celebrations, is now standing still with the notable damages. All the Hoysala temples stand proud amidst all the damages on the statues and vimana; and also being enormously patient to the callous nature of the daily visiting tourists.

The List of Hoysala temples we have visited in One day

On 2nd October 2016, we started our one day trip from Bangalore to Belur.

Now, to visit 4 different Hoysala architecture temples, we started boarding the train from Bangalore central railway station to Arasikere. 

First, get down at Arsikere Junction to Visit Ishwara temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Second, after about 50 mins of bus journey to the Javagal Lord Lakshmi Narasimha temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

These two are less popular temples among the Hoysala Architecture (link) situated close to the very popular UNESCO archaeological site of Halebidu and Belur.

Third, boarded the bus from Javagal to Halebidu, and finally, from Halebidu to Belur.

We returned home from Belur to Bangalore on the same day by train around midnight.

Here is the name of the temples we have visited

  1. Arasikere – Beautiful Hoysala Architecture For Lord Shiva
  2. Javagal – Beautiful Hoysala Architecture For Lord Vishnu
  3. Halebidu – Hoysaleswara temple (UNESCO site) For Lord Shiva
  4. Belur – ChennaKesava temple (UNESCO site) For Lord Vishnu
Places to visit in belur trip
Arasikere temple inside view
Places to visit in Bangalore to Belur trip
Javagal Lord Vishnu temple entrance
hoysala architecture in karnataka
Halebidu temple
famous temple images in karnataka
Belur temple

How We Planned this Hoysala Trip

This trip was well planned by me – the travel planner, about a week before we started the journey. 

Even though we were just “new-bees” just started testing the waters of travelling to the new places, I can proudly say that I did good job.

(Except for this one trip where we miscalculated the timing when we went on a one day bike trip to Hassan from Bangalore. We ended up riding motorbike in the dark night, read here to know more about our first ever adventurous night trip).

My hubby, Rajesh – the best companion, the best bike rider, sensible and sweetest person to travel with.

Mostly he never said no to any trips planned by me – and that is how we ended up making a long bike trip of 11 days in South India consecutively for two years in 2017 and 2018.

Like in other trips to TamilNadu temples, this time we didn’t have to consider the temple open and closing timings before we laid out an itinerary. Since all of these are tourist places, they are open from 9 am to 6pm (depends on the popularity of the temple).

Halebidu and Belur temples are under UNESCO, open even during afternoon timings until 5 pm everyday for tourists. 

So, we first decided to visit the less famous, small Hoysala architecture in Arasikere and Javagal in the mornings, and the two UNESCO temples later in the noon.

I considered several factors for planning this trip

  • I used google maps to calculate the distances between each stop, 
  • the time needed to travel by public transport, 
  • the minimum time needed to spend in each stop and 
  • the time needed for relaxation.

We just carried one backpack with water bottles, snacks, and toiletries enough for one day trip from Bangalore.

Though we didn’t plan this trip exclusively for the “Hoysala architecture” but it turned out to be one exclusive trip.


Hoysala Architecture, which was built by the Hoysala empire, is found only in the state Karnataka, India. When it comes to visiting famous tourist destinations, many people prefer going to Halebidu, Belur.  

Mostly they are popular among tourists for its marvellous architecture, and they are closely located, so both the temples are easily covered in one trip. Next to these two temples, many prefer going to Hampi – yet another cultural Heritage of Karnataka. 

For those who don’t know, there are plenty of tourist places in Karnataka which are not made popular among tourists. 

My personal request to the audience is to see all the other Hoysala temples in Karnataka, they too, are no less in Architecture and Beauty. 

Personal observation

I was surprised to see the resemblance of Hoysala architecture when we visited Trimbakeshwar temple in Mumbai. Major resemblance was the star shaped platform on which the temple is built and similar statue carvings on the outer wall –  a wall with a zigzag pattern – everything resembling the Hoysala architecture. Click here to see pics.